Tuesday, 19 September 2017


This is  a  special  bond.
Very powerful ,subtle and strong,
Vigilant ,active and scintillating than other bond,
Probably I long for it since long,
To seek the pleasure of it’s beauty,
To get entrapped in it’s ingenuity,
The ties of  connectivity,
With the obligation to  it’s authority,
My heart beats dance with gaiety,
The power of bond triggers my creativity,
I  see ,paint ,sing and pen with a new artistry,
My world smiles with its supremacy,
I  willingly  follow the   nuances  of it’s activity,
I pray for it’s longevity,
This bond has changed my perspective towards a charming individuality.

Monday, 18 September 2017

I can not move out

I can not move out….
You moved out,
shut your doors for me,
I am in the same place,
burning in your flames,
You erased the sketches ,
deleted my number,
Walked out smoothly,
as if we were two strangers,
I am stranded in the puddle of sensations,
On the verge of disgust ,
threw my mobile to the sputter,because
your smiling pic in the screen saver,
teases me,
My hands always eager to dial my darling's digit ,
It will be painful for me to delete your number
from the call list forever,
The ephemeral fire may not have burned you,
Yet the pleasure of burning will bounce me ceaselessly ,
I will cherish your memories till my death,
If ever you return then and inhale my ashes,
They will bear the smell of you.
Because I can not move out.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

I am sorry

I’m sorry..
Your two words kept me quite,
My pent up irritation vanished away immediately as the jet flight,
You didn’t come to our meeting spot,
Kept me waiting hours long,
Ignored my messages and phone call,
My eagerness mounted up with every foot step,
Which come closer to my door step,
My eyes were filled with your dreams,
My nose recognizes the perfume of your breeze,
With every knock, my beats speeds up ,face lights up,
My  spine chills with the undercurrent of flowering furnace,
In spite  of all my preparation ,you didn’t turn up,
My anger shot up,
I   busted out my rage  in front  of all those who were nearer,
My eyes couldn’t control the drops which are dearer,
My hands trembled  with fury,
But when you said the two magical words politely,
I’m sorry!
What next?
My ice started melting ,my fury flew away,
All those hours of worries ,means nothing to my dictionary,
Only thing concern to me is ,
You said sorry ,and I  will love waiting for you .

Friday, 15 September 2017

My story

One lazy afternoon,
While I am sleeping on my room,
All of a sudden some inactive neurons,
 started whispering, near my eardrum,
At first softly and smoothly,
When I ignored ,then it’s vigorous tap,
Forced me to hold my pen to jot down,
All that is expressed and unexpressed in my living room,
 The stagnant pool begin to flow from the jumbled paradox,
Which often chase me in my lonely hours,
I see and recognize every images that  comes to my dream,
Yet I get no words ,how to begin,
The low confidence in me   restricts with the wordings,
That I am not so worthy to appease praise from worthy,
Days passed and then years,
Seasons changed keeping pace in their frontier,
I see the blue sky and wonder,
Will thunder never vibrate me ,
Or my time will pass remaining  in slumber,
Surprisingly, the rain came with a broad smile,
Giving me bouts of shivering,
The sudden gust of wind tremble me with in,
My pleasures and pain began flowing,
Touching the boundaries and absorbing me in its ring,
The excitement I received is higher that my horizon,
I fell in love with the interesting filament,Poetry,
Poems Is something serious ,
I firmed this idea in the beginning,
 Now the scribblings  are my darlings,
RHYME OF RAIN  and FIRST RAIN  are my stories,
Some real and some imaginary.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Return Please

One ,two ,three, four ,and more,
The drops of sweat trickles from my brow,
Sings the tale of my pain, to soothe your  core,
My  attempts to cool your rage ,seems slight tough,
But   ,one day I will surely persuade you,
how deep is my love for you,
Wipe out,  the incident from your surface,
Those infuriated to carry tint of bitterness in your cleavage ,
Believe me, my intentions are never to hurt you,
Rather protect you like a pearl within my coverage,
My earth longs for your fragrance,
Every article reminds me ,your absence,
Your demure attendance will flower my barren land,
Your presence will make me sing
The aroma of yours will bring rain,
My dry eyes  and  my vacant space waits for you,
Think of me and please return to my life.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

O my Moon....

O my Moon….
O! Moon except you no one will understand me,
To you I confess ,to you I lay out my arms,
In front of you I react,
In front of you I act,
I am attracted to your rays,
Never give emphasis to the carters that lay,
In your bosom,
 For me it is  like the beauty spots in its optimum,
You are aware of my scratches,
You are conscious of my  dolefulness,
You know  my depth of cheerfulness,
I share every ounce  of my step to you,
As my best friend,hence,
I care your silent words,
 I search your luminous light when the dark clouds ,
Shield you during the rainy days,
I aspire to be your lover and beholder,
Who sings for you ,will  sing for you,
till my departure from the earth,
O Moon! This is my commitment to you.

Monday, 11 September 2017


I am wonderstruck with  this sensation,
So pleasant and  caressing ,that,
 my each atoms running with this vibration,
The tingling flushes is reflected in my reflection,
How it came ,how I am under it’s grip,
How I am in this  chain of bonding,
Is diverting my concentration.
It came slowly ,wrapped me in its silken robe,
Touched me and my inner chord,
Very delicately ,very passionately ,very elegantly,
Made me forget me from my whole,
My world changed accordingly,
Expectantly I wait ,hopefully I desire,
anxiously  I want the attention of the smiling Sky,
Now I want to enhance my glow,
Work hard to be perfect in every slope,
I long to swim in this perennial flow,
I enjoy   its torrential rainfall,
I get strength from its rising ebb,
The chain of affection is giving me strength,
I can fight like Don Quixote,
I can break the Great wall,
I can climb the Mount Everest ,
sail in Indian Ocean in one breath,
Encircling this beautiful feeling as my adoration,
This is the power play of the great feeling LOVE to my consideration.