Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chitrangada's promise

I ,Chitrangada is abused,
Misunderstood and accused,
My chastity is questioned,
My serenity is doubted,
That’s because of me belonging to the weak gender,
So filthy language like bar girl is  added to my image.

No,I will not open my mouth,
To clarify the truth,
You{Arjun} ,how could you judge me such ,
With   mistakes of mine not much,
I was the creeper ,whose soul  moves only with  you,
I was your adorer, and beloved too,but,
You threw the whiff and  left  me with the grains,
I prefer to remain calm and quiet,
Crying and absorbing my tears with the rain.

Inside my womb,plays your boy,
Very diligently kicking and pushing ,
The walls of watery gel,
Little did he know about his mother’s trail,
I will not open your identity to him,
You will one day recognize him by your own,
As your son,this is my vow  and promise to the world known.
{The story of Chitrangada comes from the epic MAHABHARAT.She was the wife of Arjun ,the great Pandava warrier,was abused of treachery by her husband.She was the princess of Manipur.Arjun left her and went away .The lady of courage and great archery skill brought her son Babruvahan single -handedly. Babruvahan later  defeated  Arjun in a war.

How to express..

The day you took shelter in the groove,
Waving me bye and broke your route,
I couldn’t stop my heart bleeding,
Difficult for me to come out of your thinking,
My beeps which were addicted to your breathing,
finds no way of escaping ,
How to express my feelings?
In my dreams you linger,
In my vision I see your picture,
Your image is visible in every miniature,
Days seems empty,
Noon seems blank,
Night very long,
the week prolong I struggle to get rid of these emotions,
With out you I stopped painting paradise,
I stopped to fly in kites ,
I stopped playing with stars,
I am in my cocoon waiting for the shinning Moon night.

Monday, 15 January 2018

The Silent Wall

The walls around the burial ground is silent,
Quietly watching each torment and each individual, very minutely,
Life’s ultimate cycle and halting station,
Is acquainted with the bitter truth,
death is the end of all struggle and cemetery is the ultimate goal,
In between the span of life and death,
We forget about the silent wall,
they watch us ,wait for us to take rest,
Absorbs our sorrows and pains within its brick coverage,
And mocks us saying fool in this materialistic namesake,
Because we forget ourselves……….
When our destination is same,
Yet  we quarrel for property or for fame?
The flakes of silent wall never shouts for repair,
Because it is aware of its knocking down can happen any day,
Any time, neither  can anyone preserve it for eternal  time.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Co -incidence

This may be a co-incidence,
Or twist of fate ,which made us,
 meet in  the crowd,
Even in the buzz ,
our heart is familiar to each other’s core,
So  beats of us  skip  in galore,
Down from our nape amusing current flow with rapid speed,
Which makes our face turn to pink,
 our eyeballs is accustomed to read  our pound,
Tight lips attempts to hide our pleasing sound,
Along with the melodious breeze our heart murmurs,
Our limps  chase  the salsa rungs,
Co-incidence may be the cause,
Unexpected meeting changed the color of our floor,
Except us we hear none,
Except us we see none,
We expect let this co-incidence happen daily.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Since the day you  confirmed  about  your emergence,
I linger  in dilemma,
With some anxiety ,some curiosity,
Bit assertive,  bit inquisitive and yes a bit reluctant,
To accept  the reality,
That I am going to meet you ,the personality,
Whose image  I meet in my dreams,
Whose  picture bears shape  in my eccentricity.

Reeling  under the pressure of uncertainties,
My sleepless nights quiver in me thousand probabilities,
I wonder  ,then murmur in doubt ,will  this be true?
With lots of ifs and buts dancing inside me,
I opt to  see you and end all the hesitancy playing within me.

The time I met you…
The excitement in my nerves ,
the rapid palpitation in my curves,
The tingling sensation in my voice  evaporated
 all the qualms I imagine about you since long.
You closed all the chapters of my anxiety in a second,
Singing the tune of familiarity.

Saturday, 6 January 2018


In the first encounter ,I thought to make you mine,
In the first exchange of eyes ,I am thine,
In the first conversation ,you impressed me a bunch,
Through out the night I keep on thinking a lot,
In my first poem ,you are the queen,
Because of this each of my words sing,
The melody of your imposing grandeur in my rhyme,
In the first hour of the day ,
your morning wish uplifts my mood,
It keeps me smiling all through the day,
In the first thought of mine ,I see your face,
From the first day till today you only you reign my empty space.

Friday, 5 January 2018


In this winter,
I drape myself  within  the yesterday’s thunder,
Just to preserve the warmth of last summer,
Outside is chill, I under the blanket drill,
The memories of previous flavor,
Which sustains in my album in an everlasting color,
I smile, I sigh, I brood, over my last year try,
Failures and Success both in extent come up to my pocket,
I live in hope, let this winter unfasten the scope for my  future,
With the season’s peak the snowflakes and cool breeze are full of zip,
I enjoy the spice ,even  I dream bright,
I see the  stars dazzling at night sky guiding me the direction upright.

Thursday, 4 January 2018


My lips preferred to remain silent,
Yet my words smile with your presence.
My eyes  preferred to remain calm,
Yet I couldn’t hide it’s glitter , seeing your charm.
My limbs follow what my mind say,
Yet ,I couldn’t control the vibrations running under the nail.
My face is warm,
Yet I couldn’t control it growing warmer when I find you nearer.
My toes are restless,
Yet ,they manage   power  to stand   waiting hours for you.
My mind instructs to follow the rules,
Yet ,my heart runs miles to touch you.
My body takes rest in night,
Yet ,in my dreams I catch you.