Monday, 24 September 2018

Your essence

In the dim hours of the day
Your sunny entry
Brought the shine
Filled my kingdom
With smile and rhyme
Blushing my earth
With the fragrance of wine
I became intoxicated
Flattered  with your lovely essence
Doused to your  amiable presence
My petals bloomed  to  radiance
Each curve of mine danced
in the melody  of your quintessence
Unconsciously the passionate
 tidal waves of my heart started chanting your name
Slowly and slowly ,the sun of sensitiveness
    Redden with your flame.
After reaching  the peak of eagerness
Suddenly I became protective and possessive
regarding   your performance.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ifs and buts

Between all the ifs and buts
A single line persists with a single dot
The pause with punctuation mark
As if every thought centred for one spot
But- act as if nothing will hinder without
The essence and fragrance of budding rose
If says may be one day
But says never will come that day
In between the two contradictions
A jumbled of emotion
Play their role
Mood swings
From hopeful slot to negative gap
Diverting attention to pretend for a nap
Dreams come, but not soothing
Frightens with thought provoking
In the moment of cheers
Bleeding heart rejoices with tears
As it reels with feelings
Which dwindles with lots of ifs and buts.

Friday, 14 September 2018

It's always You

It’s always you
For whom
My  world stir up with fresh air
 earth prosper with countless emotions
Heart  became  cheerful and active are my neurons
Passionate budding  smiles   with thousand anecdote
It’s always you
For whom
The spin of  my wheel  became slower
Beautiful air surged me to breathe fanatically
Sparkles of love is reflecting in my  gestures
My orbit  centred on one motion.
It’s always you
For whom
I am alertness is  possessive
The addiction towards your fragrance
is  allusive and attentive.

Monday, 10 September 2018


In due course of time 
I forgot the colour of blue
I fail to remember the fragrance of daisy
The song of  brook
Dance of rivulet,
Smile of swirling steam.
I weaved  colourful   designs in fancy
My needle was  busy in creating different shapes 
Expressing   the  feelings in an elegant way
But when lonely hours punch
I wish to run among meadows
 to merge with the green shadows
I  love  the echoes  that rebounds and returns
Quickly with equal magnitude
The  emitting smoke that come from  ashes
Reminds me of  patterns of  seven colours
Which I have lost in dark
 but search them in bright.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Lived two beeping hearts
They know each other
See one another
Nothing than that
They wait, share ,care,
Exchange glare
But never dared to touch
The periphery of  fire.
But when the demon of distrust
Entered to their dais
Their world fall apart…
Bitterness  crossed the threshold
And occupied the stage
Irrelevant topics burst  into flames
Immaterial  thoughts  clouded the vision
 Accusations and hallucinations dominated the motion
The  beauty of bond shattered to pieces
Sour words are used to demoralise  the image
The sanctity of purity turn to ashes.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

I will not blame

I will not blame the wind
Which passes from your side
To my side with it’s torrential swing
I will not blame the weather
and the dark clouds hovering and moving
towards your direction with the expectations
for a colourful tweet
I will not blame the sound of waves
Cuddling me with it’s vibrant sensations
I will not blame the colour green
Whose electrifying touch sparks my rhyme.
I will only blame to the moments
When the hurricane washed away our
footprints from the sand ,
Keeping me in a state of shock
my words chock my throat,
my silent lips locked with thousand lines.
Yes I blame to the tidal ebb
because I sail with you in my trail
You captured a place in the softest well
Your thoughts ,in lonely hours quell ..
Uff …but
I blame to no one…


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Link

What is this link?
This link …. the color of it is pink
A pure emotional string
Friendly to heart 
Adorable than other brat
Souls may live poles apart
It can Indentify the dearest’s pulse
Can recognize the strength of the knob
Expectations is the strength of the bond
Standing for each other in every front
Feelings for the special ,plays the dominant role
Heart beats catch fire
When the link is itched or tarnished
By any other royal.