Monday, 15 October 2018


It’s your speciality
Which is making me blush
Brighten up my smile
Dimple on cheeks chuckle in quite
Lips hide my excitement
But chin is blinking because of endearment
The words of you
Are something very special
Touch my core,
Vibrate my indoor
I love to hear them more and more.
It’s your speciality ……
Different are your lines
Differently you present the vibes
Separately you whisper the sensational tides
At first I tried to control my sight
Not to blink or not to be carried away with the wind
It’s your speciality
Which forcing me to attach with your personality.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Division Of Fire

( Durga Puja ,was celebrated with lot of gaiety in our place. According to my late Grandpa and Dad Goddess Durga is our ardent deity.This is my memory of Durga Puja celebration in our ancestral home)

I miss, my yesteryear,
It was a great pleasure to rush from far-off distance to Grandpa’s place
To celebrate Durga puja with the entire family with full cheers
Grandpa’s instructions was to reach in time
Grandma’s endlessly grocery list added headache to each daughter-in –law’s spine
Though every daughter in law grumbled (in the fear of extra work) in the beginning
Yet they enjoyed their fullest by sharing their outbursts in the gathering
We, the grandchildren were the master weavers of abstract planning,
Mummy and her company’s never ending chat
Daddy and Uncles fully relaxed
We were happy because we got liberty to enjoy with our class
During those days of puja
Grandpa used to become more energetic and time bound
Grandma used to handle the gala kitchen ,menu and doled out duties to few
With lots of affection, without a single word of negative sound,
She was the lady with perfection
smile glorified her spotless beauty
Never she looked disgusted or never she looked tired
Distinct was she from the rest of the crowd
A big red vermillion on her forehead,along with the attire of
Cotton handloom saree, betelnut coloured her lips
To me she resembled my Goddess Durga
Whose image I imagine in my dreams
Even after years I see same features cladding during my sleep
I assume ,she perhaps waited and accumulated strength for this family celebration.
She used to make pancakes, prepare both veg and non-veg items
In a super sonic speed,to serve Devi in duration bound space

used to apply mixture of sandal paste on his head
Beautiful round tilak(kumkum) on the middle of his forehead
Handloom Dhoti and a hand-woven chaddar to cover his bare chest
From the early morning,he used to sing hymns on the deity’s praise
I was always amazed with his extra ordinary knowledge
His patience ,devotion were noteworthy
Striking Rudrakhya mala on his neck line enhanced his familiarity …….
(to be continued)

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Why did I let you go

Why did I let you go
You  know ,the day  I received  the news of your marriage
I broke to thousand pieces
Thousand time I cursed my fate
Hundred  time I rehearsed  in the frontage of your gate
Once attempted to open my heart to make you aware of my state
But every time both my lips stitched together and
 words I lack to express the crazy shape
Fear to lose you
Fear to hurt you
Was my only thought attached with you
I want to see you smiling
Your smile is dearer at the cost of my ill-fate
Yes ,in difficulty I  confine my tears in casket
Night became tougher with your thoughts crawling in my space
The vacuum  created in my base
Still  perturbs my image
My songs became sad
Guitar forgot its rhythm  
Every moment I use to think
Why did I let you go.
Why my voice choked to utter my feelings to you.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

May Be

We will meet one day
If not under the hot Sun
May be on the torrent of waves
We will chat hours together
If not under the shade of cool moon
May be in our fathomless dreams
We will share our heart full of words
If not on the green meadow grass
May be through the fragrance of buzzing wind
We will meet one day
To change the parody of mystic tale
To silent the ebb of rising trail
To sooth our anxiety and curiosity
Which is making us frail
To unleash the bundle of feelings
Which is tormenting us in lonely hours and we yell
When we will meet
I will give answer to your only question why
You asked me
Why I want to meet you?
My answer will be
Because, idiot! I love you.

Monday, 1 October 2018

Voice of Silence

Voice of Silence.
Before I could realize
The uniqueness of this bond
I tasted pain
Before I could realise
Your presence
The cracks in relationship
Shivered my senses
Before I could realise
The entire plot of discontentment
Your words injured my veins
Before I could
Measure the depth
The pebbles slit my heart
With your view regarding , my image
As a spineless brat
I preferred to maintain silence
Because the thunder of silence is louder
Than your unruly words
I saw hatred in your eyes
I discovered a soft feeling behind your lines
I watched each cloud
Passing through you
Sometime I notice the golden stroke
Sometime I visualise fumes block your brush
I always wish for your best
If you are true according to your sense
Hope you will realise the voice of silence.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

It's You

Suddenly when you swirled in my dreams
Flowers bloomed in my heart
Jubilant mood danced with the strings of watch
The stars in me brightened my day
Unexpectedly  I waited for the Sun’s ray
Slowly ,then  abruptly  I opened the door
Which  directs its route to the waterfall
The roaring breeze in my chest  accepted you as my fate
You  imprisoned  my soul
You became my goal and  core
The violent throbs  and butterflies of  my stomach
Silently roar—It’s you
For whom I crawl.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

I hope so

In the eerie silence of the night
Between the cluster of clouds
The Moon  glimmers
Infuriating the stillness
The sparks  touch  my senses
Giving me spell  of soreness
Dragging me down to the memory lane
Thoughts of you
Dwell in my veins
In my quiet sky
I wait for the twinkling night
I long for the musical  luminous  bright
In between my fences I aspire  for your flight
But  you are far from my sight
Only Moon can say where you hide?
With out your foot prints
My days are dull
Body and mind null
Thoughts stroll
While many untold stories crawl
Maddening  me with the chapters to unfurl
I soothe my disturbed heart
With a belief that one day
You will come to clad my sky.