Friday, 17 August 2018

Perfect Meaning

With a brush in my hand,
I attempted to paint the red sunset
I  tried a lot to draw the perfect picture of the famous Hamlet
I soaked the canvas with varied dialects
I dipped my brush in blue ,red, yellow, green, red to dye the fragment
Yet  …after my effort ,I failed to depict  the perfect  portrait  of the ethereal subject
The color is vibrant  and radiant
Much above my imagination
Beyond all  the demarcation
Higher  and higher than the boundary of limitation
It only visible and audible to sensation
And its rhythm is felt in vibration
Its soothing ,
It is cooling
It is burning
It is hurting
It is dying,
No …No words can justify  the perfect meaning.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Unexpected surprise

Is this not an unexpected surprise,
You reside in the empty spaces of mine
Bothering me time to time,
Sometime your laughter pinches me
Then  the emptiness kills my time,
I  will not scream  in the crowd,
The storms in me is giving me bouts,
It becomes hard to sail in ocean loud,
I wish I could turn the table round
I dream to hold you and never leave you to move around
Things are moving on ,as destined
Thing of past  fortuitously  blinks
Future is unseen, and without  you
I dare not to dream
The cherished moments  of ours
May be hurting, yet I live in it somehow
Even today when the rain drops kiss the earth
When the sunrays kiss the green branch
I see you in my heart
Smiling and blushing as you  were in the past.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Our story ends here?

Our story 
Containing mystifying folders
Unusual  raptures
Intensifying  passions
Combination of  emotions
Fear  of loss and burning sense  of admiration
Moments of concern
Conscious of the demarcation
Aware of  one other’s pulsation
Breathing air in the paradoxical situation
Little argument and then prize of consolation
A  transitory  break to judge our position
In each other’s beating ,justifies our affection.
Our story ends here?
Or  some chapters yet to be added
About the fluctuation
Among the waves of ocean
Or   some extra episodes  to be enacted
To present  how deeply  we are bound to obligation.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

In the night

In the night
  I talk with the nocturnal images
  the shapeless images  ring the bell
of some pent up familiar designs
flipping  their wings in the cloudless horizon
The Moon is the witness
Of my sigh and  is the spectator
To notice that a piece of me
Is  missing  in the constellation,
I express my sigh
My sentiments  to the stars
The luminous  lights nod their head
The music of  night  flickers
 the tone of melancholy line
A piece of me is lost in the night sky.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Whispering Wind

Two  heave for the pulsation
They hear sound of sensation.
From the whispering wind ,and are,
  Observer ant , to the air of emancipation
The melodious air sails them to  far off isle,
There they set up a  castle of transparent  glass
Unlike the sunlight ,the moonlight too  ascends
 Its  place ,butterflies   dance on lily base
Both   smile and hop ,together  rear in grace
Forgetting the earthly domain,
Erasing the lines and curves that come between their way
Wind is whispering the symphony of affection,
The  longing souls  are wandering  to find out  route of expression
To enter into each other’s soul  with  perfection
The air whispers the tale of romance,
Lovers  are roaming in the dreamland
 to watch the day sun
Careless about the staring moon
But addicted to the whispering wind
The driving wind  is creating craziness in their  hearts

Friday, 3 August 2018

Silent Lips

In my silent lips you stay
Among the noiseless clouds you buzz
Behind the shade I see your shadow
From the rustling breeze I hear your echoes
Wrapping  your fragrance in silence
I remember all the smiling letters
Of our mutual passion..
While remembering I erased the dark circles
I  refresh myself  only  with the colors  of rainbow
When loneliness shrieks  for your presence
I  choose my beats to sing  of your essence
Rolling hours  is conscious of the difference
Yet  to me you are the fragrant  tempest
And  you live in my quivering lips.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Unusual Link

You tiptoe softly to my world
Like the pleasant sunshine
Douse my earth with your radiance
Clasping  the wind with your fragrance
My domain is blossoming with the delicate  glow
I am under the grasp of wine
Sweet ,melodious and divine.
The red rose petals are on the air
Forming  the ambiance with its beautiful shower
The buds are eager to bloom,
Curiosity  in heartbeat  is rising and falling
Eyes searching  for the soothing   drizzle
Mind and heart  are attentive and alert
To hear your soft knock
To dance  with the sweet rhyme
Anxious is the breath to clasp the breeze
An unusual l link between you and me is developing.