Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The day I first met you.

The day I first met you,
You looked so cool,
I became a fool,
My throbs became loud,
I was dumbfound,
To see my damsel standing close,
My hands tremble,
voice fumble,
Legs stagger,
Face became warm,
Heart chuckle,
A soft beep giggles,
Lips shudder,
To express the words,
That I am in love with you.

My cosmic star

What are you to me?
I find no words to your query,
Nor did my words match my emotions,
To any dictionary,
I simply stood blank ,watching the night’s glory,
The stars mockingly looked at me,
The moon too smiled and whispered ,
“if your words choke ,speech unable to collect the dialects,
Then follow the drumbeats of your beep,
Sketch her picture in a canvas and see how you sing”

When I drew the portrait ,
My  emotions quell  spontaneously on the paper sheet,
With out seeing the image ,the lines rolled as preface ,
I painted her portrait as my heart instructed,
My brush followed the lines which my mind directed,
My hands followed my feelings ,which I am unable to narrate,
I painted her with care,
with my devotion and flare,
Heart started singing,
you are my cosmic star.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Give me strength

I attempt a lot to hide my flecks,
I patched up myself to hide beneath the heavy cosmetic paste,
I concealed my tears beneath my false mirth,
I want me not to remain , inside the sympathetic grip,or,
Will not hear other’s compassionate tone, pitying me,
And the advises, to re- build my life, afresh.
Years, I followed the path that elder’s lay,
I stick to the ethics and principles of God’s say,
Neither I crossed my boundary,
Nor entered the periphery of tangled sway,
I am a simple lass with less expectation ,
More romantic dreams ,less longing for salvation,
Fate played the prank,
Very painfully I accepted all the nuance.
Only because I don’t want to present myself weak,
Timid and docile while facing ,fate’s new trick,
O my God! Give me power, strength and patience,
To overcome all the prickles that come in my way,
Make me confident enough to smile ,
Though I weep beneath the dark corner of my ribs.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Being in love

Being in love
Little plus little,
Slowly and gently,
The breeze of romance,
And its dependence has become an obsession,
Stealthy  and brilliantly the air immerse me ,
I am fascinated to the galaxy of mystical wonder,
A beautiful feeling of love and being in love,
The ecstatic pleasure is redefining me,
Beautifying me, hence I commited
the magnetic blunder,
I enjoy the moments of grandeur,
Heartily and excitingly,
My wandering soul  capitulates in front of this bond of conformity,`
Every day the intensity of it is widening,
And the depth is deepening,
Yes, it is very much pleasing and satisfying.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Two words

Two Words.

Two words of love,
Two words of appreciation,
Two words of encouragement,
Two words of inspiration,
Two words, demarcates  my vibration,
Two words moved me,
Two words shivered me with new commotion,
Two feet started dancing with excitement,
Two hands of mine trembling with palpitation,
When I received your gift of adoration.

I could feel your feelings,
 realize  your  yearnings ,
From the two words you express ,
In quick interaction,
I could access  the profundity,
Measure the eagerness from the two words,
You expressed as a gratitude ,for me.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mummy ‘s Dream..

Once I asked my Mum,
What you want to be?
She replied in morose tone,
My days are gone, forlorn ,
I see my dreams in you,
She said this in a dawdling tone,
During our days ,
bi-cycle  ride raised brows,
You have crossed those hurdles,
For you, riding a racer bike raise lesser brow,
I run among the meadows to keep me fit,
You choose treadmills and gym to fit your body shape in tight zip.
She then said ,I longed to be a free bird and fly,
Unable to do so ,I am tied to this cross wire,
I dream you to fly high ,
sustain like the Eagle and thrive,
I kept quiet ,thinking my mum looks so simple,
Yet her dreams to aspire higher goal strived
So she wanted me to fulfill those dreams of her,
To rise like tide and drive in it,
With  my dreams holding as a kite.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Is this my infatuation?

Is this my infatuation
Or my curiosity?
If none among these ,
Then why this storm inside me,
Warming my blood and shaking my nerves,
Every day I wait to meet you in our preferred spot,
In spite of the heavy snowfall or loud thunder.
I am addicted to your aromatic breeze,
Even my alphabets are conscious of your presence in my ink,
So I wait for your gift,
To feel your existence among your handwritten few words
Which you have written ,only for me.
I want to inhale the feelings ,
Behind your note, your love,
Which I know ,you might have not jotted down,
Yet I can estimate your emotions from your alphabets.
But the delay in courier service is breaking my patience,
And I went on asking about it details,
To all my acquaintance and friends,
They too laugh ,seeing me impatient,
Can I express them my cause of annoyance.

Monday, 9 October 2017


 My enchantress!
For you..
I am sailing in the sea,
The  sea of gaiety,
 the sea of pleasure,
Romantic adventure and the enchanting encounter.

For you my sorceress, I am in  stupor,
I could feel the high rise tidal waves ,
Crushing me ,dashing  my dock,
With its magical current,
The magnetic effect of the tide,
 Drive me into its grip,
more passionately,
More eloquently.

Ravishing waves blushing me to a new shape,
Each organ of mine,
including my worthy brain,
Is numb, reeling under the torrents of anticipation,
I am on the clutches of passionate thoughts .

In my dreams ,she comes as a fairy,
With bouquet of red rose,
With her appealing smile.
To wash away my worries,
Here I endlessly chat,
silently she nods her head ,
I want to hold her little longer,
Bit closer to my wall of imagination,
But the mighty rays woke me ,
Yet the thoughts of my enchantress cripple me.