Thursday, 17 May 2018


The soft pulse bleeds,
The sigh bleeps,
The vacuum inside the cells hurt,
A tingling bell still sings,
The symphony of probable rainfall.
The drizzle wet the earth,
Dry meadow is elated to hear,
The music of the rain
Gripping and fascinating like the former period,
Yet the calender changed the year.
Days passed followed by months,
The waiting intensify
With the vibrant colour,
The melancholy song brightens with the hope,
One day cuckoo will return.
The waterfall in the terrain,
Looks soothing,
Difficult and dangerous to reach the point of origin,
The flow is gushing,
Lovers enjoying the charm ,without thinking.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Womanhood Speaks

Easy for you to accuse,
Easy for you to blame,
Easy for you to curse,
Easy for you to dishonour,
My image abusing my conduct,
Silently I digested the venom,
To prove you, silence do have its influence.

I will not scream,
I will not hold a knife,
I will not burn with your fire,
I will not establish the legacy of sacrifice ,
I will not light the candle of revolt,
I will maintain calm.
To sustain my energy to walk in a better path.
I hope to live in the positive vibes ,
I know behind the dark cloud silver lining sparkles,
I believe in my strength,
I do have faith in myself,
I will swim the ocean smilingly ,
But will not sail in doldrums,
I have to run miles before my shelter,
Why will I oscillate between the irrelevant ideas.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Echo of a sculptor

The sand particles of the sculpture,
The lime stones and its architecture,
The rocks used in the artistic creation,
The binding element of the production,
Whispers your name in seclusion,
You hide beneath the foundation,
You stand erect in the cornerstone,
In each carvings I visualize you,
In each work I nurture you,
In each cutting I carve your curves,
In each painting I paint you image
To forget our separation,
To immortalize our relation,
To keep your memories fresh in the art of creation,
It’s you my inspiration,
You are in my pulsation,
Can I renounce your name from the artefact?
It is the world where I meet you,
Feel you and hear your echo.

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Your fragrance I found in the blooming jasmine,
The aroma reminded me of your perfume,
The odour which always douse me,
Drives me crazy,to run near your hedges,...
Even I fail to see you or fail to get your acquaintance,
I am often reminded of this intoxicating essence

Life have seen a new moon,
Blizzards have played the tune,
Storm itched my eyes,
Rain drops smashed the sand art,
Yet the blue sky smiles with pride,
So is you, smiles in me, with your over imposing essence.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Analysing the rock

Standing between two sedimentary rocks,
I analyze the structure and its layers,
Some how I got struck amidst the spaces,
I feel its ingenuity and its metamorphic changes,
More I scrutinize its presence,
I feel , behind the mechanism ,
A pore persisted deep among the ridges,
Caring and accepting the changes,
Neither the heat of the sun find its place to rest ,there,
Nor the cool saline breeze could leave its impact.
Softly the pore breaths the air,
Consciously attentive of the circumstances,
Maintaining the distance ,watching the minerals in its base,
Fertile and rich are the deposits,
Silently the pore takes rest in the crest,
But at time its vibrations gives punches,
Quivering the earthly base to crackle from all the sides.
Yet pore remains safe occupying its place.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Exchange of words

An exchange of few words,
An addition towards it,
Has grown deep inside the corners a soft gentle feeling,
To wait for it in the dusk ,and in the dawn,
The magnetic flow make my spirit dance and heart sing.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Love and hate

Love and Hate.
Love and hate,
Two words co-relate,
Each one is a state of mind,
A feeling where heart’s feature is prime.
You love me or hate me,
In both the term I am with you,
Love make you smile,
But in hatred I am always in your mind.
Love creates wonder,
Hatred breaks the rule , produces blunder,
Love believes in emancipation,
Hatred focus on destruction.
Love weaves magical words,
Hatred plunges to disrobe your inner taunt,
Love beautifies the soul,
Hatred destroys your goal.
Love never takes shelter,
It grooms to prosper ,
A loving relationship ,a beautiful bonding,
Of mutual trust, but ,hatred is the end of each sector.