Saturday, 24 February 2018

The weapon

Silence is my weapon,
When you assessed me,
My words,
My works,
My personality,
I maintained silence,
Because I am hurt
I was abused ,
With no relevant cause,
With fault not much,
You weaved thoughts,
Which were purely yours,
No authenticity ,simply trash,
I preferred to keep silent,
You wounded me with your writings,
Projected me as a villain,

I still maintained silence,
Don’t take test to my silence,
Don’t force my silence to speak,
Don’t think me weak,
Don’t consider any lady cheap,
Don’t think you smart and others wreck.
Adoration ,devotion ,infatuation  are the three divine feelings,
Thoughts make them pure,
Thoughts make them impure.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Wind

The wind changed its direction,
The wind mill altered its perception,
Cloudy sky toils with the heavy dose of precipitation,
The parched earth is waiting for renovation,
The moisture clad air is moving with an intention,
Unperturbed ,unmoved ,untouched to every obstructions,
When the cliff blocks and hurts the gushing breeze,
The sensitive wind pours out its frustration,
The voice is bit loud ,pinching ,
Crying with desperation,
Hiding its soulful pathos behind the thunderous projection,
Each droplets bearing parable of emotion,
Each spark of lightening burns with passion,
Each thunder reveals the shivering sensation,
The wind ,though wounded ,
Unshaken and bold , flows towards its destination.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

You taught me to love

Your arrival created uproar in my chamber,
 Making me  numb,
From  the silence of night ,I could feel
Each organs of mine are in dancing mode,
I could sense their jubilant  ring tone,
Heart   beats  loud to louder,
Skin changes my bright tone to brighter,
Red blood vessels are running fast to faster,
Eyes stroll aimlessly on each streets ,each corners,
Each plains ,to cool its hunger.

Moon is in slumber,
Probably want to remain aloof  from  all the situations,
Time to time ,my patience is trailing its extension,
I act as a maniac, I comprehend  its position,
Yet couldn’t control the palpitation,
So strong is the string of attachment,
My sleepless nights dream you,
My sunny days groove  you
 wanted to be with you, because,
You taught me  to be in love with you.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Hi ! Good Morning

When your message blinks Hi,
Blood flow reddens my face,
Brightens my eyes,
Hot flush rushes on my ribs,
Fast beats shoots my temperature high,
Shyly I wipe my cheek,
Then gently press the button to click,
The two adorable alphabets “hi” with a smile on my lips,
When your pictorial good morning message comes,
I search my previous message stuff,
Again to send ,the message befitting your image that crops,
In my smart phone,
I search for suitable lines,
Perfect pictures,
Lovely gestures,
Smiley ,songs to convey my feelings ,
When I see your like button,
I feel like flying in the meadows,
When I see your loving text gestures,
I feel I am no more here but in the paradise,
Dancing and singing with the fairies by my side.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

This is unusual

This is unusual
Yes this is unusual,
Two souls meet as casual,
Their bond slowly bloomed to special,
Though they appear two individuals,
Their hearts beeps  mutual,
They share,
They care,
They flare,
With no reluctance,
With acceptance,
To respect each other,
To  watch each other,
To have trust for each other,
They now bother not for the cracks,
They now bother not for the hail storm,
They  are sure  of this specialty,
 Adores one another individuality,
Keeping no complexity,rather,
giving  freedom to groom this special bond with ample opportunity.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

My ink and its Lines

My lines are alive,
Alive with your memories,
I sail through the waves of feelings,
Every time intense to more intensely,
Because you captured my soul,
And my breathe is near you,
 always reminds me,
  I am yours .

When my heart sings,
My ink splits,
All the emotions that is carefully caged in my bosom,
When my ink dances,
It crosses the boundaries to touch you,
When my ink pens you,
I forget me ,just remember you,
When my pen shrieks,
It longs for you.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dear Valentine

O my dear Valentine!
What have you  done ?
You left me with no choice,
 You made me live to hear your voice,
I have no options to be happy,
Without seeing your smiling beauty,
With you I live hundred lives,
With you I play  with stars,
Live in Moon, and sing in heaven,
Fairies envy ,yet we dance with pride.

For you I count seconds ,curse minutes ,abuse hours,
Keep waiting eagerly just to get your glance,
 For you  I am  possessive,
For you I am submissive,
For you I am passionate,
For you I am defensive,
Transformed to obsessive,
It may sounds thrash but this is real and the fact.