Friday, 30 December 2016


The day when you painted crimson to my pale cheeks,
I bloomed like a princess to dance with the beats of my anklets,
The sprinkles you sprayed, weaved a passion to sip the cup of emotions ,
Every corner looks new with my budding desire to taste the view,
As if butterfly gets its feather new,
I could feel the magical words from silence,
Of your quivering lips,
As if many buried folders within,
But the fire of silence engulf me to dream,
It refreshed my looks adding glow pink,
Drowned in river of feelings I weave d many fairy tales with you, in flavoured ink,,
Together we lost, from budding, to bloom with spring’s dewy wing,
Days more colourful and bright with the sprinkles of romantic air spite,
You occupied my heart in position prime,
My concentration lost its way to focus on your thoughts, which hurts me at times,
Now the melody of love breaks my silence to sing,
That your love reformed myself to drown in spirited wine,
You speak the words of silence, it hurts my patience,
So that our silence will never hinder our path,
Together we will hold our hands to build
Our future full of romance in flare.

Last few days

The smooth skating ride of this year,
Has come to an end,
I jerked in many phase,
Drive carefully to reach my base,
With every stumbling humps I faced,
My lesson revised me with the preface,
I tasted some lost recipe,
Some bitter ,some sweet, some salty,

Each fine grain ,engraved a fine relic
In my headway,
The seasonal thunder created waves,
In the flurry of nature ,I lost some favourite space,
The bouts of rain, the fragrance of orchid,
The pansy and the beautiful lavender,
With whom I was impressed,
Now I realised those were my misconceptions,
I want to erase the line from elevated play,
Yes,my new year dream is to,
Harvest a garden of rose with perfume at its best.


I  see  the dancing blue cloud,
In the immeasurable  upper atmosphere,
When I measured the depth,
From its space to my breath,
The extensive miles that I assess,
Is thousand light year or above,
Yet ,I  feel the hot inhale and exhale air,
Being settled miles away,
Yes ,this is my presentiments,
I am connected to your tenderness,
That the hydrogen power of brain,
Fails to receive favourably,
In the dark sky, when  I find you missing,
My oblivion didn’t cry,
Rather my dry tears smiles seeing your portrait,
I then  associate your links to my casement,
For some moments I feel your presence,
You blink with your streak,
I forget my shriek,
I try to grasp the hours of bliss,
Now  when my soul is attached to thee,

Can the fog hide you from me? 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


May be this is cruel month,
With bitter cold waves,
Yet your blurred thoughts are warm,
In my album page,
I wander in the lonely foggy streets,
To wipe you from my anthology,
But no ways ....
you again blink in my cover page,
Presently also your radiance douse my
In starry night space, 
your absence I detect,,
All the attachments that tied us,
Mocks at me, even they are conscious,Your are hidden in vast landscape, 
I see the monuments ,where we first met,
The faded paint whispers your tale,
Your flashing eyes slither in my sketch,
My trembling hands draws your portrait,
But ,now the cold waves maintains the silence,
The silent breeze detached me from myself.....

Monday, 26 December 2016

Route to the monastery

My  journey ended near the eminent ridge,
Little  exasperating me and my trip,
The epic curvature of rocks and its curves,
Its winding paths and the graceful streams,
The vast pine trees and its ever green leaves,
All greet me one by one with grin,
I tried to exchange with affable smile,
Through my dry mouth and  dry beam,
My inner toil is battling hard with cool clime,
The boxed agony and anxiety is making me heavy,
I search from the dark den to lighted vane,
To untether  my pain, with,
It I travelled  all  the meandering  way,
My cluttered mind  rifling for peace,
In the boisterous wind,
Down in the valley,
I saw some candle lights blinking,
And heard bells ringing from dark vine,
The evening hour and the growing dimness,
lead me slowly towards the fluorescent ray, then
I discover the monastery near the river bay,
I  started climbing the steps to reach the cliff
Slowly sweating my inner tussle in the  stairs,
I entered the premises to get mental peace.....
The serene beauty and its pious breath,
Entrapped me to get solace in its berth.


Saturday, 24 December 2016

My Dad........

Dad ! today I don’t want to say thanks,
Rather  I am down for not telling you sorry,
When I hold my pencil and you dictate the spellings,
I often hear your grumbling expressions for my mistakes,
I never in my wildest dream thought,
 My scrawl  will come as RHYME OF RAIN,
This is because , for you I pen,
All the bottled up images I convey in my writings,
I feel you disguised in my penmanship,
Boosting my spirit and patting my back,
After  each jot down,
Consoling me ,in your style,
Dad! You were  confident of me,
But I lack to deliver moments of felicity,
This pinches my core,
Now when you are no more,
My inner self   frequently   complains ,
Why I didn’t give attention to your nudge,
But Dad ! I took a promise,
Instead of wrestling with my inaccuracy,
I will immortalise you in my proficiency,
Let the world forgets you,

Till my death you are alive  along with me........

Thursday, 22 December 2016

I Love Snow, I Love Sea

I love snow.
The snowfall on my roof,
The snow flakes on my silken scarf,
 The dim lights on the pavements,
The  blizzard’s metamorphosis acts,
Giving me bumps and chills my sight,
Yes ,I love the white and the chilling bite,
Love the snowballs,
Eagerly wait for Santa Claus,
Hours I skate in the ice,
Never feel tired ,rather feel fresh,
With a cup of steaming hot coffee,
The aroma doused my senses,
Which activates my pulses,
To crack the dance floor,
With you dear  in salsa posture,
Moments fly in blink,
 I long to cherish my moments with bliss.

I love sea.
Oh !the seductive blue waves,
You are curvaceous and bewitching,
I  wish to swim in the fathomless ocean,
To drench and get the pleasure of horrendous motion,
The foam when touch my toe,
In the shore,
Gives me bumps ,which enhances my glow,
I wish to hold your hand and travel miles,
With the help of safety carrier,
Delighting me in the nylon wrap of blue cover.
 Both the white and the blue  are delight-some,

I enjoy them without thinking them bothersome.  

Wednesday, 21 December 2016


I see the crystal Moon,
The numberless stars and constellations,
In the wintry evening of wild blue yonder,
The brightening stars contest among themselves,
To get the crown of shinning wonder,
Among the sprinters ,
You are divergent,
The silent king of  diligent,
My earth is aware of your excellence,
Your luminosity is greater ,
So I give preference,
The chill breeze and the snowflakes,
  Nudge my cheeks ,then my ribs,
When I explore you in snowy gust,
 Your flashback is    genial ,;
So it  bakes me in  icy –cold,
Your retrospection surges fresh blood,
To my  icy chamber,
I  wander hither and thither,
In  fathomless cloud but  my heartbeats for you,
My arena  pronounces your eminence in dry and clear horizon,

Only because You are different than others...............

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

You will know.......

Temperature is decreasing,
The intensity of fog and cool breeze is increasing,
In the foggy morning the pedestrian’s fortitude is diminishing,
 I walk out in cold ,
To relish the seclusion,
 which for me is blackening,
In the misty weather my dampen spirit chase for stimulating,
 The frigid cloud recuperate some freezing  seriousness,
Abyssal bosom   scours,
 You in dense coverage,
 The  icy wind hurts my demeanour,
Once mantle with your scintillating molecule,
Now  my  dry lips whispers your name in solitude,
My cracked heels twiddle my thumbs for your happening,
Eyes quest towards every strangers for my dear visage,
The stony zephyr could not suppress my combustion,
I am burning in the altar of gelid floor,
Me ,the rambler, carry you in me in every weather,
I  am conscious of your veiling,
Yet I strongly believe that one sunny day ,
You will got to know........

My budding  is fervently waiting for your flowering,

Monday, 19 December 2016

Silence Speaks in cold weather..

Chill morning ,and I am in bed,
 Under the blanket,
Tossing and toiling with your warm anamnesis,
The empressement  rejuvenated my pallid gore,
I pulled out from comfy lap,
To drench in aurora glow,
The majestic star kissed me red,
All my chilled faded way,
Me and my garden laughing again in cold wave,
Now while travelling in bike,
Cold wind felt like hot ray,
My vertibrae  jiggles with your rhyme,
Actively I run miles in track,
To get a glimpse of  endeared blaze,
Even from the closed windows,
Of  running limousine,I feel ,
Your aroma  and existence,
That’s very pleasant and exquisite,
The bond of silence may be frosty,but

Your memories alleviates my spine....

Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Stupidity.....

Though I count stars in night,
I know this is dotty,
Though I count the trees,
From running train,
Yet I am  conscious ,
and think me jerky,
Though I insulate my heart with at most care,
You snatched it from me,
And  I feel me   kooky ,
My heart is playing dominant role.
Brain is telling me,
I am crazy,
My body is trembling with your compassion,
Sermons consider me silly,
 My pond bears your reflection,
And my countenance blushes with your memory,
I  babbles your name in reverie,
Yet my   heebie-jeebies  shriek ,
And prove me wacky,
I shield my bosom,
With the concrete foundation,
Your knob broke it ,into  pieces,
Oh! I scrutinise me as dippy.......

Idiotic  and stupid......

Friday, 16 December 2016

My Soliloquy........

When asked ‘who is your charmer’,
I lied and denied the world around,
About your endurance, and pink dots,
Consoling myself, I freak out,
My soliloquy sounds,
 It’s  your hammer,
 That coloured my chamber,
My bosom dipped with your splendour,
My water  swirls with  your eminence,
My eyes search your prominence,
My heart thumbs for your fortitude,
I hide you in my deep apartment,
I screech not for your recurrence,
But feel your fragrance in my drawers,
My garden  waits for the arrival spring,
Night is conscious  of eclipse and ,the

Shinning crescent, and its   magnificence....

Thursday, 15 December 2016

You know

My earth was accustomed to your jingle,
Your verse spirited me to tingle,
Your words created miracle ,
I started loving the titillation,
My glowing image became remarkable,
But alas!....

When you deviated me,
From your whistling tone,
I shut my windows,
Forever for any green meadow,
Because you know..... it’s you,
Whose tap scintillates my nerve,
Your thoughts vibrates my curve,
I search your steps in silence and in buzz,
In clear sky I visualise your twinkling eyes,
Even today the vestige ignites fire to my rock,
I became friend with silence and bump,
My tears now interchanged with dry smile,
Which even now yell for your jittery.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My paintings..

My brush sketched a efflorescent  design,
On my facade,
Each blooming  bustles with  magical tone,
The aroma of new mural accentuates,
Many tropical shades which swirl in my  heath,
I breath the air of sweltering heat,
The  lines I draw in my sheet,
Is not merely an art ,
Here  my conscious  heart beeps,
For you..
Here  and now you  highlight as  polestar,
Your stature I search in every shades,,
 Your habitation adjoin glow,
To my canvas and to the brush,
My paintings laughs with your vision,
Down heartened with your absence,
Because you  hinge on my dreams,
 My oxygen of  wheezing,
Hustles in my  linings,

Wanting you in my carvings...

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

What Am I ?

Am I a puppet,
Who will dance ,
According to your words,
Answerable to my acts,
Explainable  to my lines,
Of Confused metaphors or identical thoughts,
I am what I am,
My heart dances with,
The rhyme of rain,
Beats faster with its exuberant  game,
Neither I run for fame or feel shame,
To confess that I too lack,
In diverse phrases,
Yet I work to prove myself,
Different in  thousand,
I hate to borrow,
Never steal any verse,
Your words bring sorrow,
Hurt my poetic core,

Why I am answerable to my trademark?  

Monday, 12 December 2016

The paper boats..

We exchange paper boats,
Subsequently climb the stairs ,

Of wooden trunk,
Slowly and clandestinely,
The dark portion of my heart,
Chunk and my veins obstructs its flow,
Discharging its duties carrying the lump,
The  bulge roll and roll with reminisce ,
Of  some  intimate feature of hubbub,
With each growing day the condensed,
Sensation widened its diameter,
I  engulf in enjoyment,
The hypnotic  juncture slither,
Me to  vibrate with a brand new excitement,
My attire  redesign to glorious vibrancy,
I  started dancing in the garden of  delicacy,
Praising paper boats and its efficiency....

Sunday, 11 December 2016


It hurts me,
When my meadow ,
Searches you foot prints,
Between the hot sand hills   of desert,
I covered miles and miles,
To discover oasis,
The thorny bushes itched ,
My legs and I bleed ,
Inwardly and outwardly,
My only desolation is to get you,
Then I will lean my shoulders,
On the flowering cactus,
Even though it is pinching,
Yet the titillation is beyond my grasp,
I  admit me frantic,
Because I am your addict,
With your  rainbow,
I  frisk  even though there is shadow,
My solace  lies with your thump,

Your  truancy hurts me.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

My stream

My gush of stream ceased near your  portal,
My pulse scream for your arrival,
My cage greeted with your ecstatic presence,
My efficacious strings inter knit garland of white lily,
My ice defrosted near your scintillating spark,
My hours scamper with your  ram,
My  hands ready to clasp the golden moment of estrangement,
My  heart paints the portrait of    cherished contentment
 With much adherence,
My world is now centralise for you,
My rib breaths with your aria,
 My love ,you are my fulfilment,
My  bosom identifies your knock among the buzz,
 My meadow mask  you in my dairy,
My dear you are dearer than me,
My earth  is conscious of your fragrance,

Oh dear! You are my stream and I dribble in it........................  

Thursday, 8 December 2016

My affinity.

I am a miser,
For you and for your compassion,
Consider  me greedy or maniac,
From the bottom of my heart,
I  am sodden with your intensity,
I  carry your picture in my wallet,
Secretly monitor you in my lonely  second,
Hide you in my  green remembrance,
Yes, this twinge my compartment,
I wipe my  tautness in the pages of written documents,
Your  striking       nebula swaddled me,
I out line  flight of fancy in each breathing,
Run  from one theatre to another,
Just for a glance of your notability,
May you consider  my act wacky,
But I feel me lucky,

To get your affinity...............

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

I Wish

 While cleaning my meniscus,,
Some blurry sketch punch the clock,
In my stupor,
I hear no lecture,
Nor I see the judges,
Or the practitioners in the court of law,
I see my conqueror of my core,
Simmering in rain,
Clad in yellow chiffon,
She whirl and twirl in my penetration,
I started swinging with her epicurean curve,
Thousand times I clasped her,
Thousand times she swooped,
Her aura doused my sensory glands,
Her hot air stirred my globe,
I desire to rivet her in my vision,
To fondle her spitting image ,
Even though she is in my fantasy,
I am in enamoured with her contemplation,
Yearn to dance with her in out pour.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

His struggle

He took his last breath,life support system failed to hold more,
His struggle for survival ended leaving behind some heavy sighs,
Unable to justify him ,he failed ,then sheltered to seclusion,
Lifelong fought with close ones for ancestral place,
Now left his struggle in halfway,
He spoiled his personality for property sake,
His body placed in front of ancestral place for mourn,
Relatives shed tears friends silent,analysing his pros and cons,
But I could hear the laughter of home,
In silence,whispering in heavy tone 'why you fought with your brothers for my sake'?
Relation among kinship is a strong bond,
Fight for property ruins the grip of bond,
Home once sweet still persists with the fight for ownership,
He parted with the sweet and bitter memories of home,
Relatives now talking for the renovation of the ancestral place,
Ignoring his struggle and fight for lifelong,
Quarrel for property harmed his bright image,
Even though he owned some remarkable achievement.
Now his struggle ended ,a chapter closed,and,
a new born.

Cup Of Tea

Tea ,the intoxicating flavour,
Which induce me from morning slumber,
Attaches with itself a number of pleasure,
Which suffuse my day with amorous rapture,
Its the most prepossessing period,
Where you and me drink the aromatic palate,
Sharing our byzantine discussions,
Keeping us fresh throughout the day .  
In our inquisition,
Every moment we loiter to be together,
To sip the steaming savour,
And see each other after the tempestuous hours,
Evening reiterated the very same like morning,
Tea unbridles our worries.


I don’t have  to  search you,
 In the   ever green forest,
Or among the deciduous branches,
Or in the graceful stream ,
Or, in the coldish murmuring breeze,
Neither I rush pole to pole,
To feel you in me as whole,
I spot you  in  my  heart,
My vessels rush with your warmth,
I  could feel your tenderness,
Your magnetic  mod that is,
Effecting me to sizzle ,
I  redden with chuckle,
My lips whistles, the maudlin assonance,
My enthusiastic limps  surged with fervent fury,
To bustle and mingle in your fountain of ardency,
Nonchalantly I  prognosticate you in each air,
Which brush me and chant your lyre,
My earth see no body except you,
You permeated my solitary space,
Hence my quest for you,
Close in me....

Monday, 5 December 2016


We shared lot of words,
Yet many unexpressed words left in bosom,
In desolation my inner world,
Composes the thread of dedication,
In tight lipped, committing to one another,
To hover in each other’s heart with adoration,
I see you in every nook ,
From crystal moon, to,
Dashing blue waves ,rocking and rebounding
In my esoteric pothole,
I conceptualise you in my dreams , here,
You snuggle me and my dreary wings,
Your sturdy limps hold my cheeks,
To plant thousand roses in my gill,
I am gladden with your temerity
Flattered with your modesty,
You occupied my hub,
And you are my priority.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

You in my thoughts.....

We got parted  in fog,
The dense mist lost my hope,
In the muddle ,
I always wonder,

Can I ever meet you again in thunder,
To shiver  one more time with grandeur,
To feel the spice of warm weather,
Again to submerge in the cascade of rain water?

The  strings of violin always play the tune ,
Of  throbbing passion,
Its you in the metrical composition,
I know my sickening fettle,
Laments for the former agitation,

After the morning fog,
You never drop,
I meet you in my thoughts,
We two  here ,chat a lot,
Exchanging our sentiments,
With out no fear,

Here the fire in our core is bright,
The warmth never blemishes in  frost,

The  fragrant thought  makes my day roll on and on.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Addiction 2

With each passing hour my addiction,
For you is growing,
 Strong to stronger,
Deep to deeper,
Sharp to sharper,
Like the hot steaming tea in morning hour,
The caffeine components prevalent in it,
Are fiery ,ardent and piercing,
 Every confrontation is  rehearsing,
In me with, bouts of thunder,
I wait for your entrance,
In my cloister in each juncture,
Your brush painted me red,
Through your encounter,
My words were less ,
When we see each other,
A lot unspoken allegory,
Play hide and seek in my sensation,
My bumps  indicates my excitability,
Yes! I admit my sensibility,

I am addicted to your plausibility.

Thursday, 1 December 2016


After much presumption,
Assumption and finally the redemption,
I  am in addiction,
A strong  eagerness of compulsion,

To  remain in your jurisdiction,
My  eyes yearn for your impression,
If you ignore ,I cry in isolation,

I   have an inclination,
May be addressed as infatuation,
That I want your close association,

With out you my agony has no solution,
I admit my aspiration,
You are my only ambition,
With your alliance,

I will  cross every complication,
So I wait for your debarkation,
Zestfully in my slammer,
To welcome you with bouquet of felicitation.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

When We Met.......

Since we departed,
We never met,
In the star buzzed sky,
My earth absorbed all my tears,
In its bosom,                                            
Never let it flooded with my empathy,
The cloud’s defiant game slowly wiped you,
And  my   adherence  shifted to another fervor,
Days flew ,so the seasons ,then years,
But when rain comes,
You linger in my thoughts,
All your sweetness that,
 you muse to me once ,
Crops to my paddock,
 I play with wistful perception,

But that day when we met,
My rock didn’t  break,
My  lips didn’t utter my devious state,
My eyes didn’t glisten with fire,
My limbs were  wobbling,
I  inhibited myself to drown in meandering sea,
Rather sailed out to dry meadow,

Drawing another  line to my memory.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Is forgetting so easy?

The serpentine chord
That  tangled around my throat,
Neither can I digest or gulp,
My  range of view,
See  none except you,

Even my air wheeze,
Your  redolence ,
I feel your omnipresence,
Which cloud my sight,

With exuberant fantasy,
I inter knit  golden strands,
Thinking of you ,
My connoisseur  of  pulse,

My blood thickens  and runs,
 With your sugary clots,
I ferret you in crowd,
Hunt your dancing steps ,
In my abstract designs,

Because your addiction,
Is killing me periodically,
After my barren land,
Ripen with your vegetation,

You  drifted away saying bye,
Leaving me stranded with no roots,
Is forgetting so easy??
When you and you ,

Dance and sing in my thoughts.

Saturday, 26 November 2016


I struggle to hide me in thicket,
To mask my achromatize countenance,
The wound I bore in my deepest nook,
Time to time shook my brook,
I weep and weep in dark,
Only to smile in radiance,

I know my depressed core,
Sob for you my love,
Remembrance of golden jabber,
Flutter in my dropper,
I live with the reminiscences,
Which hurts me and stabs me insane,
I am not lucky to get your alliance,
Nor fortunate enough to snatch you ,
From assemblage of snoots,
But I am your conscientious admirer,
You are my dawn of love,
The scar you imprinted on my crest,
Will remain in me in till death.
Hence I struggle every second,
To carry you in my breath,
But fortunate to get your presence in my existence.

Friday, 25 November 2016


Suddenly my florets fluttered,
In the evening breeze,
Within a flicker of second,
My quivering lips muttered,

With swooning dribble,
I mumble the enchanting allegory,
Some pleasant word delivery,
That I  share with you in solitary,
Enthusiastic we wait for the shudder of minutes,
To play the strings of violin in aromatic flurry,

With each passing hour,
Our heart misses the shower,
The waiting for drizzle cripples our mind power,
We paint  fauna ,and  weave imagery,
In quantum of romantic allocation,

Blush in   seeing our facial expression,
Emphatically blissful in each other’s company.
The air sprawl us in scrumptious coupling.

Oh it happened so suddenly............................. 


I weep not for the splitting,
As we are supposed to be part,
Though each day is excruciating,
But you are still supreme in my heart,
I count not the stars in the midnight,
Because I see you smilingly in me,
I wrap you in my coat,To feel your ador,
That resuscitates me.

I am bit tranquillised now,
Because I don’t have to wait for,
the assigned rendezvous spot,
Or feel distress , if you not drop.
I see you in my close eyes,
Hear your whimsical words even,
When my ears were stuffed with cotton buds.
I fancy you in my dreams,
Converse with you ,
when sidelined among aerial celebrations,
My nerves carry the neurons ,
That still hums your tale,
Colour of my pale cheeks,
when you emerge in my well.
I know we parted,
But you are my soul,
Dwell in my thoughts,
Hence I weep not for partition,
But nurture you in my thoughts.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Moments of pearl...

I want to clasp the moment of pearl,
In my tight grip and,
Cradle it in my chest for long,
The mirth glimmer like hot Sun,
Rejuvenated me to a blooming rose.
The golden sands of surf tormented shore
blanched with orange colour of flare,
It surged fresh blood,
To my pale floor,
Thy sky stimulated my supine nerve,
My limbs are nervous and unmoving,
Eyes focused on single rock,
I could see no rectangle or wheel,
Nor hear any buzzing tree or bee,
Mind and heart assimilating to flow,
And ready to sip the divine glee.
The excitement in me is giving me strength,
To cross every border ,
to sail in ocean,
to Crawl in rough pebbles,
Only to spend some precious moments,
With you my adorable light,
Its you who brighten me with your coloured wings.
Desiring to preserve the moments of pearl in my casket.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Today is different,
Different is my silence,
Secretly  sings  my fantasy,
My messianic burning,
And the mellifluous euphony,
Only for thee.
 I weave rhymes in my thoughts,
Which I absorb and hoist in my chiffonier,
Hums  alone in the tranquil atmosphere,
 Draws  colourful lines,
In the valley of green troposphere,
Then paints it gorgeous with your  air.
 My feet imitate my heart throb,,
Hidden fables flutter in my tapestry,
 Your  hue added richness to night sky,
Ephemeral  moments of togetherness,
Forster stars in my airspace,
 Now I am confused ,
Whether I am you or you are me......

listen to colourful silence my dear.