Tuesday, 29 March 2016


While pilling your picture in a covered file,
I saw you smiling and making me smile,
Struck for a while,
Peeping my subconscious reel,
Saw you beaming out powerfully every time,
I started to weave your line in parody,
As I am drenched in your melody,
Mirrors reflect my enhancing glow,
So emancipating that it dwells to crawl me more,
Now I am tangled by your passionate grip,
Without you I can’t live,
The moments of eagerness may change its shape,
Then also you will beep from my
golden shield to renew our romance with smile.


Monday, 28 March 2016


 There on the bench both sitting together to enjoy the soothing breeze and view the evening hue,
I heard the melodious old song coming from their radio tune,
Their cheerful faces with the beat couldn’t control myself to walk near their feet,
Perhaps lost in their golden days ,my interruption disturbed the image,...

Greeted me with warm smile to enjoy the moment with them for a while,
All of a sudden she said,
the programmes are still same,
Our forgetful heart still hums with oldie click, straightening the line in one sheet,
I could feel their eyes half open with exasperation,
May be they are counting the lost thread in
their jurisdiction With a desire to mix the past with present as gratification,
Like me their son entered in middle, to see the triplication,
My stares glance from past to present in conglomeration,
The hearts once sing for self now beeps with family gratitude weaving dreams of high altitude,
His son changed the channel ,the song changed its colour,
More louder n rhythm in beat jerked my thought to slow,
I said looking at their dissatisfying eye new generation hardly follow the old melodious rhyme,
But the honey is sweeter in every sector,
Oldies changed the song of radio to little I-pod,
We too flow with the view with soothing breezes of aspiration,
The past has its colour rings so as the present more colourful wings,
Weather same but character change,
Music may old or new got its own flavour to gulp our hearts through its tune,
It’s only we who travel the road in dubious sway,
Positive life is more beautiful despite every differentiation.


Sunday, 27 March 2016


Marriage in air spreads the action plan with full swing n smiling braces,
Parents like detectives they search for selective prospective candidate traces,
Children are their dearest , so suitable match hunts with many adjectives,
The herculean task for search in suitable groom or brides toils them day night,...

Ours is an unique case as both of us never met to be blessed,
Parents of us decided our meeting place,
Your parents said you love solace,
So they selected a divine place to select each other for God's grace,
We met in gathering with relatives and friends encircling us in circumference,
Our eyes didn’t meet, neither the heart beat faster but the dialects are soother,
My heart and mind didn't accept this social norm factor,
Could sense some keen eyes investigating me from top to toe,
My ego revolted to smash and blow, but followed silently the elders row,
I shut my mouth, answered only their doubts,,
Meeting ended with others consent, but my inquisitive mind lost in searches,
Why this false selection scene?
On the way to home I saw you alone waiting for my arrival with smiling face,
The flash of yours,
Injected fire in me, all my egos melted, heart run faster to match your beat,
We lost our heart in silence, silently the love fire engulfed us to weave dreams vary,.
Meeting of parents consented us with marital glory


Chances never come twice for knock
If taken put one hand on brake, unless chances rock,
Avail it or lose it, choice to be taken, and get ready for shock,
Never regret for losing the chance, but try harder for new crop....

Life’s is a mystery, never could guess its chemistry,
Here chances are advisory,
Plying on it will at time wings high to create history,
Grumble not for getting a chance,
Search for it, its there to be traced in cemetery,
Chances are sweet so as sour, choice is yours to create blunders.


Withered walls and its flakes shakes my memory fresh,
The house once filled with laughter and grace,
Today dimmed in disgrace,
Filled with crowd and their cheers,...
Now moves with haunting fear of loneliness and tears,
House once clad with my Granny, Grand pa lost its glow,
Time has changed its ownership 's grip which gave me a blow,,
But my detached mind took a surprised breath to accept the row,
Departure of my dears snatched the affections and love from its brow,
Once covered with decorative articles on wall, replaced by garlanded photo pics of near and dear,,
Wandered mind searches link of memories from the heap,
Could hear the laughter from the broken benches and chairs' chirp,,
Living beings are perishable while memories attached with non living articles cloud to think,
Lingered memories searches me from lost days,
I could sense a lot of changes in my character sketch,
My innocence stolen by artificial charm,
Why to abuse others when time's wave changed the affection from material slot.

Traffic Post

City crowd shroud near the traffic post as the signal lights blink to stop,
The line of vehicles runs far as the jam holds the brake for halt,
Office hours and busy bees are restless to cease,
The designer models and their young owners are eager to move in racing speed,...

The traffic lass unable to control the mass, moves here and there whistling to control the rush,
Her mouth and nose covered with white hanky drape,
Emission of gases ,pollution filled sound shakes her qualification of uniform dress,,
Moves her hand right to left with equal speed ,to preform her duty without loosing her patience,
Her keen eyes without taking rest covers the miles traces,
Neither hot sun, chill wind or shower of rain breaks her trails,
Yet the crowd follows her guiding hand steps,
Her pathos unheard as the dust fill her eyes to irritate,
So wears a glass to cover herself from the rising dust,
Vehicles drivers and the road safety rules at times cross each other ,that she has to judge,
Helmet drape ,seat belts and control of brakes she has to check,
After her duty her image in mirror losts the original beauty and grace,
Pollution and crowd affects her serene bless,
Still she accepts her fate and joins the duty with vigour and energy to perform her duty best.


We are from one womb,
Groomed together to bloom,
we share our feelings remaining in same loom,...

Past differentiates our present scenario to doom,
Though our directions diverged still heart beats comingles to wipe and broom,
Time snatched our golden spoon but left the bond of lovely moments to share with the laughing moon,
Now you engrossed in riches forgets the original case,
It pinches my senses fearing our relations has rusted,,
Riches make us feel like king ,if lost then nothing bling,
Maintain the balance with wisely guide, that will enhance you further to bloom,
Life's' ride do bear a curve, always be careful for humps in road plain ,

As well wisher this is my timely advice because your break will tear my whole.
Live like you were before, this present image of you ,torments me more

Cool Air.

Cool air not you fair,
why you departed my soul so near,
Together our moments soft ,lost each other in embrace lost,
My eyes search, knowing that you left my story,...

Moved away leaving me alone to brood day n night with your memory,
The cup we share, the moments we care, the days of romance adding some fighting shots of flare,

Lost now, the blaze I bear check my tears seeing your garlanded picture dear,
When we boarded to sail, the innocence of hearts mingled to promise not to depart ,
Time snatched you soon, your children engaged in their own field,
Myself now unwanted in their sphere ,with bleeding heart I peep.
The days we were one ,no distance ,no age hinder our path for one,
You long for me ,I for you with one soul and mate covers two,
Your children I bore gave an identity of motherhood I became proud,
But my love for you glowed with times' stag,
Still you left me in midway,
I perform my duties as if you entrusted the duties for my shake,.
I lost my world of happiness with you, count my days to be with you,
Loneliness drives me crazy at times searches for divine solace to cool my mind,
They say you are with me in a spirit to help me time to time,
The air is cool tonight, could feel your presence ,this chill my mind,
Now I pray for your where abouts,

Let God keep you as his blessed,
Still I wait for a miracle to happen,
Can't I not fly with the air to past to be with you again

My farmer Dad

Today Dad and Mum looking so sad,
She didn’t cook to fulfil my hunger pang,
The unseasonal rain lashed the cultivation land,
Rain water drowned the ripen crops to sprout,...
The hard labour for watering the crops in summer doomed with doubt,,
The lack of rain, then the unwanted rain dashed Dad’s hope to break,
The deficient rainfall this year made my Dad strong,
Toiled days to gather drops of water in fear of losing crops ,but vain,
I saw him run for loan ,the sanction ponder bright hope,
Worked like a horse to avoid drought,
Our future is very dear for him, the crops are his only dream,
He brightened with ripened fruit, forgot his sweat with dashing crops,
Love to lost with swinging plants, when the plants touch him, he consider him smart,
Implemented technique new to bloom the crops in moments few,
Now the harvested crop in orchard , ready for winnowing in the courtyard,
The demonic rainfall smashed his hope with its unstoppable drops,
The harvested crops sprouted in heap, lost all hope of my parents, they weep,
My heart bleed, but how will revive their hope to cling,
Prayers to God for my Dad, the man who work to feed the mass,
Now lost in debt, daily news bear the heart breaking break,
I will not allow my Dad to drown in grief, I will be his hope to gather courage to face the obstacles deep,
Please God give some strength to my weak little limbs, I will work with my Dad to reap a new hope from bleak

Special Day- Makar Sankranti And Pongal

Today is special,
Mum's special breakfast ready to be served,
She knew I love it, wait yearlong to have it on the special day,
The paste of rice dough ,with a various chopped fruits, ginger, coconut, black pepper, milk and cheese,...
Tastes yummy and crunchy,
Her morose face lost in thoughts nostalgic,
Narrated very cautiously, memories of brotherhood and bonfire,
She said, this special day ,friendship searches a meaning new,
The friends establish the bond named makar loosing the original form to reshape and review for a sweet strand,,
Villagers gather for feast to establish a strong thread to create,
The newly sprouted rice cooked to taste,
The aromatic flavour filled the scene with huge attendance and musical beats,
People dance and sing in its tune, to generate heat,
Sun the lord worshipped by each blessed soul,
Spring entered to shed leaves,
Flowers swing with ,newly bud leaves,
Bees hum sweetly to welcome this special date,
Sun turns its face to east,
Days more hotter to feel,
Farmers wait for this celebration, Prayers for blessings from next cultivation,
This Makar Sankranti ,not I wait, but we wait to celebrate.

The shock

The sting is so bitter,
I cried with fear,
My maid announced ,She will leave the job,
I feel like loosing my sense with electric shock,...
My God, how will manage the household,
I share my talks more with her, than members dear,
I care more for her interest than my bubbly cheer,
Her story telling skill, even though I hate, bear to hear,
My routine work with the maid is a laughing stuff for pleasure ones,
But her absence lost my nerve while carrying monotonous work,
Breakfast I prepare, keep for her to satisfy her hunger pangs,
While my taste goes unnoticed, now the announcement,
She is leaving, giving me an acute pain,
Why I am so dependant for work, I wonder now,
Calculated my sec huddle to finish my work without any help from maid dear,
Our sedentary lifestyle encourage their moves,
They feel after a span, they are more superior,
Even though I measured my actions ,to finish my own works,
My mind searches for another dependence.
The shock made me tremble ,then my courageous battery charged to work out single,
Lets see how far I am able to work the double,
Otherwise I will prepare myself to get another rude shock in the mid of month from new arrival.


You dressed blue,
Entered the college premises with an expensive bike,
glued me with lovely blues,
Your arrival softly hit my heart chambers for a rapid flow,...
That blushed me with red glow,
My facial curve flushes with intense pleasure,
Your friendship with me created an envious circle,
Both the bike and you are handsome,
My desire cuddled to ride for pleasure,
Avoiding classes we went for a long ride to cheer with wonder,
Your stylish hairdo dislikes the safety cap,
And I am sitting beside your back, this cap will hamper your dashing look,
We are the beautiful couple in the road,
Today the world is ours, to explore it with fun and laughter,
Mobile camera clicked some awesome moments,
To upload it with friends and include them to share our achievements,
Lost in love ,you forgot the traffic lights,
Traffic man rushed and hold you tight,
Forced you for a punishment spite, as you forgot your driving licence in hostel ,,
They are abusing you for the double blunder,
I fear for my parents ,this incident may shock them as I buffed ,saying I am attending the class,
Police man called our parents,
My heart is sinking with blues.
Praying God to save me from this situation of blues


Day rolled in hectic pace,
Evening comes to grab us in its cool embrace,
City’s busy race,
Every one competing to finish their job first to take rest,...
Alert police van searches our fault to arrest,
The college chap, very sharp, thinks himself a confident class,
Rushed with his costly bike considering every one trash,
The poor office guy with gifts on his hands eager to return his beloved’s lap,
His fast footsteps are to cross the road in a hurry,
Boy dashed his back,
bike slipped to pieces, injuring both in pool of blood,
The police cops rushed to spot, took them to near hospital spot,
The working man lost his life on the way ,
while the college pupil is struggling in ICU,
People burnt the bike in anger to lease their stress,
Boy’s parents are worried and the poor lady still waiting for her dear hubby,
Her kiddie’s query is making her worried, her anniversary is today, she planned for a surprise,
Suddenly a van halted near her sheet to deliver the message of husbands’ demise,
Her instant cry frightened the little boy, both are crying for the loss,
The news stole my heart, questions why we race to hamper others grace,
The lives so dear once lost never returns to surface.
Now i pray for the injured boy whose parents are crying for his precious life struggling in hospital bed


Your eyes make me unrest,
Though silent, yet the pull towards you never rests,,
The moment our eyes met ,my heart melts,
Controls myself not to show any interest,...
But my heart forbids ,
You make me think over and over again,
The sparkles of love from your eyes arises the desire to burn in its flame,
Perhaps your eyes knowingly play the role to seduce me to commit the beautiful mistake,
The days seems weary and long without seeing your power gulfed eyes,
It ignites the lust in me to be with you always.


I feel I am lost,
Lost in your world of love,
Searches me in your eyes of love,
My world filled with fragrance and flavour being lost in love,...
I am in a new attire of natural pink drenched in passion of love,
Eyes blink less, mind unrest, thoughts caged being lost to sprout in your crest,
With you my den smiles and shines to look best,
The loving musing runs fast with fast heart beats denies to rest,,
Moments fly in a blink ,
The warm moments dives to depth to lost in power of love zest,,
Absence distracts my attention to you as I am lost in you,
Together my nest weaves many dreams,

Being in love we lost our self to begin our life as fragrant tale,
The shower of passion that bubbles in heart is in radiant flow,
I lost myself with your passion and glow!!!

My friend

Walking diffidently ,my journey 's turbulent waves stumbled in a rock,
It rise my blood pressure to high parameter, I fumbled a bit,
My nerves bursts with disappointment,
Unsteady in strides,...
This crumbled my faith, searches for a close friend to redeem,
You arrived like a messiah becoming my friend,
Your strong hands supported me to rise up,
Hesitantly I hold your hands not knowing my fate,
You brushed me with honey and cheers,
I regained myself confidently to face the fear,
Life’s journey may at time harsh but a good friendship is well required,
You gave me space to compose my worries, So I am glad that I met you in my sorry,
Timely you guided my path with picture of painted hue,,
The cheering brought hope for me to renew,, spreading your story,.
The smoke and fire in me cooled down with you r kind gestures,
I am thankful to you for wiping my tears,
But the droplets i shed made me more bold than before,
I gathered my faith to face the challenges new, Today i know you are by my side,
I can smash every odds without fear, So i say,
Friends to be chosen carefully those who never hamper your state,
They will be your help, to transform you to a new image.

My Day

The gorgeous trap of spring,
The intoxicating air of monsoon fling,
Slowly wrapping me through its wing,
So cool and soothing its touch refreshes my body n mind,...
The fragrance of love filled the atmosphere with sweet coloured flowers swing,
The newly sprouted leaves and dancing petals hums the nature's hymn,
As if everyone along with nature ready to welcome the day with spirited coloured scene,
Today's the Valentine's Day ,the day of lovers ,to celebrate together with fun and laughter making it memorable for days together,
My love got a new meaning in its flavour,
He expressed his love for me in this exciting weather,
Its a pleasant surprise for me hear his confession of love in this very day,
As if my waiting to hear from you at last ended in this particular day,,,
With lots of hope for our future goal , we engross in each other ,exploring ourselves dreaming for lovely spot .
This day made us grow strong its love bite,
Will wait next year this day to celebrate our day with more fun sprite

Good bye

Good bye ! you said while planting kiss on my forehead,
Your warm embrace was so tight ,that I didn't want you to leave,
You left us saying adieu, I could feel your eyes soften with tears,
I ran to my pillow to hide my rolling tears,...
Tears mixed with fear gripped heart of mine misses you more,
The stories you narrated about the hilly snow clad terrain,
Arouses chill bumps ,makes me more nervous,
The weather is sunny here and you work in cold ,very cold weather,,
But I feel proud for your work and me as a brave fighter's wife,
Today the breaking news bear the story of missing soldier's troupe as avalanche broke from core,
My sinking heart waits for your call, tried my best to ring you,
Being a soldier's wife you taught me to maintain compose in difficult situation,
Started praying for your well being to keep you safe from every odd deal,
Got to know you were in missing list of soldiers,
I cried out for your rescue, but with each passing moment my fear doubles,
The cry of our child and worries of parents shakes my faith,
The only word mummers in my ears you said,'' good bye, I will return back''.
I am waiting for you warm cover shield without listening anyone's terror story praying Almighty in your favour.

Never ending duties

Walking on the lonely lane,
I smiled at my tilted silhouette,
Times torrent has pressurised it to bend forward,...
My active body slowed down in its pace,
As if life's journey demands seclusion from the busy race,,
Now at the fag end of life I analyse my balance sheet in silent grace
The zigzag curves of fortune and fate made my sailing smooth with my dear's cap,
I finished my parenting duties giving my best of time,
Now with the advancing years,
he left for solace leaving me to fight n strive bold in crowd's mess,
Even though I pretend strong but age and health drags my self confidence,
My yearlong cast questions my fate,
Children moved away to cast their role best,
I pray for their success, I am alone in the path ,
with stick and faded photographs in hand,
Count my days chanting hymns for every one's better stay,
The evening bell of temple rings, birds flutter for their destination,
I am fearless, want to shed the veil of worldly affections,
To reach my destination in peaceful state, Suddenly
Some one pulled my hands, sticks fell on ground,
saw my grand daughters and grand sons bullying me around,
Demand for stories and gifts made me busy,
My moment of loneliness faded in fury,
Now my grand children need my attentions ,that waive out my worries of loneliness instantly.
Realised my duties for the grand kids, that I have to perform without thinking twice


Smile a little to discard worry

I asked my grandma once how did she manage to stay cool so long?
She smiled on my innocence and then replied i live because i smile,
I searched smile in every corner of walls and doors,
But got it among the dancing nectar filled flowers, buzzing bees, and swinging branches,...
The new green leaves play its melodious glow in shades of setting sun,
I saw them smiling, displaying their beauty in nature's show,
Granny came to me with her witty tales, whispered in my ears some details,
Smile means smile on every odds, worries and evil fate,
Smile a little to discard the worries, this will lighter every worries,
Accept the circumstances with a smile,
This will bring you success with daunting spirit,
Granny 's wise words I try to follow ,I smile will every ordeal.
So i am cool and smiling amidst the fellow fools.


The sea-saw ride on the road filled with sounds of pebbles all round,
At times being obstructed by it ,daringly i decided to walk even though hurt,
After i injured myself i didn't shed the cowardice flow, but wipe the tears with an instant smile,
The each ride of mine will teach and experience many stories,
Experiences will mature myself to perfect living being,...
Still I know ,I lack in perfection, try hard for appreciation,
Thinks appreciation is the measure yard of achievement,
But nothing lives permanent rather the thumb impression we print in the society,
Ride the vehicle carefully and diligently to lead a happy and blissful journey.,
Smooth ride comes after a hard labour that I believe,
My ride for the ultimate will come after a constant effort and motivation to reach the destination.

Examination Fever

The examination hovers,
As the springs spreads a drowsy sheet of cold air for its lovers,
My tensions doubles,
To cover the entire course with blooming colours,...

Mummy’s nagging tales, papa’s rising expectations scourges,
Teacher’s never ending sample bunch creating troubles,
Mostly indoor stay causes a lot of irritations,
At times my anger raises a lot of quarrels,
Mummy and Daddy try hard to solve my problems,
My anger at times trigger quarrels,
Restrictions imposed on mobile, net ,tv, movies,
With a warning that my bright future lies buried,
The days seems weary,but hours run fast,
My courses are vary and varied ,needs for revision that I have to cast,
Attention is focused on my healthy stay,
Mummy restricted on my ice-cream and cold drinks treat,
Daddy’s preventive dose for viral n influenza adds retreat,
Exam days are nearby preparations are nearly in final stage,
Now I fear for my performance as principal and teachers expects my best,
Examination fever is making me nervous,not for me but for others,
Hope the fever will fade soon ,and this preparatory moment will be sweet memory to remember


The waves of thoughts coir my stress to a tangled web,
Silently I move with my feelings folded,,
The cool air between you and me slowly unburdens as tear traces,
As we miss the passionate days of cheerful braces,,...
Untimely rain pours its shower with a passionate wish,,
You drive me crazy as the time's sting move in its ring,
I could guess you , like me fumbling in expressing words of longing,
Now our silence speaks with heated air of passion,
Still mute with our emotions, we move ahead without expressions,
The chillness in our feelings may erupt like lava one day,
But things may turn another way, so speak your heart to me,
Let me hear ,the words very dear, that will give comfort to my ears,
I want you by my side so that i will share my stress and smile for my fear,
Start our love with rising sun rays ,let it burn like a fiery ball of wire,
Never our misunderstanding to hinder our feeling,
Lets give a second chance to our story, lets have a new beginning.



Night's shower is very refreshing n soothing as my newly bloomed love,
I wanted to dance in it to wipe my summer gel,
It lasted for few minutes,

but enough for timely gain,
Night pleasant some with cool breeze,

with your sweet memories churning ,...
Early morning as I stepped out the air embraced me in its cover,
The fallen flowers crowned the road to welcome and sip the nature's sweet nectar,
Bejewelled trees swing with the message of romance ,
Faintly lighted road sparks with clean shaven look,
The fragrance in air touch my skin with care,
I wanted you by my side so that we will walk hand to hand to enjoy the nature's bliss with love smitten eyes,
The strands of my unkempt hair fall all over my face to hide my burning glow,
Now my heart beat fast with rising red sun,
The cool red rays pierce my nerves with its instant blaze,
Love is soothing ,like a fiery shower, this I realised,,
Let the breeze carry my cadence of heart to you in beautiful form,
So you will miss me ,like I miss you in shower's cool flow.

Welcome March

Welcome March ,Now the spring is about to say goodbye,
You tapped our walls with brighter n brighter rays,
The bouganvilliea flowers swing gently with the monsoon's hectic pace,
Jasmine and champa spreads the fragrance in grace,...

February gave an additional day,
A day more after four year stay,
You came with lot of festival n fun,
Just to merge and enjoy it with the glowing sun,
Holi ,we wait year long comes with a bang ,masti n fun,
Shiva ratri will step with cautious fasting turn,,
As if Lord will bless us for our divinity in return,
Women's Day is celebrated world wide,
But still our ladies have to think twice before stepping outside,
The newly bud leaves ,along with cuckoo 's song ready to welcome dear March,
Please come this year to evoke in us a courageous march to move ahead to face each challenges with beautiful step in shinning grace.


Friday, 25 March 2016


My soliloquies   filled with   various  folders ,
Folders   run in a roller coaster ride,
Some soothing  while some bites,
When I return back ,I could find the traces  in  slice,
Then I  visualise my place from  lights from lights,
The soothing chapters   fly passionately  with brighter sun light,
Troublesome    glorify me  with sharper  sight,
In the fathom of sea my soliloquies searches   my man to whom i can rely,
Expectations   searches a lot priority,
But  my heart searches for  relation  of longevity,
The words  you   are with me, comfort my soul,
Perhaps a hope cling on that you will remain by side till  my chapter roll on,
Even though your words  less for me   in expression,
My soliloquies     bounce its reaction in saying it needs your appreciation,
Slow in action you say I couldn’t   understand your lesson,
Engrossed in your actions   for further motion,
Then forget   the  nod of affection,
This is need despite every destruction,
Bumps  my senses with    silent  words I am by your side  in spite   my less reaction,
Now  the air hot to burn my inner soul with  more soliloquies as extinguisher.

Monday, 21 March 2016



The brush when sketched your lines on my pathway,

I  bloomed in a new way,

Mind lost its way,

I am swayed  by your exuberant words  in every crossway,

Confused at times with your frivolous sway,

I wonder how I am drawn to you in this roadway,

We differ in many way,

Still some common elements block my line towards     your doorway,

At times I  close my ears  to hear your steps ,

but  your sound tap fast in my way .

The sketch is changing its colour every day,

Once  white now changed blue with flavoured suds  to open in golden ray,

Glowing my heart with  rhyme in melodious  way,

T he sketch  of silhouette  is adding  vibrant colour in one way,

My   blank sheet  is  dazzling with coloured ink to express

 my  thoughts of you in stupendous  way.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Willies of a lady

Souffles herself with life's ladder of episodes..
She harpsichord her willies rhythmically
Genteelly weaving the equations whimsically
From infancy to step of autumn looms in a single thread..
Finds herself in the circumference of fear
To deliver her best in every performance..
Accepts a figure of docile, timid, obedient,
Dutiful, punctual, with a bountiful smile..
With no grudge over her life, ,
Redoubtably accepts her fate from
Eponymous to soubrette giving a, ,
Stellar performance throughout..
Each phase swindles her with a new exorbitant chapter..
Enjoying wigging and love of parents
Possessive beloved, bride..
Laughingly accepts tantrums of siblings
And amiable tone of grand children..
Taciturnly she tourniquets her inner turmoils..
Then fondles her emotions and
Sues out a new beginning with a smile..
Her tendrils now, firm, unaware
Of her soliloquies..
She plays her best with every phase
With willies to emerge out best..! !


I am neither Sita nor Draupadi,

But a lady devoted to my duty,

I pay utmost care for my husband, children, and  elders’ safety,

Still everyone questions my priority?

I say my devotion and love for them is my sincerity,

I try to bring smile on their faces in spite of diversity,

I am not perfectionist, that I admit my view,

But all search in me a thousand review,

Today ‘s world researches on modern lady role,

Yes, didn’t  she change her place in male’s eyeball?

I wait for an appreciative nod after the tired plot,

Not a tap of affection from busy slot,

Every one occupied on their theory,

My character is ignored in their periphery,

Hours I  rehearse to satisfy their pangs,

May be I am not judicious to their demands,

My agony when flow as words and tears they consider me crank,

Then I dig my soil ,saw my reflections  in  water as prank,

When I react  everyone  soothes me with words,

Aware my duties and devotion in ladies’ life span,

Silently I nod my heavy head to cool my anger bell,

As soon as I see them smiling ,my  heart melts  from ice story,

Forgets  my weary, reminds  my actions may hamper the family glory,,

Coolly i assess my inner self and reminds my preachy details,

To smile and make others smile is my only devotion.




Thursday, 17 March 2016


 The inner urge at times gives a sound,
Why I am so bound?
The social ties hold me in its grip, that’s make me shroud,
Cloud‘s touch deep in my thoughts, so my wandering mind grouch,...

Time rushes in it’s streamline, myself centred in same timeline,

The inactive volcano a t times sparks ,mind tremulous with its impact ,Identity is now the question mark?
Lips silent, eyes burns, ears warm in its impact,
Dozed a bit with the crumbling state,
I am hesitant, Then
Your arrival to clean my dark cloud leads to bright in display,
The words of yours, shakes my chest, Years of accumulations demands a change,
I started dreaming with new faith,
Ready to crack the nut from its cleavage,
Dreams buried in corner desires to creep out,
Your ‘s knock opened my door,
I am thankful for your usurps role,
Now I urge to stretch my hands to touch the blue cloud.
To colour my world with paints and hues.


Wednesday, 16 March 2016


His words are less at times when here’s lot to say,

Some are expressive while others rebound the foreplay,

Thinking what to speak and what not?

The tongue chokes the inner voice to express,

I could hear the words hiding behind the bush,

As if it needed ground to  flow as a brook,

Absence ground a lot of emotions,

Eagar ears ready for romantic motions,

Still, words play the game, some come in eyes,

Some hide to rest a little longer, comes  out  as devotion,

The feelings   play an awesome part,

Some express in gestures, some high rising lines at times  hard to gulp further, .

Which is at times stronger,Still  the words lack with romantic rotation,

After the gap she was very excited for his  word s of passion,

He did ring, she picked it with lots of emotions and devotion,

The voice of love is missing in expression,

Absence might change his words of passion,


Alas! The words came out in three words India Lost The Match,

She   trembled with anger,

Is this your words she waited  for so long to hear,

Then she consoled her fate thinking perhaps my husband’s words play as a game,

Cricket scores obstructs his words way,

Then she banged the phone and lost herself  in dreaming of words.

Monday, 14 March 2016


The fresh morning air  carry the sweet dreamy waves of breeze,

My heart pumps the fragrant air of neem flower swinging from the laden trees,

I could hear cuckoo’s music with the raw mangoes  hanging from the wholesome tree,

The  vibrant bougainvillea in a row   attracted  me     with its scenic show,

My  wings filled with nature’s honey, I enjoyed every ounce of its symphony,

Morning bell of temple rings drives myself to the feet of Almighty,

I went near the steps ,waited till the curtain of temple raised,

Thanked Him for the wonderful nature’s bounty ,folding hands cry for his mercy,

My prayers are true and sincere  in nature’s cool atmosphere,


I crossed the road, met my friends of side door,

Both of us, laughed and enjoyed  what nature bore,

Cracked jokes weaving imaginary fairy tales  with the walking pace,

Suddenly the neem flowers  obstruct our attention with it's grace,

Our flow of talk changed to medicinal tips discussion,

Then we decided to grab this opportunity,

Planned  to include Neem flowers in our menu,

But  now the  problem  crops how to get the pallets intact in this venue,

Saw two chaps loitering in the road, swayed them with  money and words,

Then they climbed the laden tree, to pluck the bitter medicinal tender leaves,

Watchman came instantly, seeing him, we said politely,

Please permit our wish in the lunch plate,

Our words pleased him with smile on his face,

The boys plucked a lot of fresh leaves, we paid them for their mastery,

With green branches in our hands we returned back proudly with this story,

Today’s morning walk will always be in my memory.


In Love.
Curls of my tresses
Whispers the tender words spoken by you,
Tousled hair chime the melody of you,
Chilled wind in this rainy day gravitates a desire to be with you,
Shimmering glow adds the rhyme that I am in love with you

Old Age Plight

The boat she sailed together to built her canon,
now dear ones left her alone.
Silently weeps cursing her fate, accusing none.
The family of her own drifted to different paths
which is she never dared to relay on.
She is the same simple lady lass,
with a withered mask and faded sight,
walks shakingly if someone holds her hand tight.
Prays always near the almighty for the well being of her knight.
Her charming princes and princesses locked her inside,
which she accepted with a sombre smile!
Her tussled hair, flaky skin cries for a little care,
tendrils treated her as if she was never there.
Still she prays for them with a fumbled tone,
her choked voice unheard by them from the shell.
Babbles herself loud as if surrounded by crowded jail,
my heart bleeds with this pathetic sight,
decided to help and rescue her from their crunches tight.
Responded to my hopeful gesture,
she answered with a blooming smile,
this is the old age plight!
I pray to god that I will die with my near's sight.


Nature's Prank

Nature's cruel paw played the
foul game.
Devastating thousands life
in mess.
Moving with a dissipated image
Of future ahead,
the stumbling block halted
them to bleed & cry.
Earth's holy place now filled with
distorted view.
Serene beauty entrapped with
stench, shy, mourn and dust.
Its each particle and rocks
bears its own tale.
Hunger, pain & loss trapped them
tears chocked!
Life's motion jerked
In its pace.
Mute Himalayas cracked hill
Waiting eagerly to invigorate
a fresh lease of life.
Yes! Nature's nefarious act
resuscitate them to impel
to awake with a bleeding past...

My Vow

I am a woman of rage in this privileged race.
I am a woman and proud of,
others consider weak in their front of.
My vow today is to come that of,
to break the social barrier and stigma and come up.
The power in me I want to show up,
the desire to rebuilt my crumbled image in this stage of.
The igniting fire in me wants to prove of,
let me be an example in others point of.
I want my parents to feel proud of,
my children and husband to take care of.
To get some respect and love in my image of.
Let not see me in the eyes full of lust,
I do have the courage to crush them up.
Let others feel the burning fire in me,
its spark will stumble in every one of thee.
I am a woman of fire,
in this modern world!   

My Bunny

Little bunny Vanilla is slowly spreading her acquaintance among us.! Each one is ready to spend her valuable time playing with it. Little Vanilla is our favourite.
 Little white bunny in the cage
Ready to jump out from the net,
Its round, sparkling eyes hardly blink,
Shakes its nostrils and earlobes in every click,
soft and velvety touch of its warm coat,
Tempts ourselves to hold little bunny tight,
She entered my premises in a paper box,
Little hesitantly our host accepted the guest!
Demand for a cage bought for its rest,
The guest now became house arrest.
We laid her domain within the boundary wall,
Scares our hearts when she hops for a quest.
Searching every corner and screaming “Vanilla” at our voice best,
Then our hunting mission starts,
undundantly she hops out to show its grace.
Innocent looking she is a veggie,
For carrot and green grass, she is crazy,
Everyone loves to play with her,
Lessened our time infront of TV show,
We love our bunny very much.

Much Awaited Rain Drops

Brimming dark clouds pour
the incessant rain drops
acting as a fast relieving gel
over the blistering summer wound
Memories of horrendous humid days
Washed away with a sigh of relief
Intrepidly wishing to hear the
petter patter rain drops a little more
It ceased showing a glimpse for few minutes.
Losing my heart for my unuttered prayers
I walked out to feel the chill
Earth smeared with rain drops
Intoxicates with sweet fragrance all over
Trees washed away with the shower
Sparkles in the street lights
Days of my humid summer pain is washing away
Slowly.. and Slowly..
Wishing to bless rain droplets to refresh again...

Move N March With Pride

The jubilant breeze buzzes with familiar patriotic beat,
dampen with spirit to rise from covered sheet,
morning shines with a coloured glow,
the rush of active personal in a row.
The tune of patriotic rhyme adds with the flow,
children are active with varied colour,
some for parade ground and others for cultural valour.
Spectators with dressing best to fit themselves in festive pace,
national flag swings with pride,
with various sizes and colour bright,
office, school and colleges bear the symbol of national grace,
with fresh flowers and balloons to add in its brace,
melody speaks of heroic bygone days,
the hardship and torture our predecessors bear,
to drive the foreigners at a bay.

My heart thumps faster with the drum beat,
churning a desire to join with the rhythmic heat.
Leaders speak of many promises,
but I feel an awareness should be created,
the air of freedom is not a days' wear,
years of rolling tears and sweat lead today in progressive gear.
Cropping problems and hazards are always there,
corruption, illiteracy, poverty barricades to achieve our nation to blooming sphere,
unity and literacy should be the prime focus through its arena.
Our nation will march fast with tricolour pride!

Morning Walk N Tea

Together a company of eccentric spirit of three,
Long for a long march to enjoy nature's glee,
Decided to explore nature's grandeur in free,
Rising sun's red beam with the glittering stagnant rain water sparkles with a mesmerising view to see,
The cool breeze tousles our shampooed plait to murmur its tale,
The diminuendos of ringing temple bells n prayers captivates our soul in its flow,
Rollicking we covered miles without a glance of time's wing,
Aching limbs cried for a halt,
Now our intoxicated dreams shattered to break free,
but alas! we again have to return our nest marching long spree,
then we decided to have tea.
Discovered a diligent old tea vendor preparing flavoured tea on the road side bed,
the aroma fills the air to crave for glucon-D.
The smoke exerting from tea evinces our tired flight,
guessing our state the intelligent old vendor delivered a health lecture with grace,
gaping our mouth, we heard his views indigestible to us
that how such an old weak man aware of such health news!
His tips refreshed our flamboyant spirit,
made us return back with double speed as the tea reenergised our spirit of three!

Morning Bliss

In both sides of the road,
the tall bushy trees juxtaposed together with a mesmerizing glee.
Early golden sun beams,
smeared the rain blanched earth with its glittering glow.
The shiny stagnant water flows with its jittering spleen.
Flying birds chirp its melody with grin.
Rising sun blooms from branches green,
previous night's rain soaked earth,
renews with its shower clean.
My long strides leaps with joyous moves,
invoking a sensual desire to merge with chill murmuring winds..
All my pains and scars vanishes with its blink,
whistles in this harbinger of spring.
Because yesterday night you banged my closet with warm sunshine.
The jerks shook my spine with a blooming hope that everything will be fine.
A glimpse of hope being loved culminated in mind.
Today I want to sprout a new with morning's fresh dew,
gone are my dark clouds,
your presence beams with fresh sunshine,
blushes me within!


The city ruffles with tales varied...
Filled with schizophrenic rush for fittest worried...
Each rational struggle to prove their worth..
Those who survive enjoys the berth..
Various designs of vehicles fill the road..
Passer byes are in trouble to cross and drop..
Life moves with a hectic phase..
Everyone marches with rampant race..
Engulfs in fire to struggle bold..
They fight with nerves to achieve the material goal..
The lines of vehicles on each traffic post..
Ready to drive their spot..
With pride most..
Amidst the sane assemblage..
The insane man roams and sings..
Little care for the disgusted stairs..
Of people's covered ring..
He sings heartily shouting among the inhuman...
None listens his boisterous song..
march ahead as the traffic moves on..

Low- Pressure Cloud

Sky releases its heavy burden with droplets loud,
Days of humidity vanishes with cool shower's gentle bout,
Low -pressure brings relief to the crowd,
Joyous cheers from farmers with emotional shout,
As the weather prediction and power cut hover a lot of doubt,
That this year we have to reel under crises shroud,
Gripping fear sank our heart clout,
Dripping silver drops culminates a million dollar hope of proud;
To regain our mental strength with low- pressure's cloud,
Though it restricts us from going out,
Still we love to enjoy indoor in low-pressure's grouch.

Love In Autumn

Renewed my love with autumn's sprouted new leaves,
the bridge between us crumbles with autumn's cooling breeze,
like the fallen leaves we shed our anger to freeze,
the fragrant flower swings melodiously to tease,
the colour of my cheeks became magenta with its tinge,
rivulet of emotions murmurs to lease,
graven feelings formulates the desire to dance with you in autumn's ridge,
your gifted pendant shines in sun's radiant beam,
I blush holding your warm hands in rocking grease,
blooming my love in autumn's chilling bliss.