Sunday, 27 March 2016


We are from one womb,
Groomed together to bloom,
we share our feelings remaining in same loom,...

Past differentiates our present scenario to doom,
Though our directions diverged still heart beats comingles to wipe and broom,
Time snatched our golden spoon but left the bond of lovely moments to share with the laughing moon,
Now you engrossed in riches forgets the original case,
It pinches my senses fearing our relations has rusted,,
Riches make us feel like king ,if lost then nothing bling,
Maintain the balance with wisely guide, that will enhance you further to bloom,
Life's' ride do bear a curve, always be careful for humps in road plain ,

As well wisher this is my timely advice because your break will tear my whole.
Live like you were before, this present image of you ,torments me more