Sunday, 27 March 2016


You dressed blue,
Entered the college premises with an expensive bike,
glued me with lovely blues,
Your arrival softly hit my heart chambers for a rapid flow,...
That blushed me with red glow,
My facial curve flushes with intense pleasure,
Your friendship with me created an envious circle,
Both the bike and you are handsome,
My desire cuddled to ride for pleasure,
Avoiding classes we went for a long ride to cheer with wonder,
Your stylish hairdo dislikes the safety cap,
And I am sitting beside your back, this cap will hamper your dashing look,
We are the beautiful couple in the road,
Today the world is ours, to explore it with fun and laughter,
Mobile camera clicked some awesome moments,
To upload it with friends and include them to share our achievements,
Lost in love ,you forgot the traffic lights,
Traffic man rushed and hold you tight,
Forced you for a punishment spite, as you forgot your driving licence in hostel ,,
They are abusing you for the double blunder,
I fear for my parents ,this incident may shock them as I buffed ,saying I am attending the class,
Police man called our parents,
My heart is sinking with blues.
Praying God to save me from this situation of blues