Sunday, 27 March 2016

Cool Air.

Cool air not you fair,
why you departed my soul so near,
Together our moments soft ,lost each other in embrace lost,
My eyes search, knowing that you left my story,...

Moved away leaving me alone to brood day n night with your memory,
The cup we share, the moments we care, the days of romance adding some fighting shots of flare,

Lost now, the blaze I bear check my tears seeing your garlanded picture dear,
When we boarded to sail, the innocence of hearts mingled to promise not to depart ,
Time snatched you soon, your children engaged in their own field,
Myself now unwanted in their sphere ,with bleeding heart I peep.
The days we were one ,no distance ,no age hinder our path for one,
You long for me ,I for you with one soul and mate covers two,
Your children I bore gave an identity of motherhood I became proud,
But my love for you glowed with times' stag,
Still you left me in midway,
I perform my duties as if you entrusted the duties for my shake,.
I lost my world of happiness with you, count my days to be with you,
Loneliness drives me crazy at times searches for divine solace to cool my mind,
They say you are with me in a spirit to help me time to time,
The air is cool tonight, could feel your presence ,this chill my mind,
Now I pray for your where abouts,

Let God keep you as his blessed,
Still I wait for a miracle to happen,
Can't I not fly with the air to past to be with you again