Sunday, 27 March 2016

Good bye

Good bye ! you said while planting kiss on my forehead,
Your warm embrace was so tight ,that I didn't want you to leave,
You left us saying adieu, I could feel your eyes soften with tears,
I ran to my pillow to hide my rolling tears,...
Tears mixed with fear gripped heart of mine misses you more,
The stories you narrated about the hilly snow clad terrain,
Arouses chill bumps ,makes me more nervous,
The weather is sunny here and you work in cold ,very cold weather,,
But I feel proud for your work and me as a brave fighter's wife,
Today the breaking news bear the story of missing soldier's troupe as avalanche broke from core,
My sinking heart waits for your call, tried my best to ring you,
Being a soldier's wife you taught me to maintain compose in difficult situation,
Started praying for your well being to keep you safe from every odd deal,
Got to know you were in missing list of soldiers,
I cried out for your rescue, but with each passing moment my fear doubles,
The cry of our child and worries of parents shakes my faith,
The only word mummers in my ears you said,'' good bye, I will return back''.
I am waiting for you warm cover shield without listening anyone's terror story praying Almighty in your favour.