Sunday, 27 March 2016


I feel I am lost,
Lost in your world of love,
Searches me in your eyes of love,
My world filled with fragrance and flavour being lost in love,...
I am in a new attire of natural pink drenched in passion of love,
Eyes blink less, mind unrest, thoughts caged being lost to sprout in your crest,
With you my den smiles and shines to look best,
The loving musing runs fast with fast heart beats denies to rest,,
Moments fly in a blink ,
The warm moments dives to depth to lost in power of love zest,,
Absence distracts my attention to you as I am lost in you,
Together my nest weaves many dreams,

Being in love we lost our self to begin our life as fragrant tale,
The shower of passion that bubbles in heart is in radiant flow,
I lost myself with your passion and glow!!!