Sunday, 27 March 2016


Marriage in air spreads the action plan with full swing n smiling braces,
Parents like detectives they search for selective prospective candidate traces,
Children are their dearest , so suitable match hunts with many adjectives,
The herculean task for search in suitable groom or brides toils them day night,...

Ours is an unique case as both of us never met to be blessed,
Parents of us decided our meeting place,
Your parents said you love solace,
So they selected a divine place to select each other for God's grace,
We met in gathering with relatives and friends encircling us in circumference,
Our eyes didn’t meet, neither the heart beat faster but the dialects are soother,
My heart and mind didn't accept this social norm factor,
Could sense some keen eyes investigating me from top to toe,
My ego revolted to smash and blow, but followed silently the elders row,
I shut my mouth, answered only their doubts,,
Meeting ended with others consent, but my inquisitive mind lost in searches,
Why this false selection scene?
On the way to home I saw you alone waiting for my arrival with smiling face,
The flash of yours,
Injected fire in me, all my egos melted, heart run faster to match your beat,
We lost our heart in silence, silently the love fire engulfed us to weave dreams vary,.
Meeting of parents consented us with marital glory