Sunday, 27 March 2016


Withered walls and its flakes shakes my memory fresh,
The house once filled with laughter and grace,
Today dimmed in disgrace,
Filled with crowd and their cheers,...
Now moves with haunting fear of loneliness and tears,
House once clad with my Granny, Grand pa lost its glow,
Time has changed its ownership 's grip which gave me a blow,,
But my detached mind took a surprised breath to accept the row,
Departure of my dears snatched the affections and love from its brow,
Once covered with decorative articles on wall, replaced by garlanded photo pics of near and dear,,
Wandered mind searches link of memories from the heap,
Could hear the laughter from the broken benches and chairs' chirp,,
Living beings are perishable while memories attached with non living articles cloud to think,
Lingered memories searches me from lost days,
I could sense a lot of changes in my character sketch,
My innocence stolen by artificial charm,
Why to abuse others when time's wave changed the affection from material slot.