Sunday, 27 March 2016

My Day

The gorgeous trap of spring,
The intoxicating air of monsoon fling,
Slowly wrapping me through its wing,
So cool and soothing its touch refreshes my body n mind,...
The fragrance of love filled the atmosphere with sweet coloured flowers swing,
The newly sprouted leaves and dancing petals hums the nature's hymn,
As if everyone along with nature ready to welcome the day with spirited coloured scene,
Today's the Valentine's Day ,the day of lovers ,to celebrate together with fun and laughter making it memorable for days together,
My love got a new meaning in its flavour,
He expressed his love for me in this exciting weather,
Its a pleasant surprise for me hear his confession of love in this very day,
As if my waiting to hear from you at last ended in this particular day,,,
With lots of hope for our future goal , we engross in each other ,exploring ourselves dreaming for lovely spot .
This day made us grow strong its love bite,
Will wait next year this day to celebrate our day with more fun sprite