Sunday, 27 March 2016

My farmer Dad

Today Dad and Mum looking so sad,
She didn’t cook to fulfil my hunger pang,
The unseasonal rain lashed the cultivation land,
Rain water drowned the ripen crops to sprout,...
The hard labour for watering the crops in summer doomed with doubt,,
The lack of rain, then the unwanted rain dashed Dad’s hope to break,
The deficient rainfall this year made my Dad strong,
Toiled days to gather drops of water in fear of losing crops ,but vain,
I saw him run for loan ,the sanction ponder bright hope,
Worked like a horse to avoid drought,
Our future is very dear for him, the crops are his only dream,
He brightened with ripened fruit, forgot his sweat with dashing crops,
Love to lost with swinging plants, when the plants touch him, he consider him smart,
Implemented technique new to bloom the crops in moments few,
Now the harvested crop in orchard , ready for winnowing in the courtyard,
The demonic rainfall smashed his hope with its unstoppable drops,
The harvested crops sprouted in heap, lost all hope of my parents, they weep,
My heart bleed, but how will revive their hope to cling,
Prayers to God for my Dad, the man who work to feed the mass,
Now lost in debt, daily news bear the heart breaking break,
I will not allow my Dad to drown in grief, I will be his hope to gather courage to face the obstacles deep,
Please God give some strength to my weak little limbs, I will work with my Dad to reap a new hope from bleak