Sunday, 27 March 2016

My friend

Walking diffidently ,my journey 's turbulent waves stumbled in a rock,
It rise my blood pressure to high parameter, I fumbled a bit,
My nerves bursts with disappointment,
Unsteady in strides,...
This crumbled my faith, searches for a close friend to redeem,
You arrived like a messiah becoming my friend,
Your strong hands supported me to rise up,
Hesitantly I hold your hands not knowing my fate,
You brushed me with honey and cheers,
I regained myself confidently to face the fear,
Life’s journey may at time harsh but a good friendship is well required,
You gave me space to compose my worries, So I am glad that I met you in my sorry,
Timely you guided my path with picture of painted hue,,
The cheering brought hope for me to renew,, spreading your story,.
The smoke and fire in me cooled down with you r kind gestures,
I am thankful to you for wiping my tears,
But the droplets i shed made me more bold than before,
I gathered my faith to face the challenges new, Today i know you are by my side,
I can smash every odds without fear, So i say,
Friends to be chosen carefully those who never hamper your state,
They will be your help, to transform you to a new image.