Sunday, 27 March 2016

Never ending duties

Walking on the lonely lane,
I smiled at my tilted silhouette,
Times torrent has pressurised it to bend forward,...
My active body slowed down in its pace,
As if life's journey demands seclusion from the busy race,,
Now at the fag end of life I analyse my balance sheet in silent grace
The zigzag curves of fortune and fate made my sailing smooth with my dear's cap,
I finished my parenting duties giving my best of time,
Now with the advancing years,
he left for solace leaving me to fight n strive bold in crowd's mess,
Even though I pretend strong but age and health drags my self confidence,
My yearlong cast questions my fate,
Children moved away to cast their role best,
I pray for their success, I am alone in the path ,
with stick and faded photographs in hand,
Count my days chanting hymns for every one's better stay,
The evening bell of temple rings, birds flutter for their destination,
I am fearless, want to shed the veil of worldly affections,
To reach my destination in peaceful state, Suddenly
Some one pulled my hands, sticks fell on ground,
saw my grand daughters and grand sons bullying me around,
Demand for stories and gifts made me busy,
My moment of loneliness faded in fury,
Now my grand children need my attentions ,that waive out my worries of loneliness instantly.
Realised my duties for the grand kids, that I have to perform without thinking twice