Sunday, 27 March 2016


Day rolled in hectic pace,
Evening comes to grab us in its cool embrace,
City’s busy race,
Every one competing to finish their job first to take rest,...
Alert police van searches our fault to arrest,
The college chap, very sharp, thinks himself a confident class,
Rushed with his costly bike considering every one trash,
The poor office guy with gifts on his hands eager to return his beloved’s lap,
His fast footsteps are to cross the road in a hurry,
Boy dashed his back,
bike slipped to pieces, injuring both in pool of blood,
The police cops rushed to spot, took them to near hospital spot,
The working man lost his life on the way ,
while the college pupil is struggling in ICU,
People burnt the bike in anger to lease their stress,
Boy’s parents are worried and the poor lady still waiting for her dear hubby,
Her kiddie’s query is making her worried, her anniversary is today, she planned for a surprise,
Suddenly a van halted near her sheet to deliver the message of husbands’ demise,
Her instant cry frightened the little boy, both are crying for the loss,
The news stole my heart, questions why we race to hamper others grace,
The lives so dear once lost never returns to surface.
Now i pray for the injured boy whose parents are crying for his precious life struggling in hospital bed