Sunday, 27 March 2016

The shock

The sting is so bitter,
I cried with fear,
My maid announced ,She will leave the job,
I feel like loosing my sense with electric shock,...
My God, how will manage the household,
I share my talks more with her, than members dear,
I care more for her interest than my bubbly cheer,
Her story telling skill, even though I hate, bear to hear,
My routine work with the maid is a laughing stuff for pleasure ones,
But her absence lost my nerve while carrying monotonous work,
Breakfast I prepare, keep for her to satisfy her hunger pangs,
While my taste goes unnoticed, now the announcement,
She is leaving, giving me an acute pain,
Why I am so dependant for work, I wonder now,
Calculated my sec huddle to finish my work without any help from maid dear,
Our sedentary lifestyle encourage their moves,
They feel after a span, they are more superior,
Even though I measured my actions ,to finish my own works,
My mind searches for another dependence.
The shock made me tremble ,then my courageous battery charged to work out single,
Lets see how far I am able to work the double,
Otherwise I will prepare myself to get another rude shock in the mid of month from new arrival.