Sunday, 27 March 2016

Traffic Post

City crowd shroud near the traffic post as the signal lights blink to stop,
The line of vehicles runs far as the jam holds the brake for halt,
Office hours and busy bees are restless to cease,
The designer models and their young owners are eager to move in racing speed,...

The traffic lass unable to control the mass, moves here and there whistling to control the rush,
Her mouth and nose covered with white hanky drape,
Emission of gases ,pollution filled sound shakes her qualification of uniform dress,,
Moves her hand right to left with equal speed ,to preform her duty without loosing her patience,
Her keen eyes without taking rest covers the miles traces,
Neither hot sun, chill wind or shower of rain breaks her trails,
Yet the crowd follows her guiding hand steps,
Her pathos unheard as the dust fill her eyes to irritate,
So wears a glass to cover herself from the rising dust,
Vehicles drivers and the road safety rules at times cross each other ,that she has to judge,
Helmet drape ,seat belts and control of brakes she has to check,
After her duty her image in mirror losts the original beauty and grace,
Pollution and crowd affects her serene bless,
Still she accepts her fate and joins the duty with vigour and energy to perform her duty best.