Saturday, 30 April 2016


With your sudden knock my glass door broke into pieces,
So abruptly that it tremble my bridges,
I tossed myself between the tug of war,
Heart vs. my brains,...
Then tried to compose my heart beats to slow its rhythm,
But it disobeys to dance slow ,beats faster than before,,
I could hear a soft tone ringing sweetly in my chambers,
Knocking with its flamboyant ridges,
Even though my lips silent ,face lit up as I feel you in me,
My pink shades brightens with your touch,,
So alluring as the gulmohar draped with the gorgeous bridal gown,
I could feel my music of love with the cuckoo’s song in dawn,
Your thoughts so sensuous ,like the budding morning glory ‘s instant glow,
Every corners whistles your ring tone flow,
I feel as if I am newly born with your show,
Knock ,so powerful and passionate that its stings hold me to ring ,
Again !!!
Vibrates my chord saying I am all yours.!!


My White Troussers

To my utter disbelief I found my darling white troussers in a horrible state,
I saw it torn into pieces ,not in a mending stage,
Now my hunt started for the cause behind,
Every sympathetic heart along with me searched for the clue,...
Could only conclude that the troussers are the prey of naughty rat's lucrative view,
My sinking heart ,lost with its memory,
Oh ! my darling white troussres,why you?
So attached to it ,I couldn't gulp my lunch that day,
Mourning lasted for several days,as I missed its pleasure every day,
The cause behind is the pocket,where I keep my wallet,
Wallet filled with coins and currecy provides me strength in lonely morning's sprited ride,,
My friends are envious for its wallet bearing capacity,
I feel proud of it thinking ''neighbours envy ,owner's pride'',
Reason behind is the tea!!
That we take after finishing the long stride ,just to relax our bodies,
Near the tea vendor ,sipping the hot sweet flavour taking pleasure with cool breeze,
My pennyless friends eye on my pocket,
Thinking the troussers' coin bearing capacity is enough for their party,
Then my proud hands would erase their doubts,
Declarling 'let's celebrate the day with cool party'',
The friendly vendor knowingly pours more tea than the due,
Our joy doubles then with cheers,Ahah! tasty morning tea,now let's crack the day,
Oh! these are my memories now,I shared my grief with my friends,
They too mourned with me through out the day,
Saying why to this trousser no other on the way???


Hail Storm

Noon showers triggered a lot of hopes today,
To get some respite from the extreme heat of the day,
My journey halted in midway with the sudden pour of hailstorm,...

The silver shinning stones dashed car's pane in loud tone,
My joys surged to a height as if all my anguish and displeasure is vanishing with the simmering stones,
In this hours of bumps ,
I shiver with bumps of you,
The hailstorm and cool airy wind ,ready to wind my hazy dream,
I wanted to jump out to experience the unseasonal rain,
My instinct disrupts my move saying not it's safe to move and play,
Then also I touched the white pearls with much fun,
The touch shivered me with your thought,
Thinking we could have enjoyed it more,
How can I forbade my hail storm which is in me giving a loud noise,
The hammer inside my hot chambers pumps with the hot breeze,
saying this day comes once in four moon,
so enjoy the day of fun with the gush showers of hailstorm,

The wind of suffocation is merging to a new rhyme with fresh budding green leaves,,,
The hailstorm is unleashing my jammed emotions to catch fire,
Even in hailstorm’s fiery band I want you near to dance along with nature's romantic drum beat,
My tired image regaining freshness from mud’s essence,
The air ,pulls every barrier from its swinging way,giving no chance of obstruction in its way,
You playing hailstorm in my heart even in this moment of sudden shower,
So I feel to merge myself in nature ,
thinking of you enjoying the moments of cool weather mood..

Monday, 25 April 2016

My Wish

Search me not as a beautiful lady,

See my loving soul, my caring self,

My personal views, my judgemental reviews,

My burning passion, my dreams woven,

The power in me,

To crush every look those who desire me to pull,,

My ambitions are not my girlish whims,

They are filled with spark from burning chime,

My lava too possess gold, and various gems,

When cools I spread the air of peace and message of love,

With lots of sweet melodies n chocolate cream,

I am a daughter, beloved, sister, mother

With various roles to my credit,

But the male chauvinist group thinks me weak,

Believes my only respite is to weep,

Today I am literate

Possess courage to wipe my tears and fears,

I try to reach first in each competitive front,,

Still some counterpart say ‘she is a women’, inferior in sex,

Yes, I am a women wants to evolve from ashes of golden past,

So I work hard to reshape my image in this social norm.

To sketch a beautiful picture of my own,

I wish to glitter as a diamond stone ,

So that one day I will be considered as strong and loving human being

Not a doll to be played accordingly.



Sunday, 24 April 2016

I will be my own priority


In this every day athletic race,
I forgot myself among the hidden drawers of self,
Then move ahead to satisfy other's priority giving my best,...

After the day's toil ,my sweat loudly says it's your duty but is this your desired way?
Often during slumber my heart whispers a gloom tone,
Saying time is running out, so be your self not a climber in this hip-hop dance,
Responsibilities shroud my inner wish, and I get carried away with the flow,
Forgetting my desire to bloom in this earthly base,
Lonely hours hunts, and stings ,questions about my mission and goal,
Then I shriek for my priority from my clumsy hole,
Let not me be consider weak in man's field,
Or easily swayed by sugar coated words to fulfil their needs,
I am the sweet and beautiful creation of God,
From me my family runs,
And I have to think and rethink about my priorities among the whole,
Today I must boost my spirit to rise above my boundaries ,
To reshape my total personality with a new vision and look...


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mother Earth

Could hear your weep ,your sighs and deep breath,
The land below the sky dipped with blood,
Smells dizzy, a state of unrest and fishy grip,
Mother Earth, silent seeing this features,
Could only digest seeing the diplomatic gestures of nations,
The air once filled with pure oxygen, now reels for oxygen masks,
Pure air mixed with hatred of blood, jealousy and then the supersede class,
Poor victims are the prey, lose the lives without any clue,
Starvation in one part of body while the abundance gathered among chosen few,
Some say they are rebellious and accept the medium of bloodbath,
But Mother Earth??
She ,being the mother ,mute in tone, reacts with natural blunders,
Her heap of jewels daily lost when her children drill her for diamond and gold,
Still not satisfied they fight for no plots,
O my God ,bless your child, they engage doing blunders for trivial reasons and slots,
We are the children of Mother Earth, product of same Adam and Eve,
Then why this disturbance that let our Mother unable to lead a pleasurable trip towards the mighty force,
Scriptures say Motherland is sweeter than heaven,
But see us ,fighting and spoiling the eco balance for stupid mental treasons,
Mother Earth ,at time cries loud, saying, my children will spoil my roots.
So beware now, Mother is weeping if curses than .....every thing will lost its charm.

Every Moment is My Moment!!!


I want to live every moment,

Just to enjoy my precious life given by the creator,

Love to enjoy the early dew to the grasshopper's chipper,

Then the humming bees searching for nectar,

To sip the nature's colorful grandeur,

When I close my eyes, I could feel a divine light ,

Touching my soul through its magical blender,

I pray to Lord, to bless me with an innocent heart ,

With no complexities added to its structure,

Let me permit a good health always,

so I can dance in rain enjoying with the splashes of water,

Let me be help to needy, to wipe theirs  tears,

 hide their naked bodies from stark reality sphere,

Provide  me strength  to dare to crush the boundaries of race,
caste and creed,

For a gold future to reign on,

Let me be courageous enough to avoid war from every sector,

Every moment I want to be happy, and get happiness from smile of others,

I am master of my moments to fill every moment with fun and laughter,

Then every moment will become my moment of cheers!!!


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sandle breeze.

I lost myself in the meandering sea,
Hit by the rocky belt of coral reef,
Stranded,thinking myself may drown in the fiery sea,
Searched for help from the demonic breeze,
Heard no noise,except my echo voice amidst the turbulant waves,
The splash of salty water drapped my vision for a moment,
I was in terrible state fearing to lose my state,
At this moment two pitiful hands streched forward for my rescue,
My tiny fearful heart leaped with joy seeing this view,
Holding his hands I crawled out bravely from the wreanching grip,
The journey tired my body and low were my spirits by the impact of wave's trip,,
Your assurance ,that you are with me ,cleared my foggy route,
Showed a divulged path filled with sandlewood trees,
The sandlewood aroma renew my dead cells with its fragrant air,
Just to say rejuvenated my images from burning fire,
The paste of sandle wood breeze cooled my burning wound,
The sandle paste healed me ,cooled me through its effect,
Through a new look,Now I could feel the sandle perfume in me,
In this life's rhapsodic steps.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Words to be followed


If not love then atleast say two words soft,

Which will not hurt ourselves with its pinching tabs,

If not encourage then let not discourage by swaging sloth,

Life is gift from God for a blessed goal,

Unnecessary ego rise many devastating plots,

People fight for words ,still they cling to love gripped words,

Dip your words with sweet flush of showers,

Then see the world beside you with handful of flowers,

Grab the moment with pleasures in heart,

We all are here with a purpose to fill sweetness in mass,

Mass today are swayed by agitating words,

Least they bother to think twice before their crush for words,

Then the fight of words, with words and for words,

So use it carefully in lives daily ,

This will be a exhibitor for the mad rally.

Words to be tender, soft ,gentler that is best for every gender.


Gold ring

The gold ear ring dazzles ,like the glittering star of dark night,
Tenderly touches my curls to whisper the words of love,
The lovely three words arouses bumps with a desire and crush,
Friends say ,it suits me as it enhances my beauty,
How could I say this ,that I feel your touch when it swings ,
I could feel your warm embrace through its swinging cadence,
These are your last gift to me, before your demise,
Your present of love, I wore, gives me a feeling that I am always yours,
Though brutality of fate snatched you dear,
Then also the gold ear ring given by you ,play your role,
Every morning peeps through my deep cloud of tresses ,dazzles near my ears saying your words of love,
That you say while playing with my curls,
Winds when wild ,scatters my strands ,i could inhale your hands from the fiery breeze,
People say days are not positive, and my ear rings is catchy,
But I know I am very touchy,
Touched by its memories with you,
Linked with you through its presence,
My heart says ,you reside in the ring,
When sorrow and frustration will grip me through its coir ring,
Then the ring of you softly whim with melodious rhyme,
Never to worry, and whispers your tone of love, that you are by my side,
This may be my dream but a sweet thought that I believe to cling in.

Saturday, 2 April 2016


Suddenly   I  searched beauty in every sector,

As if life turned its table   to erase my  fear factor,

World around seem more beautiful   with its sweetening nectar,

The   cool air touches my senses  with zest  to reflect my glow better,

I started humming the love songs again to smile further,

My strides  got fresh energy  to walk faster,

Started looking stars in night’s cool spectre,

The romantic wires  tied me with its fragrant vapour,

Absent minded   i worked as if I am in slumber,

Brain and heart play hide and seek ,who is mightier,

Emotions and feelings supersedes in my courtier,

The coloured sting of passion  imprisoned me with dreams brighter,

Every throb of my heart  sings  with lyric of zither,

Wants  to  weave bubbles  with waves of pitcher, 

May be this is love I cry  louder,

My inner voice   accepts this emotions deeper.