Saturday, 23 April 2016

Every Moment is My Moment!!!


I want to live every moment,

Just to enjoy my precious life given by the creator,

Love to enjoy the early dew to the grasshopper's chipper,

Then the humming bees searching for nectar,

To sip the nature's colorful grandeur,

When I close my eyes, I could feel a divine light ,

Touching my soul through its magical blender,

I pray to Lord, to bless me with an innocent heart ,

With no complexities added to its structure,

Let me permit a good health always,

so I can dance in rain enjoying with the splashes of water,

Let me be help to needy, to wipe theirs  tears,

 hide their naked bodies from stark reality sphere,

Provide  me strength  to dare to crush the boundaries of race,
caste and creed,

For a gold future to reign on,

Let me be courageous enough to avoid war from every sector,

Every moment I want to be happy, and get happiness from smile of others,

I am master of my moments to fill every moment with fun and laughter,

Then every moment will become my moment of cheers!!!