Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Gold ring

The gold ear ring dazzles ,like the glittering star of dark night,
Tenderly touches my curls to whisper the words of love,
The lovely three words arouses bumps with a desire and crush,
Friends say ,it suits me as it enhances my beauty,
How could I say this ,that I feel your touch when it swings ,
I could feel your warm embrace through its swinging cadence,
These are your last gift to me, before your demise,
Your present of love, I wore, gives me a feeling that I am always yours,
Though brutality of fate snatched you dear,
Then also the gold ear ring given by you ,play your role,
Every morning peeps through my deep cloud of tresses ,dazzles near my ears saying your words of love,
That you say while playing with my curls,
Winds when wild ,scatters my strands ,i could inhale your hands from the fiery breeze,
People say days are not positive, and my ear rings is catchy,
But I know I am very touchy,
Touched by its memories with you,
Linked with you through its presence,
My heart says ,you reside in the ring,
When sorrow and frustration will grip me through its coir ring,
Then the ring of you softly whim with melodious rhyme,
Never to worry, and whispers your tone of love, that you are by my side,
This may be my dream but a sweet thought that I believe to cling in.