Saturday, 30 April 2016

Hail Storm

Noon showers triggered a lot of hopes today,
To get some respite from the extreme heat of the day,
My journey halted in midway with the sudden pour of hailstorm,...

The silver shinning stones dashed car's pane in loud tone,
My joys surged to a height as if all my anguish and displeasure is vanishing with the simmering stones,
In this hours of bumps ,
I shiver with bumps of you,
The hailstorm and cool airy wind ,ready to wind my hazy dream,
I wanted to jump out to experience the unseasonal rain,
My instinct disrupts my move saying not it's safe to move and play,
Then also I touched the white pearls with much fun,
The touch shivered me with your thought,
Thinking we could have enjoyed it more,
How can I forbade my hail storm which is in me giving a loud noise,
The hammer inside my hot chambers pumps with the hot breeze,
saying this day comes once in four moon,
so enjoy the day of fun with the gush showers of hailstorm,

The wind of suffocation is merging to a new rhyme with fresh budding green leaves,,,
The hailstorm is unleashing my jammed emotions to catch fire,
Even in hailstorm’s fiery band I want you near to dance along with nature's romantic drum beat,
My tired image regaining freshness from mud’s essence,
The air ,pulls every barrier from its swinging way,giving no chance of obstruction in its way,
You playing hailstorm in my heart even in this moment of sudden shower,
So I feel to merge myself in nature ,
thinking of you enjoying the moments of cool weather mood..