Sunday, 24 April 2016

I will be my own priority


In this every day athletic race,
I forgot myself among the hidden drawers of self,
Then move ahead to satisfy other's priority giving my best,...

After the day's toil ,my sweat loudly says it's your duty but is this your desired way?
Often during slumber my heart whispers a gloom tone,
Saying time is running out, so be your self not a climber in this hip-hop dance,
Responsibilities shroud my inner wish, and I get carried away with the flow,
Forgetting my desire to bloom in this earthly base,
Lonely hours hunts, and stings ,questions about my mission and goal,
Then I shriek for my priority from my clumsy hole,
Let not me be consider weak in man's field,
Or easily swayed by sugar coated words to fulfil their needs,
I am the sweet and beautiful creation of God,
From me my family runs,
And I have to think and rethink about my priorities among the whole,
Today I must boost my spirit to rise above my boundaries ,
To reshape my total personality with a new vision and look...