Saturday, 30 April 2016


With your sudden knock my glass door broke into pieces,
So abruptly that it tremble my bridges,
I tossed myself between the tug of war,
Heart vs. my brains,...
Then tried to compose my heart beats to slow its rhythm,
But it disobeys to dance slow ,beats faster than before,,
I could hear a soft tone ringing sweetly in my chambers,
Knocking with its flamboyant ridges,
Even though my lips silent ,face lit up as I feel you in me,
My pink shades brightens with your touch,,
So alluring as the gulmohar draped with the gorgeous bridal gown,
I could feel my music of love with the cuckoo’s song in dawn,
Your thoughts so sensuous ,like the budding morning glory ‘s instant glow,
Every corners whistles your ring tone flow,
I feel as if I am newly born with your show,
Knock ,so powerful and passionate that its stings hold me to ring ,
Again !!!
Vibrates my chord saying I am all yours.!!