Saturday, 2 April 2016


Suddenly   I  searched beauty in every sector,

As if life turned its table   to erase my  fear factor,

World around seem more beautiful   with its sweetening nectar,

The   cool air touches my senses  with zest  to reflect my glow better,

I started humming the love songs again to smile further,

My strides  got fresh energy  to walk faster,

Started looking stars in night’s cool spectre,

The romantic wires  tied me with its fragrant vapour,

Absent minded   i worked as if I am in slumber,

Brain and heart play hide and seek ,who is mightier,

Emotions and feelings supersedes in my courtier,

The coloured sting of passion  imprisoned me with dreams brighter,

Every throb of my heart  sings  with lyric of zither,

Wants  to  weave bubbles  with waves of pitcher, 

May be this is love I cry  louder,

My inner voice   accepts this emotions deeper.