Saturday, 23 April 2016

Mother Earth

Could hear your weep ,your sighs and deep breath,
The land below the sky dipped with blood,
Smells dizzy, a state of unrest and fishy grip,
Mother Earth, silent seeing this features,
Could only digest seeing the diplomatic gestures of nations,
The air once filled with pure oxygen, now reels for oxygen masks,
Pure air mixed with hatred of blood, jealousy and then the supersede class,
Poor victims are the prey, lose the lives without any clue,
Starvation in one part of body while the abundance gathered among chosen few,
Some say they are rebellious and accept the medium of bloodbath,
But Mother Earth??
She ,being the mother ,mute in tone, reacts with natural blunders,
Her heap of jewels daily lost when her children drill her for diamond and gold,
Still not satisfied they fight for no plots,
O my God ,bless your child, they engage doing blunders for trivial reasons and slots,
We are the children of Mother Earth, product of same Adam and Eve,
Then why this disturbance that let our Mother unable to lead a pleasurable trip towards the mighty force,
Scriptures say Motherland is sweeter than heaven,
But see us ,fighting and spoiling the eco balance for stupid mental treasons,
Mother Earth ,at time cries loud, saying, my children will spoil my roots.
So beware now, Mother is weeping if curses than .....every thing will lost its charm.