Monday, 25 April 2016

My Wish

Search me not as a beautiful lady,

See my loving soul, my caring self,

My personal views, my judgemental reviews,

My burning passion, my dreams woven,

The power in me,

To crush every look those who desire me to pull,,

My ambitions are not my girlish whims,

They are filled with spark from burning chime,

My lava too possess gold, and various gems,

When cools I spread the air of peace and message of love,

With lots of sweet melodies n chocolate cream,

I am a daughter, beloved, sister, mother

With various roles to my credit,

But the male chauvinist group thinks me weak,

Believes my only respite is to weep,

Today I am literate

Possess courage to wipe my tears and fears,

I try to reach first in each competitive front,,

Still some counterpart say ‘she is a women’, inferior in sex,

Yes, I am a women wants to evolve from ashes of golden past,

So I work hard to reshape my image in this social norm.

To sketch a beautiful picture of my own,

I wish to glitter as a diamond stone ,

So that one day I will be considered as strong and loving human being

Not a doll to be played accordingly.