Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Sandle breeze.

I lost myself in the meandering sea,
Hit by the rocky belt of coral reef,
Stranded,thinking myself may drown in the fiery sea,
Searched for help from the demonic breeze,
Heard no noise,except my echo voice amidst the turbulant waves,
The splash of salty water drapped my vision for a moment,
I was in terrible state fearing to lose my state,
At this moment two pitiful hands streched forward for my rescue,
My tiny fearful heart leaped with joy seeing this view,
Holding his hands I crawled out bravely from the wreanching grip,
The journey tired my body and low were my spirits by the impact of wave's trip,,
Your assurance ,that you are with me ,cleared my foggy route,
Showed a divulged path filled with sandlewood trees,
The sandlewood aroma renew my dead cells with its fragrant air,
Just to say rejuvenated my images from burning fire,
The paste of sandle wood breeze cooled my burning wound,
The sandle paste healed me ,cooled me through its effect,
Through a new look,Now I could feel the sandle perfume in me,
In this life's rhapsodic steps.