Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Words to be followed


If not love then atleast say two words soft,

Which will not hurt ourselves with its pinching tabs,

If not encourage then let not discourage by swaging sloth,

Life is gift from God for a blessed goal,

Unnecessary ego rise many devastating plots,

People fight for words ,still they cling to love gripped words,

Dip your words with sweet flush of showers,

Then see the world beside you with handful of flowers,

Grab the moment with pleasures in heart,

We all are here with a purpose to fill sweetness in mass,

Mass today are swayed by agitating words,

Least they bother to think twice before their crush for words,

Then the fight of words, with words and for words,

So use it carefully in lives daily ,

This will be a exhibitor for the mad rally.

Words to be tender, soft ,gentler that is best for every gender.