Thursday, 19 May 2016

Her Role

Her   youth scales   consider her coy,,
Her steps slow and timid to match the ply,
Behind her veil,there is a flame,which she rely,
Her image of darling Papa’s daughter is denied,,
Ruled out  from Father’s love,
Her limbs gathered strength enough to be bold,never shy,
Took a vow to wipe Mummy’s rolling brooks,with her  courage to touch the sky,
Cries alone in room,but hums in public to show her spirit   to fly,,
Well aware of truth that sympathy and sugary syrup is only momentary solution,But in future she has to walk  alone ,

She now knows road not so smooth  if not draped by Parent,s wool,
The path full of pebbles ready to hurt,she decided to clear her picture from this rough,,
This she reminds  while she sets a score to click,
At times successful ,at times failure touches her feet,
Still also she hides her sad image from mirror frame,
Just whisper two words that She has to achieve her goal,
That her parents set for her,
She forced me to think ,age never  makes a person bold ,but it’s the experience and motivation makes them strong,
Hats off my little brave girl for your ambitions and strong role.

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Mummy I am always a kid to you,
To you I am still a learner to face the life,
Yes, Mom! you are right,,
I am at times fearful to stay upright,
But when I feel my unsteady steps will hurt you,
I stay firm to fight,
Then I think of your tips of life ,laughs, if you can do why can’t I.
You love me ,care me, groomed me, to brighten me up,
Never grumble saying you wasted your time,,
Laughingly admits my rise is your sunrise,
Prays for children day and night,
Now grand children are your cream,
But my share of love you never share in dream,
Still you preserve my things of choice, cooks my favourites as I like,
Saying my girl is always mine,
So her concern is my prime,
Never feels to bother me with your worries,
But I long for your support and love in spite of every comforts of life,
Because Mummy!! You are special and precious in my life,
No one can snatch your place from my life.

Marriage Anniversary

Though we are engaged by arranged,But the love developed slowly with much estranged,Now I know you can't live without me neither I ,Thanks, to you tolerating my whims , and I am yours,Some say I adopted your style and you mine,Crossing miles together with time,Now I am sure I can't depart from you and stay ,What more, Please God bless my married life to stay strong and Healthy throughout my left over life stay,,Thankful To Almighty for getting you as my dear husband on this day!!


My thumb is bleeding ,wounded by the edge of dagger,
I crawled in pain thinking about my faults again and again,
Feels stranded in chess board,
surrounded by soldiers and ministrants,
Then I checked my race ,disrupted by high rise mountain range,
The words like knife sheath my nave,just could mumble few grumbling tape,
My identity is at stake,feels year long struggling will take a break,
I know my silence is hurting my chest,
The burning sensation in heart could only beep about my doomed fate,
The person whom I trust ,accuses me insane,as I carried away with some appreciative words in its place,
Is this fair ???
My mind just engaged in gruesome battles,
Analysing my image in front of glass in different angles,
The rose so sweet earlier now I bruised by heat rays,
My mind say but the confusion which heaps to triplets,
Ask me ??
Am I not close to you ,search your reflections in broken mirror frame,
See, I am a flamboyant butterfly,love to fly ,never crossed my wired fence,
Just played with the dancing flowers and sips the nectar which satisfy my demands
But your words moved me to tears,unstable were the steps of mine ,
Rolling in bed I started examining my silhouettes frame,
Now in confusion I ask for my faults??

Partition Of Heart

The  gold particles  releases its heat,
So hot they are that my fingers were unable to hold it through its grip,
The budding particles with its newly sprouted mission choose  to skip,
But me,who preserved  them in my secret chamber,becomes lonely in cloudy sky and drown to grim,
Lonely to count my days in fingertips,thinking and praying for my dears  well being,
The time burned   as candle, ,leaving the melted wax in frame behind,,
The wax ,in a dismantled state speaks  through its crumbled beings,
My love  precious than any metal , crossed my cemented boundary with a leap,
Awestruck  I! remained cool  to weave my wool in loom,
Just now I realised  time’s speedy race,it has no brake to slow its race,
Now my world is going to change its colour and shape,
Once filled with buzzing cheers,now maintains silence,
The album in book rack stored some close moments intact,
You  moved ahead ,while your parents hold you close to heart  and rejoice with past days,,
For you my child, it’s a memory but for my mother’s heart  its  you her jewellery,
Neither  your tantrums bother me neither your whims ,but the partition of child matters me,
My child ,my love it will be very difficult for me to stay living apart,
Still I will never show my weakness to  you as I know your success is my only concern,
Partition is physical and momentary ,time is the healer ,so as my absurd thinking is secondary.

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Train Journey


My boy's alarm shoots my blood pressure to high proportion,


His refusal to occupy the passenger's place in public locomotive now demands for solution,


According to him,


The seats are unclean, so search for other resolution,,


My mind went blank,


Travelling alone with the kid,


And his displeasure adds demarcation,,


After a throat exercise he sat there grumbling through out the journey without any compulsion,


Abusing me and his fate ,relating phantom of tales about my selection,


He complains for stinking washrooms and dirty floor  adding fabrication,


Oh my God! my boy ,so difficult to handle now I pray for departure with hesitation;


The fading smile from his face caught everyone’s attention,


To answer their query invokes my anger for evaporation,


Decided to remain calm with cool palpitation,


My co passenger seeing my burning cheeks, whispered to me,


Dear why so annoyance?


The kid didn’t follow your words so this disturbance,


I agreed with her through my nod,


She said search you the culprit, in this scenario,


The words spread a like current to my torments,


Yes!!She is right,


Its me whose upbringing  now  raises a question to public, ,,


I always taught my boy cleanliness ,


Now expects him to adopt according to the situation demanded,


Never made him sleep on dirt,


Never gave the tab water to gulp,


Never made him sit on dirty carpet,


Never made him use dirty toilet,


Now all of a sudden expects a change approach as the situation demanded,


I got my answer now my child may be haughty and naughty,


Still followed my words sitting there and enjoying passengers chatting,


Now I realised my fault,


My duty is to teach them adoptability,


This I ignored  thinking I am always correct in performing my duty,


The journey reached its goal but taught my role.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I was facinated by rural life,
As my forefathers left their place and moved for urban life,
We seldom go,visits our relatives and return with hunting memories,
I heard Papa's anguish for our ancestral home,
Now deserted and neglected lying to mourn,
He dreams to settle their after his retirement,
But dreams and reality clash to an extent that forced him to settle with urban flow,
Still his heart beats for village folk lore,temple galore,and many more,
His daily evening stories for us bears a new event from his nostalgic page,
I get carried away by it,imagines myself as a part of the place,
His depth of narration brings tears to my eyes,
Could always feel perhaps Papa too regrets for Grandpa,
Why he fascinated for psedo lifestyle,
If ever he finds time he make us realise our forgotten roots,
Tells Mum to prepare the lost recipe now withdrawn from kitchen menu,
Then assits Mum to prepare the item ,
Guiding her to maintain the taste of village venue,
But the lost flavour is lost in the aroma of dreams,
I heard him say the flavor was better but this is just its replica,
Unity he mentions in his tales among the village folk,
I never witnessed it among the urban show,
The web of thoughts I carry from childhood dragged my youth to the village gate,
But I found the same urban folk here,
The simplicity I was fascinated now vanished
And replaced with modern technique and gadgets,
The lost recipe is for ever lost in woods ,
While fast food took an usrup role,
The ethics and etiquetes wear a new look,
Change in lifestyle ,with modern pattern,
The aroma of curry is same as my urban home.

My advice to my brother!!


My brother though younger to me always thinks himself senior,

So I consider him junior cum senior,

Being versatile and witty his remarks for me is at times teasing,

I find my brother in my likes,

Feels happy and secured as my brother is there ,impressed by my writes,


He said to me once ,what you think,I read ,no no.........

I simply thinks its you ,then click the button to press for my likes,

But my brother dear I know you some time read and make your children read,

Dad always say about you that you are the sweet mellow juice of coconut crunch,

You got the power to relax a tense atmosphere,

While you hide your tensions in your silence and hard exterior,

Time might have drifted many soft moment of ours,

But we are still the naughty bunch teasing elephant to each other in our memorable hours,

You say you own a lot,

But  dear

Is material possession worth more than this sweet relation sphere,

Till date you care for me,ya ,fear me a bit ,but never expresses in public,

Even in anger I say ,'you are not my brother'',

But the next moment both you and me know you are my dearer,

Relation is never day's work out but its a growth that nurtured through out,

I always want you to see smiling and healthy,

Not addicted to medical check-ups and popping pills as your hobby,

You are my brilliant and capable handsome brother,

So fill your sweetness to others.

As a sister I want changes in your lifestyle,

Be little patient and health freak in your motives,

These are my advices!!!



Monday, 2 May 2016

Lovely Clutch

I was a carefree spirit, always ,not to be bound by any strings,
Dream high to fly with wings for my quest,
Desires to hunt for the blue sky driving deep and deep,
My heart is caged in web, filled with love and devotion,
So the thread holds my feathered wing in its grip,
Saying its very difficult to unthread the bolt to set free,
All my workouts say that the release of pink emotions is unlike,
Then my sixth sense whispers in my ears to unwrap the bottled feelings,,
Which may burn me first and its your turn for final ending,
The sound of hearts say not to hear the wise saying,
Lets follow the heart’s route without thinking twice,
Feelings for you is so attached that I fear ,if hurt I have cry profusely,,
Then I will stop my breath forever, Not only I hear your heart throb so you do feel while checking your heart’s stethoscope’s beat,
Here the clear voice audible with jingle bells saying this heart knows only to sing,
The sweet tone of love with no expectation in return with the aroma prevailing in breeze.
Here my carefree spirit tied with lovely knot ,knows I am in your lovely clutch.