Thursday, 19 May 2016

Her Role

Her   youth scales   consider her coy,,
Her steps slow and timid to match the ply,
Behind her veil,there is a flame,which she rely,
Her image of darling Papa’s daughter is denied,,
Ruled out  from Father’s love,
Her limbs gathered strength enough to be bold,never shy,
Took a vow to wipe Mummy’s rolling brooks,with her  courage to touch the sky,
Cries alone in room,but hums in public to show her spirit   to fly,,
Well aware of truth that sympathy and sugary syrup is only momentary solution,But in future she has to walk  alone ,

She now knows road not so smooth  if not draped by Parent,s wool,
The path full of pebbles ready to hurt,she decided to clear her picture from this rough,,
This she reminds  while she sets a score to click,
At times successful ,at times failure touches her feet,
Still also she hides her sad image from mirror frame,
Just whisper two words that She has to achieve her goal,
That her parents set for her,
She forced me to think ,age never  makes a person bold ,but it’s the experience and motivation makes them strong,
Hats off my little brave girl for your ambitions and strong role.