Monday, 2 May 2016

Lovely Clutch

I was a carefree spirit, always ,not to be bound by any strings,
Dream high to fly with wings for my quest,
Desires to hunt for the blue sky driving deep and deep,
My heart is caged in web, filled with love and devotion,
So the thread holds my feathered wing in its grip,
Saying its very difficult to unthread the bolt to set free,
All my workouts say that the release of pink emotions is unlike,
Then my sixth sense whispers in my ears to unwrap the bottled feelings,,
Which may burn me first and its your turn for final ending,
The sound of hearts say not to hear the wise saying,
Lets follow the heart’s route without thinking twice,
Feelings for you is so attached that I fear ,if hurt I have cry profusely,,
Then I will stop my breath forever, Not only I hear your heart throb so you do feel while checking your heart’s stethoscope’s beat,
Here the clear voice audible with jingle bells saying this heart knows only to sing,
The sweet tone of love with no expectation in return with the aroma prevailing in breeze.
Here my carefree spirit tied with lovely knot ,knows I am in your lovely clutch.