Wednesday, 4 May 2016

My advice to my brother!!


My brother though younger to me always thinks himself senior,

So I consider him junior cum senior,

Being versatile and witty his remarks for me is at times teasing,

I find my brother in my likes,

Feels happy and secured as my brother is there ,impressed by my writes,


He said to me once ,what you think,I read ,no no.........

I simply thinks its you ,then click the button to press for my likes,

But my brother dear I know you some time read and make your children read,

Dad always say about you that you are the sweet mellow juice of coconut crunch,

You got the power to relax a tense atmosphere,

While you hide your tensions in your silence and hard exterior,

Time might have drifted many soft moment of ours,

But we are still the naughty bunch teasing elephant to each other in our memorable hours,

You say you own a lot,

But  dear

Is material possession worth more than this sweet relation sphere,

Till date you care for me,ya ,fear me a bit ,but never expresses in public,

Even in anger I say ,'you are not my brother'',

But the next moment both you and me know you are my dearer,

Relation is never day's work out but its a growth that nurtured through out,

I always want you to see smiling and healthy,

Not addicted to medical check-ups and popping pills as your hobby,

You are my brilliant and capable handsome brother,

So fill your sweetness to others.

As a sister I want changes in your lifestyle,

Be little patient and health freak in your motives,

These are my advices!!!