Friday, 6 May 2016

My Train Journey


My boy's alarm shoots my blood pressure to high proportion,


His refusal to occupy the passenger's place in public locomotive now demands for solution,


According to him,


The seats are unclean, so search for other resolution,,


My mind went blank,


Travelling alone with the kid,


And his displeasure adds demarcation,,


After a throat exercise he sat there grumbling through out the journey without any compulsion,


Abusing me and his fate ,relating phantom of tales about my selection,


He complains for stinking washrooms and dirty floor  adding fabrication,


Oh my God! my boy ,so difficult to handle now I pray for departure with hesitation;


The fading smile from his face caught everyone’s attention,


To answer their query invokes my anger for evaporation,


Decided to remain calm with cool palpitation,


My co passenger seeing my burning cheeks, whispered to me,


Dear why so annoyance?


The kid didn’t follow your words so this disturbance,


I agreed with her through my nod,


She said search you the culprit, in this scenario,


The words spread a like current to my torments,


Yes!!She is right,


Its me whose upbringing  now  raises a question to public, ,,


I always taught my boy cleanliness ,


Now expects him to adopt according to the situation demanded,


Never made him sleep on dirt,


Never gave the tab water to gulp,


Never made him sit on dirty carpet,


Never made him use dirty toilet,


Now all of a sudden expects a change approach as the situation demanded,


I got my answer now my child may be haughty and naughty,


Still followed my words sitting there and enjoying passengers chatting,


Now I realised my fault,


My duty is to teach them adoptability,


This I ignored  thinking I am always correct in performing my duty,


The journey reached its goal but taught my role.