Sunday, 15 May 2016

Partition Of Heart

The  gold particles  releases its heat,
So hot they are that my fingers were unable to hold it through its grip,
The budding particles with its newly sprouted mission choose  to skip,
But me,who preserved  them in my secret chamber,becomes lonely in cloudy sky and drown to grim,
Lonely to count my days in fingertips,thinking and praying for my dears  well being,
The time burned   as candle, ,leaving the melted wax in frame behind,,
The wax ,in a dismantled state speaks  through its crumbled beings,
My love  precious than any metal , crossed my cemented boundary with a leap,
Awestruck  I! remained cool  to weave my wool in loom,
Just now I realised  time’s speedy race,it has no brake to slow its race,
Now my world is going to change its colour and shape,
Once filled with buzzing cheers,now maintains silence,
The album in book rack stored some close moments intact,
You  moved ahead ,while your parents hold you close to heart  and rejoice with past days,,
For you my child, it’s a memory but for my mother’s heart  its  you her jewellery,
Neither  your tantrums bother me neither your whims ,but the partition of child matters me,
My child ,my love it will be very difficult for me to stay living apart,
Still I will never show my weakness to  you as I know your success is my only concern,
Partition is physical and momentary ,time is the healer ,so as my absurd thinking is secondary.