Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Bunny

Little white bunny in the cage
Ready to jump out from the net,
Its round,sparkling eyes hardly blink,
Shakes its nostrils and earlobes in every click,
soft and velvety touch of its warm coat,
Tempts ourselves to hold little bunny tight,
She entered my premises in a paper box,
Little hesitantly our host accepted the guest !
Demand for a cage bought for its rest,
The guest now became house arrest.
We laid her domain within the boundary wall,
Scares our hearts when she hops for a quest.
Searching every corner and screaming “Vanilla” at our voice best,
Then our hunting mission starts,
abundantly she hops out to show its grace.
Innocent looking she is a veggie,
For carrot and green grass, she is crazy ,
Everyone loves to play with her,
Lessened our time in front of TV show,
We love our bunny very much.

The token of advice

She saw her reflections in the stream,
Her shadow recollected in rushing flow is hazy,
Eyes decorated with many rainbows,
shedding its colour,
Her rivulet of emotions dampen her bright countenance,
She rushed from home to escape from the taunts of elderly faces,
Her parents arranged her marriage in this tender age,
She wants to play with wild wind,
She wants her tresses to be kissed by sparkling dew,
She wants to dance like peacock in nature’s hue,
Let her selves fly like dragon fly,
to catch the trap n then fly high,
She wants her lips to bear pink of thousand roses,
so that she will sing with brook and jump from glacier bridges!
Her looks exchanged with the snowy mountains,
Their silence spoke million of emotional words that they exchanged in years,
He is her only solace after her mother departed her in early years,
His cool air embraced her,
But today its warm like the fur coat,
As if speaking to her –“I am here,with you always”,
She heard the music of the barks,
The dancing leaves humming in the cool breeze,
The singing trees saying –“don’t cry child,
Elders are not always right,
Be bold to speak of your right,
Let not you crush your dream s of light,
One day you will be bright”,
Her face brighten up with the nature’s cool message,
She believed probably God send this token of advice to boost her courage,
She saw her ruffled image in the stream again,
Saw dimples of her face,
Wiped her tears ,thanked God immensely,
And march towards her place hoping it would be a new start of her life!!


Heavy droplets in midnight,
is in battle with her inner droplets,
bottled up emotional thread
is loosen to unleash the string.
Years of solitude ready to mingle with
Rhythmic beat of rain.
In the nights oblivion ,
Her struggle with body ache and her pet dog by her side.
Lost her biomedical cord in worldly charm,
Unaware and least bothered of her presence.
She scolds her belated beloved most.
Why to be spared alone to bear the trauma of loneliness alone!
Pillow dipped with tears,her limbs searches
An assuring hand to share.
A bond of togetherness,
Little dog’s eyes are full of tears ,
As if it understands her best !
Slowly comes to her,rubs itself by her side,
Wages its tail to share the grief!
Barks loudly moving around to alert others within it,
She is finding a new bond of friendship,not feeling alone.

Peacock Dance

Peacock  danced in my green meadows,
I got carried away by her beautiful shadows,
She runs with carefree brooks,
Hums  with the melody of dancing grooves,

Her fragrance planted thousand  moons in my chest,
The crush for her ,drifted my goal,
I am lost in torrential out pour,
Her bronze sunrise melted my iceberg,

I started melting  to merge with ocean shore,
Passionate emotions infuriated torrents in ocean,
Foamy waves drenched  me for  romantic  ovation,
The intoxicating wine is pleasant some,

I became cautious for her  position,
Her giggle and laughter make me wild.
She  became my muse and my rhyme,
Ripples of feelings surged to touch the heights of passion,

She unaware of this plays with my emotions,
Her rhythm is innocent,
Love the stream  of running motion,
Never paid attention to my devotion,

Behind the trees I see  her beautiful wings,
This she spread to dance in rain,
I  watch her dance with attention,
Thinking she is mine,when will know my emotions???

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Peaceful Moon

The  dark clouds  wrapped the sky,
Weather  man ‘s prediction seems strong,,
The shinny Moon  unable to play its role,
Clouds play hide and seek,
They want to submerge Moon’s radiant glow,                                                             
Clever Moon knows this,winks from  dark,
Some time shines sometime blank,
Lovers eager for Moon’s sight,
Seeing they will weave verse spice,
Coolness  of Moon will fill their romantic heart,
Together they will weave their future in each other’s lap,
Moonless night sinks every lover’s pulse,
Fear of Satan tones  in their thoughts,
Ignoring cloud’s treacherous act,
The protagonist spoke its dialogue fast,
Moon sparked again in dark,
Brightening the millions of heart,
The Moon is like our subconscious mind,
Tangled thoughts hide our  inner voice,
Diverse thoughts  diverts the lovers  of God,from the path,
Lovers rush for dark instead of light,
The light of spirit blinks ,speaks to focus on ourselves,
Enrich us to choose our goal, this is how we can be a peaceful soul.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Frivolous Rain

The rain delayed its knock,

On our blocks,

Its frivolous mood  weaved many hopes,

Low pressure cloud made the atmosphere humid,

No cold air for many days and now the respite,

Today  the rain banged  to wet  the dry crust,

I stepped out to  feel its touch,

The rain  drenched  me,

The cool winds  played with my locks,

Whispering the melody of love,

Muttering  mind   forgets the consequences,

Wants to sail in the whirlwind of pond,

The drops kissed my  dry lips,

Moistened me  with  its sweetness,

The cool balm  erases the tension of heat,

The  cloud bursts  leads to flood,

The  tinkling drops near my door,

Sings  the lovely  romantic tune,

The sounds  of its anklets drives me mad,

I opened the door  to hear the tap  from the roof,

The  warmth of fiery breeze pulled me closer,

Entrapped me ,made me wet in rain ,

Now its raining in and out,

Coloured paper boats  carry the message of  rain and its frivolous tale.

Friday, 24 June 2016


Poetry is the rhyme, 

the heart feels and pen explores!!

Its in our arteries,flows with our blood vessels,

Need to recognise the rhyme and pen it fine,

The words will create miracle in winding lines,

Love ,dream and pen three wonder drugs to unleash the emotions,

Here starts the poem in full motion,

Love yourself and the world around,

Poetry will become beautiful and whole bound,

Be mad to feel your pulse,

Poem will whisper in your dropper,

The sweetness of it will touch millions,

If it carries proper dose of feelings,emotions .

The Public Park And The Butterfly

The park filled with hedges of green,

The trees bloomed ,swinging with monsoon’s whim,

The luscious flora and its enchanting song,

Attracts the brewers to sip the hue,

The sedative air comforts the tired players,

They rest to erase their tensions after a hefty working hour,

Park is aware of its role ,attentive to crowd,

The attractive holdings attracts bees,

Their hunt of honey is easier in this sector of trees,

The display of banner ,is a step to ladder,

They leap and cry in its cemented bladder,

The beautiful butterfly found a corner amidst the lawn,

She wants to shed her loneliness and run,

Her wings got power from the breeze,

Her pleasures knew no barrier ,laughs with rainbow rinse,

Very cautious of her hopping steps,

Struck by the chewing gum,Her aching wings cry for help.

A silent bee extended soothing words of help,

She gets attached to his words,

With a vigilant eye,that attraction may end up in trap,

Hours and hours they chat,

Words of purity and divinity with promises of humanity,

Slowly it started fading its colour,

Possessive words linger loudly than earlier,

Butterfly shocked by such behaviour ,

Her innocence is questioned by howling bees,

Her drops of tears fell here and there,

She is free ,never loves the iron grill,

Her focus hampered,

Her budding hopes tampered like dry leaves,

Attracts the brewers to sip the hue 

And never to look back.

Oyster of morning

The oyster  lost in the midriff of silence,

The Eric  silence of night 

Competes with my silence of beeping  heart,

The  calm moonless night filled with moisture ,

Gave a sleepless night,

 The stars  hide themselves 

In the blanket of clouds

Moon's soothing charm seems colourless 

Among the condensed vapour,

I found myself  toiling for sleep till late night,

The wavering thoughts  

Tussle  in the inner chamber,

The weary night  

Needed sleep inducers  for blink,

Its  effect  is late and I slept.

I woke up with the morning sun's ray, 

Coming from my window pane,

Sound of chirping birds, 

Sound of drizzle 

Mingled to erase 

The silence of night’s bout.

My steps  dragged me to balcony 

To absorb  in drizzle,

The sprinkles  of pearl drops  

Wet my puffy face,

I enjoyed it and walked out 

To dance with silver drops,

All my silence mingled with rain, 

Heart started leaping again,

I danced till the rain took adieu,

Found my oyster in singing shower,

Now I am fresh with the morning shower!!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


The fearless Mowgli  has slowed his pace,
His dreams dismantled to bits,
All his pride and prejudices for belonging to human gender,
Mocks ,saying its  fake............
This human domain is far more sophisticated than Jungle plinth,
Yet filled with chauvinism and greed,
The  world  filled with carnivorous creatures, with wild emotions,
His protruded nose could inhale the aroma of flesh and blood,
The scales of skin  lacks faith and brotherhood,
Friends or Foe behind the scene ,difficult to distinguish,
Missing the innocence of friendly love of his bosom animal friends,
Ballo(the bear),Bagheera(the black panther),Hathi(the elephant),
Their difference of breed never the rid in friendship grip,
Here the friendship buried inside the poly paper sheet,
The push and pull of power stab many innocent cells,
The air of hatred among the tribes kills the  race,
Oxygen mask needed to   avoid the polluted gas,
The purity of soul vanishes in search of material wire,
The Jungle animals were fearful of fire,
The inhabitants here play fire as fire brands,
Fire in blood, categories the blood to many tribe,
The generation divided to sects with no humane trace,
Humanity is there in Jungle among the breeds,
 Mowgli being saved and brought by wolf parents, Akela and Raksha,
Traces of humanity lost among the bushes of ego,
The clash killed many innocent toddlers,
NO ..... No more I want to stay here,
Mowgli  cried loud,
This territory carries more Sher Khans (the lion),  King Louie(the orangutan ) and Kali(the snake)
They hunt   and kill the innocent prey more furiously
And deadlier than original villains in Jungle Play,
Mowgli  turned back and rushed for Jungle with lots of depression and heart break
Telling this is not my place to live .......

About The Poem -

Being inspired by the great  Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, I attempted to pen my emotions in this  poem. The story  begins  after the main  protagonist leaves Jungle ,reaches to  human existence and seeing the prevailing situations ,his reactions, This piece is an imaginary episode not intended or personalised. Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli being brought up by wolves, protected by friends of  different breeds feel shattered after stepping to man’s world.

Friday, 17 June 2016

River's Tale

The perennial   river’s  lover boy waiting for her ,
She runs  with speed to meet  her ocean man,
She dreams to douse in his foamy eyes,
To get locked by its gigantic keys,
Her  divine love  intends to mingle with ocean blue,
She  wants to flow and flow ,
No obstruction on row,
Her thirsty lips eager to sip the salty breeze,
The  rocky mountain aware of her stubborn frame,
Allowed the  river belt to run in pace,
She carried with her the alluvial craze,
To spread her  love story as a message,
The fertile soil bears hopes for fluttering birds,
They supported the river’s wish to merge in ocean blue,
The binding intense passion doubles her speed,
Gushingly she wants to touch the ocean heat,
But  ....then....why..?
This  dam and long bridge,
Her meandering  rush disrupted,
Stranded and stagnated by the check gates,
Her race ended weeping near the turbine wheel,
Living with the dreams  with its whirling steam,

Waiting for rainy days now,
Overflow of heavenly shower will open the check gates,
Then she will rush for her foamy craze.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Eldorado Dream

I woke up early ,
Yesterday’s night dream ,though weird ,
spirited my veins,
Filled my heart , full of solace,
In the dream I landed in the Garden of Eden,
Adam had not eaten the Apple then,
Saw every soul smiling and doing their duties without stress,
But just doing as if they are the God’s grace,
From the bough to bud dancing melodiously with nature’s buzz,
The serenity and calm doused my vision,
Wanted eagerly to stay little further,
Alarm beep broke my reverie,
I returned from trance ,then glanced my place with a question mark,
Why Adam tasted the Apple?
But Alas! Got no answer for my query!
And the things lingered in my memory.
The Lord’s beautiful theory of creation has no worry,

No sorry,no class ,no story,
Only the beautiful souls playing 

And enacting their characters cheerfully,
Our desire ,cravings,greed,jealousy,

Pride,ego,superseded the heavenly qualities,
Thats why we are here suffering due to emotional affection,
Not detaching ourselves from earthly possession,
This misery is taking us far from original Eldarado Dream.

My tree

Your covered me with your strong branches,
Always  feel relief in your  traces,
You  guided my shaky limbs, holding my fingertips,
At times  I get angry for your possessiveness,
Then also I know I am fully secured, in your coverage,
You know me well as, my temper  most of time dwells,
Then you would cool my agitating spine with the spray of ice springs,,
Your pots of wisdom  shows me the ray ,muster courage to walk alone in space,
Even I know my bottled up feelings may hurt you,
Still  releases it without strain and stress,
 Feels your bough  will waive my burden more,
You digest it like the hot soup,
Then  advises me accordingly to follow the route,
Departure of yours lost my route,
My vacuum of heart  always beeps for you,
I started searching you in near clue,
You were you, single  Champion in my point of view,
Your sudden demise shook my roots,
 I remain to gather my scrambled routes,
I couldn’t hold pen to pen your episodes for many clouded nights,
Then  its you again emerging in my thoughts to pen boldly than before,
Now I am fearless in the jammed road,
Bold and strong to feel you with me in this crowded route,
Your blessings will protect my tree,

And your unseen boughs will  protect me from evil fear.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

The Sorrow of Bee

Lying deserted in  the crowded  street,

The bruised bee analysing 

His actions for t his present state,

His insatiable wish shook his faith, 



Today he is deprived 

From his love and longing ,

Only for caste and colour sake,

It started with bee’s fascination 

For white lily  

Among the reassemble of green valley,

The beauteous white lily  

Ceased its rumbling race to scrapes,

Blinded by its swinging fragrance.

The bees  search for sweet nectar 

Ended in her grace,

Thanking the Creator  

Of beautiful park 

For this humble  stage,

That all the characters bear  

Red blood cell,

No discrimination  

Between  colour and race,

Just the pigmentation 

Differs in various places.

Aha! So beautiful is this flowery bed,

 But  what’s this??

The adamant white lily   

Ignored his presence,

Swinging beauteously  

Saying  her colour 

Is dominant against his 

Innocent  pledge.

She abused his love 

With sting of thorns, 

Only  for caste and colour black,

Closed her heart to his  sincere efforts,

Hurt and shaken by her tone 

The dejected bee,

Burned the garden 

With the help of queen bee.

The lovely garden  

Burned to ashes  

Only for ego for blood,

Lying in pool of red blood  

He prays to God ,

Please Lord extinguish this fire of colour rage,

We are your children 

Just bless us 

To rub the ego of colour race. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Evening flash!!!

The flashing evening lights  and 

the cool humid breeze ruffles my sensual nerves,

Standing on cliff,

I sighed  with cities’ sonorous silence,

The heave of magnanimous    heart caresses  the bruises of funnel,

Yesterday paintings   shakes faith,To   enjoy the spectacular scene,

Fading sunlight smells the teary portrait,

The barren threads of autumn’s runnel connects with bosom of torrential rain,

Pangs of loneliness dig my inner well,

The seductive coloured lights hold  to sip the glow,.....

Swelling emotions   choked my rim. 

From the silence I heard the earthly pain,

Related mine with thane,

Inferior to her  comfy  lap,

I wiped loneliness to just cheer,

City’s magnanimity overpowered my loss,

I started merging with the great soul ‘s flash.

Monday, 6 June 2016

The Parnassian Cascades

The Parnassian cascades touched your fathomless sea,
I started mingling with the torrential typhoon
My wooden bridge was doused by the foamy waves
Bohemian clouds swayed me with emotive monsoon
The drops drenched all my inside 
The swirling water stirred my thirsty nerves
My famished soul desired for sensuous feast
The aroma of saline breeze is breaking my nerves,
Intoxicating me to move towards the cooling shade,
The early sun rays hide my blushes,
My beautiful long tresses dipped with luscious rain,
I started hiding myself in mirror flashes
Lovely tinges of togetherness, nothing wrong
Only adding grace to my heart's beautiful tour
My enhancing glow sings your song,
Now I am being addicted to your lusty downpour.


The cascade of rhyme touched my fathom of sea,
The flashing waves wet my wooden bridge,
I started mingling with the torrents of sea,
Bohemian cloud basked with sudden rain,
The drops drenched me to quell,
The swirling water stirred my thirst,
My famished soul desires for quest,
The aroma of saline breeze is breaking my nerves,
Intoxicating me to move towards the cooling shade,
The early sun rays hide my blushes,
My beautiful long tresses dipped with luscious rain,
I started hiding my mirror lens,
Knows the tinge of togetherness, adding grace,
My enhancing glow sings your song,
Now getting addicted to your downpour.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

I in ocean

My  feet  touched the  heap of sands,
Could feel the warmth from it,
Even though rain  soaked the shore,
The beach is crowded as ever,
The deep blue waves lures me to drive,
I  controlled my instincts to strive,
Desire overpower my  vow,
I  jumped to ocean’s blue flow,
The  roaring waves  with its  foam cuddled me in its embrace,
I want to forget my native state,
Want to sail  miles in ocean,
The waves closed my distant vision,
I sailed miles with my emotions and notion,
A jerk broke my reverie,
Saw if I stay more this would be my cemetery,
Found not a single coup for my rescue,
Frightened I  searched for a saving crew,
The  algae  clad green spade come to my notice,
I grabbed it to save my slipping feet,
My  feet is now green,
Hands shivering in pain,
Touched the shore ,
Looked  back  again towards the seductive blue,
The giant waves lure me with its grin,
Giggles and says to return to its ocean green,,
I know the awesome pleasure of roaring fun,
Fearful heart forbids me to leap and enjoy the galore of blue shore
Ocean current left an effect to colour my vision.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Storm breeze

The fiery storm dashed the hard floor,

I became unbalanced with this abrupt  show,

The wild wind shed my veil,

The draped silken cloth flew and crossed the iron rail,

My loose strands flew   with fragrant breeze,

Sweats  smeared  vermilion  through out  my faded cheeks,,

Unaware of my present state, 

I walked out to enjoy the fury’s grace,

The soft touch of cool breeze  grabbed my feet,

I  started humming along with the speed of wind,

The little droplets wet me,and

 I started getting addicted  to it;

Romancing with showers of rain,

Intoxicating me slowly with the musk breeze,

My  rock core started crumbling brick by brick,

I  started loving every  drops of pour,

Just wanted more and more,

Even  though I am alone in storm,

I know you  also enjoy this storm show,

This might have a different effect in your dock,

I guess, 

 Its intoxicating current  will trap you through its grip,

I know you too romance with storm breeze. 

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


The emergence of smoke from the ashes of coal,
Makes me uneasy,the nostalgic moments multiplied with disgust ,
Hurts me,
I decided to be on dice again to nurture my own being,,
The thorns of rose petals are tearing my scarf with its blade,
I am in search of a cool shower to quench my dehydrate spring,
Sudden surf of low pressure cloud bring some pining hope,
I started screaming with the loud thundering,But the lightening frightened me,
My fear is slowly flowing away with the intensity of rain,
I could hear my inner voice;s pain slowly flowing to drain,
The rain brought a ray to my drought meadows,
With its dancing hip hop frame,
Rainbows winked many colours to my album pages,
Camouflage with various subject in one raider scale,
Disturbed me with its sting a moment earlier now started whistling again,
Cool air fills my lungs to cool my inner toil,
So as it cools weather's heat coil,
I started feeling fresh like the bathed trees and with its,dancing flower petals,,
Cloud that covered my vision a minute earlier,
Now giving me sprouted chill,
Speaks to come out from shell like the dark cloud coming out from dark grill,
I feel fresh again with the nature’s wonderful picture as it rejuvenate me from couch shell..


The colour of sky is changing,First,red then dark ,after the spell, clear blue ,My eager eyes waiting for the cool drops to sooth my sweaty skin,The rain did fall,just a some drops to give some pleasant moments to cherish ,I see your arrival ,just like the unexpected rain,You wet me through your encouraging words,Your words changed my colour of sky,I could feel the chilling thunder bouts in me,Hands numb,legs numb,but face followed my fast thunder beats,The words sparked my hidden reel,I started feeling confident enough to challenge the troubling spinsThe rain stopped after a short spell,but its breeze so cool and fresh,Regained my strength and returned my grin,The floral designs you painted on my web ,Forced me to search my drifted leaf,Lost in the dense forest of familiar scene,I lost my sparking wheel,Unlike the rain , you brushed some cool spell on me,Its vibration so strong that created whirlwind to my stagnant pool,As every moment I feel a new drop of rain in my budding flower buds,,Now I witness, my sky is changing its colour from red to clear blueslowly with fragrant breeze.


Why Love ,the term so heavy,
Lots of emotions and feelings its carry,
From the infants to old all face this feeling, without any weary,
Love is a voluptuous ,directly related to heart’s lorry,,
Swipes every new to old in its folding theory,,
Love is blind but always shows light, binds our hearts and pumps happiness to our arteries,
Love transforms lot of hues ,some very soothing, some painful in memory,
Even a grumpy man smiles,
While merry becomes unhappy,
Love can never measured with expectation and glory,
It’s a pleasant and beautiful feeling to change one’s story,
Love changes the meaning of life, parents love to lover’s tale in history,
Everyone wants to inhale the passion of love, enjoy the ambience with its touch,
True love is not materialistic its platonic, just as old wine,
Its intoxicating and rules out guidelines of mind,
The world seems golden to the lovers ,just as its bouts wipes fear, sleep, and hunger
Makes them live in land of dreams
The power of love can raise a war so as it fills
Love, care ,humbleness, faithfulness, obedience in this earthly glass trolley,
Love is the most contented creation of God’s world..
The best key to succumb the domain of world.


Two diverge thoughts intersect;One ought to be;One not;While I am blocked in dilemma of thoughts;Bifurcating within myself;Thinking what to crop of from this puzzle score.


You sprinkled chlorophyll to my dry leaves,Just stirred my frizzed state,My budding renewed to fresh green,Just as the peacock spreading its wing,The waves in my heart rolled to sing,I started painting designs on my drawing sheet,The colour once faded now refilled with your fragrant rhyme,It fumbled me first,I ignored my heart,Tried to remain calm,But failed in front of your bullet springs,Your current transformed me to a new being,Like the bird with fluttering wing,Now I confess, that I am in love andDreaming to be in your ring.