Monday, 27 June 2016

Frivolous Rain

The rain delayed its knock,

On our blocks,

Its frivolous mood  weaved many hopes,

Low pressure cloud made the atmosphere humid,

No cold air for many days and now the respite,

Today  the rain banged  to wet  the dry crust,

I stepped out to  feel its touch,

The rain  drenched  me,

The cool winds  played with my locks,

Whispering the melody of love,

Muttering  mind   forgets the consequences,

Wants to sail in the whirlwind of pond,

The drops kissed my  dry lips,

Moistened me  with  its sweetness,

The cool balm  erases the tension of heat,

The  cloud bursts  leads to flood,

The  tinkling drops near my door,

Sings  the lovely  romantic tune,

The sounds  of its anklets drives me mad,

I opened the door  to hear the tap  from the roof,

The  warmth of fiery breeze pulled me closer,

Entrapped me ,made me wet in rain ,

Now its raining in and out,

Coloured paper boats  carry the message of  rain and its frivolous tale.