Friday, 24 June 2016

Oyster of morning

The oyster  lost in the midriff of silence,

The Eric  silence of night 

Competes with my silence of beeping  heart,

The  calm moonless night filled with moisture ,

Gave a sleepless night,

 The stars  hide themselves 

In the blanket of clouds

Moon's soothing charm seems colourless 

Among the condensed vapour,

I found myself  toiling for sleep till late night,

The wavering thoughts  

Tussle  in the inner chamber,

The weary night  

Needed sleep inducers  for blink,

Its  effect  is late and I slept.

I woke up with the morning sun's ray, 

Coming from my window pane,

Sound of chirping birds, 

Sound of drizzle 

Mingled to erase 

The silence of night’s bout.

My steps  dragged me to balcony 

To absorb  in drizzle,

The sprinkles  of pearl drops  

Wet my puffy face,

I enjoyed it and walked out 

To dance with silver drops,

All my silence mingled with rain, 

Heart started leaping again,

I danced till the rain took adieu,

Found my oyster in singing shower,

Now I am fresh with the morning shower!!