Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Peaceful Moon

The  dark clouds  wrapped the sky,
Weather  man ‘s prediction seems strong,,
The shinny Moon  unable to play its role,
Clouds play hide and seek,
They want to submerge Moon’s radiant glow,                                                             
Clever Moon knows this,winks from  dark,
Some time shines sometime blank,
Lovers eager for Moon’s sight,
Seeing they will weave verse spice,
Coolness  of Moon will fill their romantic heart,
Together they will weave their future in each other’s lap,
Moonless night sinks every lover’s pulse,
Fear of Satan tones  in their thoughts,
Ignoring cloud’s treacherous act,
The protagonist spoke its dialogue fast,
Moon sparked again in dark,
Brightening the millions of heart,
The Moon is like our subconscious mind,
Tangled thoughts hide our  inner voice,
Diverse thoughts  diverts the lovers  of God,from the path,
Lovers rush for dark instead of light,
The light of spirit blinks ,speaks to focus on ourselves,
Enrich us to choose our goal, this is how we can be a peaceful soul.