Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Eldorado Dream

I woke up early ,
Yesterday’s night dream ,though weird ,
spirited my veins,
Filled my heart , full of solace,
In the dream I landed in the Garden of Eden,
Adam had not eaten the Apple then,
Saw every soul smiling and doing their duties without stress,
But just doing as if they are the God’s grace,
From the bough to bud dancing melodiously with nature’s buzz,
The serenity and calm doused my vision,
Wanted eagerly to stay little further,
Alarm beep broke my reverie,
I returned from trance ,then glanced my place with a question mark,
Why Adam tasted the Apple?
But Alas! Got no answer for my query!
And the things lingered in my memory.
The Lord’s beautiful theory of creation has no worry,

No sorry,no class ,no story,
Only the beautiful souls playing 

And enacting their characters cheerfully,
Our desire ,cravings,greed,jealousy,

Pride,ego,superseded the heavenly qualities,
Thats why we are here suffering due to emotional affection,
Not detaching ourselves from earthly possession,
This misery is taking us far from original Eldarado Dream.