Friday, 24 June 2016

The Public Park And The Butterfly

The park filled with hedges of green,

The trees bloomed ,swinging with monsoon’s whim,

The luscious flora and its enchanting song,

Attracts the brewers to sip the hue,

The sedative air comforts the tired players,

They rest to erase their tensions after a hefty working hour,

Park is aware of its role ,attentive to crowd,

The attractive holdings attracts bees,

Their hunt of honey is easier in this sector of trees,

The display of banner ,is a step to ladder,

They leap and cry in its cemented bladder,

The beautiful butterfly found a corner amidst the lawn,

She wants to shed her loneliness and run,

Her wings got power from the breeze,

Her pleasures knew no barrier ,laughs with rainbow rinse,

Very cautious of her hopping steps,

Struck by the chewing gum,Her aching wings cry for help.

A silent bee extended soothing words of help,

She gets attached to his words,

With a vigilant eye,that attraction may end up in trap,

Hours and hours they chat,

Words of purity and divinity with promises of humanity,

Slowly it started fading its colour,

Possessive words linger loudly than earlier,

Butterfly shocked by such behaviour ,

Her innocence is questioned by howling bees,

Her drops of tears fell here and there,

She is free ,never loves the iron grill,

Her focus hampered,

Her budding hopes tampered like dry leaves,

Attracts the brewers to sip the hue 

And never to look back.