Friday, 29 July 2016

My Third Eye

Morning blooms with cuckoo song,

You creep to my lens with the radiating Sun,

I  hear your whispering tone,So magical, 

I couldn’t resist  myself,

Then whisper to the pastures,

Come hither, come hither,

Cover me with your passionate draper,

Bloom my days with your scented plaster,

My eyes beam, ear lops red, heart rate rises,

To see your beautiful  demeanour,

My urn  is filled by your giggle,

I  started dancing with your riddles,

Little did I know, you will drape me in your veil,

Your fragrance I could inhale,

I guessed your heavy breath,

Sweats rolling from fair neck,

Hairs flying hither and thither

Calling my name,I could see your dazzling cheeks,

Smiling and singing in romantic tone,
I could see you clear,

May be through my third eye,

It’s so pleasure some,

I never experienced the thrilling before,

I could feel you in me,With different colours,

Though we never met,

My third eye knows you better,

Come hither, Come hither!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Its For You

My meadows touched by your green,
You bloomed ripples to my dreams,
The bubbles of air making me fly,,
Loosening my strings to feel the fresh sky,
My hairs whispers your name,
Limbs follow your rhyme,
Hips swings with the dashing breeze,
To feel the divine,
Knowing the roads not so fine,
The flower petals on the snow clad road,
Kissing my feet,
I stumbled near the wooden sheet,
My heart fluttering as kite,
To get imprisoned by your sight.
Stairs of ice is crumbling by your blow,
The power of it melted my snow,
Little by little I started flowing,
To the meandering Sea,
The blue waves allures me,
I am stepping to the mighty sea little by little,
Because its for you.

Story Of A Poet

My wandering soul always in search of fresh breeze,
Silent lips hunts for dancing brooks,
The passionate waves churns me,
Heart desires to run in the alley,
To roll with in the green valley,
The smoke can’t hide my fire,
I tussle amidst the puffed air,
My heart wants a thread to connect my past with new,
Behind the shield I cover my dew,
The cosy air tied my strings,
Still I fly in dreams,
To meet my lady in the village streets,
Then animate the passionate scene in my ink,
I could feel the dense cloud of her tresses,
I could feel the Sun shining from her dimple cheeks,
I could feel her laughing braces and her flashing torrents,
I could feel her nape’s silken touch,
Her slender fingers ‘s tight clutch,
I could feel her aroma in my room,
Always wait eagerly for her knock from Moon,
I am a dreamer in this busy road,
Steal moments to unfurl my bolts,
Collects my memories through my pen,
I am the same romantic person of college days,
Love to dance in heavy rain.

Me And The Moon

You coloured my nights  pink,
Day s silver  with your ink,
I saw you in my dreams,
It perturbed me with sleepless douse,
Started counting stars in night cloud,,
Moon  is  silent  ,could hear my breath,
I am floating  in the fog ,humming for myself,
Ignorant I  got attracted  t o this magical  craze,
Sprouting   and shinning with Moon’s tropical wave,
I  swing among the Stars and constellations,
To hide my blush in the fathom of their rays,
Crystal Moon hides me  among his dark spots,
I could feel the warmth  from his attire of cold,
The intoxicating fragrance covered my vision,
I   see no other light, but only the light of devotion,,
The dense  cloud play hide and seek,
I  lost my avenue in dark  streets,
Knowing not where to go,
Floating  and floating in ill lit night,

Thinking Sun will soon shine bright.

Friday, 22 July 2016


I left my castle,,To touch the blue sky,,
It lighted me with its colour,
I started blushing,
With its thunder,
Cool wind ruffled my strands,
The drops of ethereal fall on my lips,
Lips locked with keys,
The silence of drum beats ,
Pours with heavenly bliss,
Cuddling and caressing with the fathom of sea,
The roaring waves comes as riding horse,
It empowered me to sail in sea,,
The warm water dazzle my soul,
I want to lost amongst the weird trolls,
My limbs, sensuously move in sand,
The Sun balanced soil tickles me,
I jumped hoped, after my sandal balm,
The aroma of shower carried me to heaven,
I am dancing like cool rain,
My waist didn’t follow my rules,
My heart ruled out from the rule,
I am glowing with petals of you.
With a incarnation of new.

The Monsoon cloud!

The petter patter rain drops twirl rhythmically near my window ,

The strike churns me ,shivers me,

I rush for meadows,

The green relish me with its vine,

My confinement lost its definition with divine,

I want to get lost in tresses of dark clouds,

The sparkling arrow pierce my bosom,

I tremble with emotions,

The chemistry immersed my moves,

My anklets started breathing,

Bangles were tingling,,

Hands and limbs dragging me out,

To feel the chill of monsoon cloud,

The pour touched my core,

Breeze shivers my spine,

My eyes spark with red wine,

The sky is clear after the splash,

I am getting lost in the clash

Monsoon cloud played its flute,

I am dipping to sip the sweetness of cloud

In the canopy ,singing melody loud.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Budding

The  garden  of lush green,

With the perennial steam,

The sound of water and the blossoming flowers,

Swinging and dancing with the breeze,

The dew drops on its bed,

Kissed my feet, arouses  to evoke ,to dance from my hips,,

I  am enhancing with posture of classical beats,

The sensuous movements  of  stream  blazed by Sun,

The red sparking water of coloured Moon,

The unison is creating ripples to dawn,
Each leaf bear thy name,

Every flower dance in rain,

The falling petals ready to be trapped,

To get burn with  heat of Earth,

The fragrant breeze  touch the hearts,

Rediscovering  them  to melt as wax,,

The colours of rainbow and the musk breeze,

Carry the words of love to trees,

The trees  nod with budding blooms,,

Twigs rolled to sing the parody of budding we..

The warm desert

The dust storm  eroded  me with blanket of sand,
To warm with its warmth,
Arousing  tickles  to sensory glands,
The  search of oases, paused,
The ripples  evokes desire to burn,
Like melting wax,
The hot  desert bloomed  with cactus,
The flowers of cactus ruffles with the gusty wind,
With divine pleasure,
The  dry spell aspires for  rain,
To water the thorny  roots,
The  wet fragrance  couched the  flames,
The bush of thorns, bleeds, tears the icy  stag,
Unbolting   to merge with  hotness of desert wind,,
The empyrean  fire  burned  the hearts,
The dry wind moistened with glossy rain,
The warm desert glowed with ecstatic gleam,
Chirping  birds flying to high domain.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Fire

The fire set in Jungle,

Burned my cage,

Ashes were the boundaries,

I stepped out fearfully for flames,

The yellow light lighted my spirit,

I  could feel my bricks breaking to small chips,

The luminous wine so intoxicating,

I started glowing with its rhyme,

Mellowing each time,

The fire engulfed my strides,

My hips moved with the postures of mythological rhyme,

Heart beat faster  ,

Pounding heavily for rain,

Unable to control the palpitation,

Surrendering  to the flames,

My chiffon wings  set to fly,

Leaving behind the gold crown,,

Fire burned me in and out,

I forgot my tigress role,,

Budding desire synchronise me to ground,

I set my goal to fire my soul.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Divine Ray

The morning orange ray entered my cave,
Brighten  up  my stage,
The  drops  carried divine wine,
My vine highlighted by its  light,,
The warm beam brushed splendour of joy,
I danced with rhythm of its rhyme,
My space changed  to a new look,,
Feeling is beautiful  and profound,
I started to sing ,
 With Cuckoo’s mesmerising tune,
Orange  ray  blushed my meadow,
I  started merging with its shadow,

The intense pleasure is unique and relevant.

Friday, 15 July 2016


Wet me rain,
Pain me,
Drain me.
Cast the spell of cold wind.

Let my drizzle fill your pot,

Let you miss the shot,

The missing brook will cry ,

For the green ,

The flower will bloom beauteously ,

The blue sky will change its colour,

Crimson red with sparkling moon,,

The bud will bloom to fragrant red,

The rain will cast magic in absence break,

The butterfly will fly in flower bed,

Let my lips quiver to pen,

The power of rain is more in summer break.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The decorated vase on the case,
Lying ignored in the rack,
None cares for her lissom,
The fading artefact covered with dust is aged ,according to manufacturing tag,
The lines and cracks murmurs her fags,
The flowers in it, lost its colour in time’s roller ride,
The earthen vase left behind among the fresher ‘s stride,
The historians speaks the glorious story,
Her vanity bombarded many theories,
With her alluring beauty, she is the craze among the community,
Her speciality is her carving technique and ambiguity,
Vase ,aware of all the antecedence,
She became careful of the crowing flowers,
Flowers lost their fragrance in air of precedence,
They dried soon in reverence,
Fresh blooms denied for such circumference,
Vase now empty and forlorn in the case,
Her vanity ,ego vanishing in every stage,
Now counting her mistakes in cob web,
The pure vase forgot her origin ,run for stakes,
Deserted ,waiting for a buyer,who will take care of her flakes


The dark cloud in early morning covered the path,
Our unsteady steps moving aimlessly in the frightening streets,
Looming thoughts weave stories,
Silent lips quiver thousand worries,
Gulmohar petals spreaded as red carpet,
Welcomes with the mesmerising bedding,
Previous shower washed the road clean,
The accumulated water dazzling, Water dripping from branches green,
Electrifying with the touch of cool breeze,
The pot holes filled with rain,
The swirling water play an enchanting game,
We went near the passionate liquid,
To see our curves from its dazzling splashes,
Our reflections were not firm,
Its bend as sickle, probably shrouded with responsibilities,
The fearful heart pounded for the evil sign,
The rising Sun’s radiant rays emerges from cloud,
The bright golden rays fall on our forehead,
Evincing fears from our thread,
Image crystal clear in the stagnant hole,
The preaching of spirituality evades darkness through its brightening sticks,
Refilling with positive thoughts to our mind
This will rejuvenate us to sing with positive thoughts and spirit divine,
Positive thoughts washes evil from mind


When bronze sky kissed my forehead,
Bewildered I  searched  me from the cloud,,
Went to search for  celestial  brooks,
The  meandering brooks sings with the red sky,
The drops of celestial bliss falls as drizzle,
I started to giggle,
My feathers  winked to fly for mountain high,
From there I want to touch the bronze sky,
The terrain of mountain cliff is very high,
My journey is possible in clear sky,
The dark cloud playing hide and seek  restricted my way,
I waited  and waited eagerly for the Sun,
Cloud enjoying and playing in the vast sky,
The laughter of cloud doused me,
I want to wet in celestial bliss,

The pour will open my umbrella 
To dance and sing with bronze sky.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Dad's Death Anniversary

The day you left us, without saying good bye,
Everybody  talked about your weak heart,
Unable to bear the stroke  so.........,
I was hurt with the words Dad,
Because you are strong as rock, I thought,
You safe guard me from diseases,
Saying you want me to be strong and witty,
I never imagined you weak,
You were my powerful Dad,
Who digests our failures with smile,
Success with party and cheers,
Stood as the Himalayan range to protect ,
Us from danger, and hunger.
You taught us to speak in public,
Face in public, march with public ,
With your name adding by our side,
So your departure may be physical,
You are in our hearts ,
You linger in our memory,
Days will  pass, so will we,

You will live in us, till we live.

Friday, 8 July 2016


The   sky changed its colour,
The crystal clear sky  became red in demeanour,
Sudden  cloud arrives ,
The fragrant breeze touched my face,,
I could feel the warmth by its contact
Face turning crimson red by its repercussion,
The strands flew with the symphony of wind,
The musical strings played the tune of rain,
I  saw the rain, from window pane,
Stepped out to dampen my veil,
Holding an umbrella to dance in rain,
The heavy pour  with wind   flew my black umbrella,
I  played with the drops as a enchantress's  game,
The  rain washed my pain,
The pain of loving heart that beeps with of dashing rain.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


We boarded  the bus  for journey,
The journey of  commitment and faith,
Giving  a space to build our relationship in a strong shape,
Our  sky changed its colour and vision,
We believed , God made us to match each other,
Our bus journey moved many places,
Some pleasant ,some weary, some turbulent.
Each  stoppage  shook our faith,
We abuse each other ,saying because of you........this happened,
One day silent, followed by two,
Then the ice tip melts in blues,,
Our  actions and hobbies play the prank,
If not match, still we care for its catch,
The journey  of road is full of ups and downs,
The marital bond of trust crosses with punch,
Wheel  of suspicion is the discord,
Nurturing with positive thoughts is the fuel to solution,
Children are the entrance gate,
Through them we  visualise our success of grooming rate,
Bus  carried us to many stages,
We enact our characters efficiently protecting our images,
The  bond of love gives the strength,
Assuring each other ,we are together,even if life’s journey took a different shape. 


Busy city hours,
Rush for office, and school  ,college hours,
Every one waiting for Bus no-213,at the bus stop,
The long queue and the scorching day light,
Makes uncomfortable for every  dove sight,
The elders to young waiting for ride, with an assurance,
That bus 213 will  come in time right,
Elders  eager ,peeping watch time to time,
While younger on their  earphones      either  talking to pals ,or
Enjoying YouTube with latest loaded musical spice,
The awaited Bus -213 approached little late,
Crowd push and pull to enter the gate,
I saw her rushing for the spot,
Her  sounds of  bracelets, and anklets, tickles  the waves,
Her long black plait crowned with jasmine flower bunch,
Swinging  here and there  passionately touch my brow,
Thundering  and chilling  my rib cage,
Damsel’s     beauty  coloured  my moon,,
Heart beat faster , with brighter cheek glow,
Our eyes met in crowd, 
She sparked fire in my dark web,
I saw her flashing smile pressed beneath the pink lips,
Drowsy eyes gazing at me time to time,
I guessed her thunder same for me,
Bus reached the due stop,
She went down for her home drop,
I was in bus, staring her lousy steps from running window,
With a sinking heart I moved with the Bus,

Planning to catch the Bus 213 tomorrow, positively .

Saturday, 2 July 2016


The day I realised you will never come back,
Flow of pen flowed  for you,
With you ,
To unleash my heart, which never dreamt without you.
You cherished our dreams, nurtured with silver spoon and cream,
Then went away  smoothly without seeing it filled,
I see you in the stars,
Converse with you in dark,
I see my images of past,
I find me holding your strong hand,
You run and I followed you in walking path,
Days passed so pleasantly  and fast,
I left you for my new doom and its cast,
I saw your sad face, hardening breath,
You were bold, but never bowed till you were old,
You hate holding stick for walk,
So passed  suddenly without any notice ,that’s a rude shock,
You gave to us,
I  felt my limbs chopped off,
I didn’t cry in public to show my emotional bolts,
Now slowly unbolting it while penning your thoughts,
Dad! You know me better than Mum.
Because you pamper me and my thoughts,
Mummy says I am your child, Yes, its true,
I am more attached you ,this she thinks till now,
But I love both of you, I miss you,
Never desire to miss my Mum .
I want her stay strong and healthy,
Not for her but for me,

As I see both You and Mummy in she.

Friday, 1 July 2016


I was moving around the garden,
With the plants,the trees,the flowers,
The wind extends his company,
The clouds witness this from above,
The flowers give colour to the wind,
Suddenly I heard the tip tip sound,
The walking flower comes from now where,
I guessed from where she appears,
With colour all round,
With fragrance from her smile,
With sweetness makes the air sweet,
The clouds come down as her hair,,
It flows all round covering her face,
She gave a smile for a smile,
I looked back to check for whom,
I turned again to see her smile,
Alas! she vanished to some where,
I was confused,whether it is real or dream,
Or the nature appears through this beauty,
Messaging everything and every place is beautiful,
If you think beautiful.

Your fragrance

The alluring fragrance doused me,
Arousing bumps on my spine,
You danced mesmerizingly among the blooms,
I couldn’t avoid my glance from the vine,
The beauty and charming glow radiates among the few,
I am curious and eager to sip the view,
You shine in my casket with dreams new,
Slowly entwining me to sing with you,
The curls of passion reaches its height,
When you are away from my sight,
I want to glow with your pink,
The shades of yellow suddenly took a blink,
I desire to dance in rain, with a beautiful feeling and pain,
The sun knows its shinning ray is meaningless
If her cheeks never burn with fire of mine,
I want her to play in rain,
So the water dripping from her curls will whisper my tone of love,
Then she will come as the splashes of rain dew ,
I will welcome her to my kingdom with garlands of love and fragrance of cool breeze.


The  old banyan tree standing beside the pond,
Its image reflected clearly in the transparent source,
Images of boughs ,leaves ,flowers and with laden fruits,
The  chirping birds on the tree sings for the setting Sun,
The poignant tone sings the melody of old and new,
The village man  sat there for rest to rejuvenate himself with fresh breath,
Oxygen filled him  with energy and strength,
This he lacked in polluted city space,
He saw the banyan tree in his youth,
Its  now more dense and  fruitful  with branches new,
His greying hairs ,lines on face speaks of his aging brow,
The village life he left  for city’s alluring glow,
Rush for money shed his age, he lost his strength,
The air of carbon monoxide  filled his lungs,
Village air he missed so much,
The aroma of Mummy’s curry is absent in the fast food trolleys,
He still missed his favourite fish curry,
The food may not be wholesome then,
But he never popped digestion pills  ,
He miss his     Grandma’s tale, and Grand pa’s nagging shout,
Papa’s comfort lap and Mummy’s affectionate face,
He saw his image in the pond,
Saw his reflection changed so much,
He desires to jump in village pond,
To come out as a handsome village youth.