Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The dark cloud in early morning covered the path,
Our unsteady steps moving aimlessly in the frightening streets,
Looming thoughts weave stories,
Silent lips quiver thousand worries,
Gulmohar petals spreaded as red carpet,
Welcomes with the mesmerising bedding,
Previous shower washed the road clean,
The accumulated water dazzling, Water dripping from branches green,
Electrifying with the touch of cool breeze,
The pot holes filled with rain,
The swirling water play an enchanting game,
We went near the passionate liquid,
To see our curves from its dazzling splashes,
Our reflections were not firm,
Its bend as sickle, probably shrouded with responsibilities,
The fearful heart pounded for the evil sign,
The rising Sun’s radiant rays emerges from cloud,
The bright golden rays fall on our forehead,
Evincing fears from our thread,
Image crystal clear in the stagnant hole,
The preaching of spirituality evades darkness through its brightening sticks,
Refilling with positive thoughts to our mind
This will rejuvenate us to sing with positive thoughts and spirit divine,
Positive thoughts washes evil from mind