Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Fire

The fire set in Jungle,

Burned my cage,

Ashes were the boundaries,

I stepped out fearfully for flames,

The yellow light lighted my spirit,

I  could feel my bricks breaking to small chips,

The luminous wine so intoxicating,

I started glowing with its rhyme,

Mellowing each time,

The fire engulfed my strides,

My hips moved with the postures of mythological rhyme,

Heart beat faster  ,

Pounding heavily for rain,

Unable to control the palpitation,

Surrendering  to the flames,

My chiffon wings  set to fly,

Leaving behind the gold crown,,

Fire burned me in and out,

I forgot my tigress role,,

Budding desire synchronise me to ground,

I set my goal to fire my soul.