Friday, 22 July 2016

The Monsoon cloud!

The petter patter rain drops twirl rhythmically near my window ,

The strike churns me ,shivers me,

I rush for meadows,

The green relish me with its vine,

My confinement lost its definition with divine,

I want to get lost in tresses of dark clouds,

The sparkling arrow pierce my bosom,

I tremble with emotions,

The chemistry immersed my moves,

My anklets started breathing,

Bangles were tingling,,

Hands and limbs dragging me out,

To feel the chill of monsoon cloud,

The pour touched my core,

Breeze shivers my spine,

My eyes spark with red wine,

The sky is clear after the splash,

I am getting lost in the clash

Monsoon cloud played its flute,

I am dipping to sip the sweetness of cloud

In the canopy ,singing melody loud.