Wednesday, 13 July 2016


The decorated vase on the case,
Lying ignored in the rack,
None cares for her lissom,
The fading artefact covered with dust is aged ,according to manufacturing tag,
The lines and cracks murmurs her fags,
The flowers in it, lost its colour in time’s roller ride,
The earthen vase left behind among the fresher ‘s stride,
The historians speaks the glorious story,
Her vanity bombarded many theories,
With her alluring beauty, she is the craze among the community,
Her speciality is her carving technique and ambiguity,
Vase ,aware of all the antecedence,
She became careful of the crowing flowers,
Flowers lost their fragrance in air of precedence,
They dried soon in reverence,
Fresh blooms denied for such circumference,
Vase now empty and forlorn in the case,
Her vanity ,ego vanishing in every stage,
Now counting her mistakes in cob web,
The pure vase forgot her origin ,run for stakes,
Deserted ,waiting for a buyer,who will take care of her flakes