Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The warm desert

The dust storm  eroded  me with blanket of sand,
To warm with its warmth,
Arousing  tickles  to sensory glands,
The  search of oases, paused,
The ripples  evokes desire to burn,
Like melting wax,
The hot  desert bloomed  with cactus,
The flowers of cactus ruffles with the gusty wind,
With divine pleasure,
The  dry spell aspires for  rain,
To water the thorny  roots,
The  wet fragrance  couched the  flames,
The bush of thorns, bleeds, tears the icy  stag,
Unbolting   to merge with  hotness of desert wind,,
The empyrean  fire  burned  the hearts,
The dry wind moistened with glossy rain,
The warm desert glowed with ecstatic gleam,
Chirping  birds flying to high domain.