Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Faded Smile

My image in the wall is webbed, 

I saw it, wanted to clean the photo frame,

While dusting I found the stubborn dirt,

Sticking it like a gel,

My efforts needed more energy to wipe ,

From the cleaned sketch 

I visualise my fading smile,

Lost in the counting days,

From the grave of dust I saw my sorry state,

Polishing  and winnowing  to look straight,'

The arrow  pierce my bosom,

I bleed with jolts of emotions,

My final results  are not impressive,

Years of hard work  melting  to tears,

Beyond the camera my smile lost its blue,

Me, novice ,that my experience proves,

Each test I try my best,

Consoling me that now I achieved my craze,


The  glasses slipped from my  hands,

From the scattered  pieces I draw my image,,

Faded  and fragile ,blank eyes looking towards the fainted sky,

The redness of setting Sun blinks with hope,

After the shower ,the Sun will surely come,

It may take time ,

Sky will clear its cloud to shine,

 Now I smile, looking at the picture frame,

Hazards may come but I will not bend me,

Rather will face them with courage,

This is how I will regain my faded smile.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sprinkles of spring

I locked the iron grill,
To stay unharmed by outer drips,
Getting acquainted with the chilling spree,
My days rolled on and on ,
Without the melody of cascading pyre,
Never I grumbled for its presence either,
I get tired of changing my attire in fun fare,
Gradually losing my self confidence,
Puzzling at times, who am I in this hemisphere,
The leave less tree often questions me,
Why I abandoned myself from luscious divine breeze,
I would say ,you can crop new leaves, but me can only heave,
She then smilingly speaks ,’new crop grows from heap,
Just relax n feel the soothing wind,”
Miracles can happen, Summer can be spring,
Log suddenly caught fire,
The cool wind added fuel ,,
Gaping my mouth I weave a desire,
To dance as the butterfly in the garden of rose,
To inhale the breeze and cover myself with sprinkles ,
Singing and dancing with the melody of the cool spring

Decided to open the grill . .

Friday, 26 August 2016


The milky way came to my orbit,
I dashed with its glorious heat,
Its heat empowering me,
At first my feet stumbled near its light,
I controlled me seeing its height;
It came again ,this time its light poured honey in my vane,
I still didn’t move from my place,
Knows very well the celestial cloud will vanish away,
Giving me pain ,which will be difficult for me to sustain,
The misty cloud is aware of the play,
Thoughts played tug of war game,
Obviously heart ruled the brain,
Cautiously I stepped out to feel the realm of fire,
Hardly knew the heat of fire can melt the icy blade,
Its encounter melted the stag ice cubes, bit by bit,
I noticed the heavenly change slowly taking its place,
Hesitantly I accepted to resurrect ,
Now it ask me to confess my feelings,
Thoughts playing hide and seek in this cloudy sky,
Emotional cloud bang with the thunderous shout,
Carrying a bouquet of red rose I confess,
Milky way ! you are dominant in my thoughts now a days,
Is this love? I say...

Thursday, 25 August 2016

In my dreams

I saw you in my balcony,
In my room, in my close eyelids,
In my sleep you descended your place,
Sitting on the golden throne,
Like night’s nocturnal creature,
I wander hither n thither to wipe you from my dreams,
To  have a better sleep,
The warmth of your memory ,
Warms my blood cells,
Its running and flowing with speedy trail,
The  fire I saw in your eyes, 
Is driving me insane,
Why you came to me ? and this flame,
From the cool spectrum of moon rays,
Your sprinklers of  crazy rays ,
Makes me ride in the horse back,
I jumped from mountain to mountain ,
Climbing and weaving abundance of romantic tales,
Your call I can hear even in this rambler’s pace,
I wait for your  passionate trails,
I don’t want to get addicted to it either,
But heart never follows the way,

It is always eager to listen the torrents of passion 
That I hear from the cool moon rays . . 


Little did I know,
My sailing boat bore a hole,
The journey has become troublesome,
Water coming inside from the hole,
Pulling my boat down n down,
To deep into the river,
Aha!I am helpless,
Asking for help waving my weak boughs,
Stem not  erect ,giving me pain,
Stranded in the midriff of gushing water,
I wonder why to me?
Searching my faults from the crystal images,
Floating in the waves of river blue,
The stench of wet ropes is making me dry,
Stomach churns ,eyes dizzy, sun rays burning my face,
I  started counting my present to past,
Weaving the garland of dry flower  cast,
Every picture is different from the other,
Yet I was powerful to bear the traumatic change,
Courageously I faced the hurdles,
Today this hole is the trouble?
Nope ,I will  wipe my fear,
Let not be in tears,
I have to cross this sinking state,
With courage and faith,
 In me, that drowning image can’t pull me to the deep river,
I will fight till end.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Your knock

The day you coloured my dreams,

With feathers of soothing chips,

Day and night I hear your click,

Your knock is audible even travelling in sea,

While crossing the ferocious tides or near the coral reef,

The buzz so loud,my mind cloud as if jasmine sprouted,

From the demonic waves ,killing me inside to hear the wiggle,

\I hum with giggle, Hiding me amidst the sand and pebbles,

My locks flying aimlessly in the ocean breeze,

Whispering the melodious tone of tanpura near my lops,

I nerves tickles to mingle with crescendo of passionate breeze,

Weaving fairy tales in crimson ink,

Becoming forgetful and fearless near the oceanic currents,

I dare to dash into it with lots of guts,

As if my energy doubled with the click of spring,

Courageously i stepped to grip the moment of pleasure

That I don’t want to loose further,

This time I am bold ,dashing ,,energetic near the alluring tides ,

Though I am the only respite

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Our friendship

We met after a long  gap,
Forgot each other ‘s existence,
In these couple of  years  never attempted  to contact,
Time’s stuff eliminated you from my  dictionary,
I  was engrossed in my hectic race,
Covering me with artistic veil,
Surrounded by pseudo coir ropes,
Forgot me  ,that my globe too bears a greener look,,
Unexpected sprinkles changed the  life’s stock,
,My journey  jerked near the hump,
Suddenly you came to forefront,
Fading years changed a lot in you ,so to me,
We started chatting like naughty bees,
Pulled  each other nose ,sharing many thought,
Blocked store house  releasing in one bull shot,
We wanted to return   back to meadow green,
.Pumping fresh blood to our vessels to brighten the scene,
We  saw a child in us ,wants to hop, jump ,n play,
Licking ice creams   n playing violin,
Our bond started blooming ,
This time we were more comfortable ,n caring,
With  lots of trust and faith, than before,
Defining the  role  of friendship in a new     paper back  edition,
In messages of fb n whatsapp.

Friday, 19 August 2016


I saw you in the crowd,

I couldn’t avoid my glances to peep you,

The vibrations in my cells  started  whispering,

A tale of flowering  romance started  humming,, 

Its for you,  for whom my heart started fluttering,

Heart  beating  rhythmically ,to match my turbulent  raptures,

Spontaneous verse flowing with zither,

I heard  your silent knock from my carved door,

My frigidness  tied me with the  silken draper,

The irresistible urge fighting within my inner world,,

Calculations   and     additions    with lot of presumptions,

Mind  struggles  for calmness,

Its a bond of sweetness,            

Faded leaves changing its colour to brightness,

Mood jubilant, feet releases more energy to be confident,

Wanting to break the wired fence and dance gracefully  to celebrate, 

My decorated pristine  stones crumbling  in defence,

Knowingly I am losing my balance,

Waves of emotions   flowing  and flowing ,

Thoughts were pleasure some,

Rejuvenating me  with  beauteous  glee,

I feel   I am flowering from the budding.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My brother : Raksha bandhan

Today  is  my special day,
So is your’s brother,
I waited through out the year,
To see you waiting only for me,
To tie the silken thread  to strengthen our bond n feelings,
Years   may have snatched our golden cheering moments,
Yet we are the same naughty children,
Now  also we fight, quarrel, tease n then compromise,
I always want to see  my  smiling darling brother,
With no pseudo apparel star,
Only my dear brother, whose warm laughter ,
Evokes a feeling that you  are my guard for ever,
Whenever I feel scared to face the challenges in this atmosphere, I know
You will come to protect me ,cover me with your shield,

This is my faith and so is yours . . 

My dark lady

She is my dark lady,
Who’s existence i bury in me n in my beverages,
I love her ,couldn’t echo my words of love in family circumference,
I feel her to cool my thoughts,
My agitating nerves tells me to be with her,
My passionate urge want to wipe her tears,
Fill her with lots of love, I store for her,
She ,though aware of my feelings, cares me not,
Performs her duty by selling her flesh to every butcher,
I watch her slim curvature’s drain out figure,
After satisfying her customer’s dragon attack,
I never saw traces of guilt on her strained face,
She hides her beauty with powder and lipstick pack,
Perhaps her emotional tears dries with every sweat she shed,
Only fo r her children ‘s expenditure ,she work in wrecks,
Her poise n elegant moves attracted me,
A heart of gold swayed me to her door every night,
Then also I want her more to be with me,
Only to me,she knows her cruel fate,
Life played a gruesome game,
She accepted her challenges smilingly ,
Gives every customer equal time n space,
Little did she care of her bruises n, scratches,
No time to apply ointment to her bleeding wound,
She rushes to fulfil her next customer’s gruesome hunger,
Yes, I fell in love with her,
Her toil hurts me, her sweat churns me, her drained body pinches me
Helplessly I stare at her dominating moves,
Slender curves, moistened eyes, bleeding wounds,
She performs her duties with no hesitation,
I remain silent with much presumptions,
My dark lady is my silent killer I, question myself,
Why God you snatched my ladies’ golden period ?
She may have done something else in her career,
Alas!! Nothing so happened,

I accepted her fate and so is she.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Live my life when it did strike me,
I started thinking to revise it ,
Wanted to change certain modes and wipe,
Life runs without any notice or wordings,
I accepted it as a challenge,
Worked hard to show my perfection n difference,
Though appreciation were less,
less were my preference,
I never moved away from my direction,
Neither cried nor mourned,
Just said,its my life ,I have to live on,
Some lonely hours at time ask,
Is this all I really want?
How long will I bury my dreams n say ,
Everything is fine,
I speak my words,
Careful enough that it will not hurt others,
When mind quarrels with my subconscious mind,
I shout loud,
words flow n I know its not sound,
Everything goes out of control,
I mess it up,n scratch my role,
Then aha! What have I done?
Living on the spell of confusion,
I realised then ,have I focused on my goal n intention?
Then I saw the radiant light from the horizon,
Falling on my forehead with lots of affection,
Bestowing abundance of love and saying,
‘’ Live your life but better it will be, if you can bring smile to others,’’
Love yourself and then love others,
See the flowers ,buds, its thorns in this life,
This is one single life you have to be selective instead of wasting in gutters’’,
My reverie broke down,
I realised my mistakes ,
Live life for others so others will remember you forever.
Now I want to live my life again with new reflections.

Me near pond

The whirlwind in my pond,
Trembling  me,,
I see my  hazy reflections in the stirring water,
Telling  me to drown in river,
Weaving  scalar of  thoughts  in imagination,
My  curve of lips dance with romantic rotation,
Powdered cheeks unable to hide the burning sensation,
Eyes  secretly winks to mirror to peep my changed reflections,
The whirlwind  drenched me,
I  fumble with cascade of loving dew,
It  changed me to different hue,n
 its fragrance burning me ,
My dreams geared with rainy showers,
Passionate lotus leaf floating in stirring water,
With its powerful  tidal waves,
I am loosing my balance in its rage,
The flowering lotus activates my deadly cells,
Its  current  changed  my colour of skin,
I  started glowing with its colourful beam,
Dancing carelessly  with the whirlwind’s sound,
The pond of passion changing its shades with throbbing heart beat.

Friday, 12 August 2016

My Silence

I hear the loud drumbeats in my silence,
My  pounding beats weaves  thousand thoughts,
 Eyes speaks tales of well ,
Strands  hover to hide my  perturbed face,
Tides of emotions argue with me,
Questions  my incapability to express the  spell,
I move here and there to hide  my unrest,
Pretending  nothing has happened,
 Throbbing heart beeps faster than usual pace,
Soothing music  couldn’t calm my inner dwell,
My  warm nerves  swells,
Asking me to come out from this turmoil,
Each passing moments hunts me,
Chirping birds  quarrels with me,
Moisture less eyes  searches  peace in every details,
Limbs shaking  demands rest,
My blinking eyes say ‘your sleep has vanished away’,

Yet my quivering lips silent, n silence is killing me.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Drowsy air

The air  whispers of  friendship
I  came forward to accept this,
We started sharing our thoughts,
Dreams, pains and relationships,
Slowly I got addicted to its  chirping,
My  blocked  stream started rushing,
Colouring my  fading canvas with its  rinse,
I  feel as if my wings got more horse power to run in wrecks,
My face started glowing with every sun rise,
Laughter   changed my look towards life,
The doldrums are    becoming      beautiful,
I started waiting for the moments to be cheerful,
Waiting though painful,yet  more  sweeter and  hopeful,
All my negativity  flew in seconds,
Heart  weaving  romantic image,
My cleavage   dancing in joyous footsteps,
The gush of air brightened my countenance
Mirror says to me “you look younger than your age’’,
I then blushing say “oh its the drowsy air n its effect". . 

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


I fear the thrones of rose bud,
Because it hurts,
The beauty though captivating,
I avoid the fluttering beeps from my desk,
I love the butterfly dance on my wall,
I envy their glittering wings,
Which make them fly to far green,
I too desire to break the boon,
To touch the serene Moon,
To dance in meadow green,
To flutter with ocean blue.
Very fearfully my curves move towards the shinning glee,
The cool breeze comforted my limbs,
Its melody wiped my grieving drips,
I ease out my buried dreams,
Feeling as if I am again flowing as stream,
The lullaby of meadows cuddled me to its embrace,
I could inhale the warmth breath,
The assurance of rising high to the blue sky,
My flying locks now whispers a flowering tale,
Rose thorns though hurting ,

But among its dances the rose bud beautifully..

Flowering Cactus

The cactus flower swings in the desert,It's snugger is creating waves,My heart started fluttering with this image,The variant shades chuckles in the pasture,I am doused with its fragrant gesture,I moved out to peep this beauty from Pyramid ,Saw........ Flood in the desert,Rising water washing the moisture less soil,The atmosphere now filled with aroma of wet mud toil,Evening sky dances gushingly giving immense pleasure,I am hearing Beethoven’s music in the cactus lane,Reminding me , Austine Mahone ‘s song’ Crush on you,Humming and swinging I touched the colours,Its magnetic current soothes my nerves,Then I started running among the terrain’s of flowering Cactus.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


I saw the colours of dancing rainbow,
Its vibrancy and its transparency,
Its grace, and its mellifluous flow,
Glowing and playing in the blue sky,
The loving sight is making me bright,
I started humming with the sight,
Intoxicating me slowly to encircle me n then making me dance with its rhythm,
Drowning me into the deep waves of ocean,
The powerful currents is shivering me,
Giving me blues,
I could feel my body trembling,
My thunder is melting slowly n slowly,
With the voluptuous waves of torrent,
I saw the rainbow smiling at me,
Blinking its colourful rings,
My wings becoming more energetic,
Desires to feel the touch of rainbow and its beautiful tinge,
This will make me fall in love with me again.

The rain in me

Its raining like cats and dogs,
The city is submerged and waterlogged,
The traffic rush and crowd crash with each other,
To reach their destination in this hooch pooch,
The intensity of rain rises time to time ,
Creating panic to the public in the streets;
I saw a girl clad in blue standing in queue,
Waiting for bus ,I couldn’t control my blinks,
I saw her slender curves caresses by rain drops
,Revealing her statuesque beauty and shape,
She radiates in rain,
The Indian damsel’s dress dripping pearl drops,
The drops from wet curl shinning from her beautiful cheeks,,
Water touching her pink lips,
I saw the vibrations of her lips,
Perhaps whispering some romantic tune,
I guess may be for her lover Moon,
Her dreamy eyes,wet eyelashes blinks,
My pulse raises , beating loud,
Creeping a desire to be her close friend,
My limbs want to follow my heart,
Her stupendous curvature trigger my fire,
I rushed to her ,to feel her beauty more adjacently,
I feel i am raining heavily within,
Alas!! The bus ..................She stepped in 
I remained wonder-struck watching her two beautiful ankle clad feet. 
Stepping inside the jammed bus,
Rain paused for sometime but I am raining inside!!

Out pour

I wonder for this out pour,
It shook me,
Adding colour to my shades of pink,
Awestruck I think what happened to me,
Why can’t I focus on any thing?
Why I started dreaming of roses and its dew,
Why the hot air in chill noon,
I find snow in the wooden rift,
The ladders of it covered by flower’s ring,
My eye lashes hardly blinks,
I feel as if I am sprouting again in green,
My steps dance with my pounding heart,
Hips swing ,hands cover my face’s coloured tinge,
I blush ,that my warm ear lops sings,
Lips silent ,yet couldn’t hide my crimson tale,
Twinkling eyes speaks of joyous heart,
With the encounter of click of spring,
Heels disobey me to stay in circle,
It measures the distance to reach the horizon,
I could guess this is the effect of out pour,
This is giving me bumps to fly with fairy wings,
Oh......dear ...what’s happening to me,
Because of this out pour.............!!!

Happy Friendship Day

Friend is the most sweetest word in the earth,
Most affectionate word ,
The word with lots of warmth,n brotherhood,
No compassion,no sympathy just the beauty behind it ,
Is friend I am with you,is the strength,
A friend knows  how thick is your blood,
How light is your tears,
How depth is your laughter,
How  much intensity  is in your cry,
It is he or she knows your pulse,
Can read your parameter without having a glance,
Just loves you the way you are,
Guides you from falling a trap,
Binds you with lots of feelings that we can never detach,
To make you feel  ,you are not alone in path,
Its a pure bond, hardly  we understand,
Getting a good friend is always important,
Human life has to climb a staircase,
A friend is needed to help us in the way,
Just to cheer us, wipe us, guide us in mid way,

That we will never drain out in cross way..

Monday, 1 August 2016

You came

You came to me,to fill my barren land,
To colour my canvas with your Midas touch,,
Giving exhilarating current to move me out from couch,
I could feel freshness of Spring and its rings,
The laughter ,n clicks of sensuous breeze,
You came as a whip of air,
Your air covered me,
I  want to forget everything,
Want to run miles in tracks,
Forgetting everything  ,I  want to break the dam,
Let the water  flow to dry meadows,
To flower the lands with its water,
My heart churns for higher ram,
Then  I hope to rest in your comfort arms,