Friday, 30 September 2016

Waiting for you!

Why I wait?
Day and night for your knock,
Because ,
As soon as you enter,
My face lit up,
Lips spreads a smile,
Cheeks blush for a while,
My heart beatings race with the strings of clock,
Pain I bore till now evaporates,
I  want you to remain by my side,
I want to share my thousand unspoken words to you,
That I rehearse  ,for hours just for you,
I want to count stars with you,
Because I was waiting   for you,
You usual ,
Unaware of my pangs ,
Didn’t notice my quivering  lips,
Didn’t bother to see my brighten face,
Didn’t  utter a word of love,
That I was waiting to hear so long,
But you know..
My pulse  were uncontrollable  with your fiery breeze,
My heart rates danced with the ragas of classical beats,
I want you to hold for a moment,
To show you,
How I feel ,
How much you captured my dream,
How  you snatched my sleep,
U came and went away like the flashing beam,
Keeping me waiting,

Only for you.

Fragrant ray

Come on air! 

Your fragrance hunt me,

The pores through which you enter,

 is blocked,Its captured by  the benign ghost,

 My  hands search your spot,

My bumps are not willing to play their role,

They know its meant  for you,

My dark cave  may have doomed with its darkness,

You entered with  spite of freshness,

I started breathing oxygen of  familiar togetherness,

The melodious tune  flowed with gender,

Thoughts winked with colourful  dreams,

I  merge myself  playing    with the strings of violin,

With more sweetness,

When the dark cloud covered the sky,

You vanished away in thin air,

The pregnant cloud barricaded my way,

I  sigh..

Oh! I want you to shine  my sky,

Because you and only you painted blue,

In my cloudy sky,

With your bright fragrant ray.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Canvas speaks.....

The echoing voice of the gathering dumped my ears,
The admiration for me { painting} filled my semblance,
The painter worked day and night to create wonders ,
giving preference,
Each colour he used ,
each line he sketched ,
Created a mark on my bosom with fidelity,
The lines he drew,
the colours he filled,
the water he used,
Everything touched my blank canvas with his artistic paraphernalia,
The colour he used through his brush,
Making me beautiful to more beautiful in the arena,
I started glowing like femina,
Seeing the admiring stares I blush,
with little fear,
Oh! Is this me who draw the attention of gathering,
All because of your lovable brush,
And of your artistic hand and design.

Today's Rain

The storehouse released its stock to unleash,

As if God listened my prayers then pleased,

Crescendo drenched my heart to smith,

The dazzling showers smeared the quenched earth with smoothing breeze,

Green leaves dancing with rain with see lean smile n heave,

The peter patter tap broke my sleep,

Went near the window for a glance to enjoy the nature's bliss,

Then sneezed,

My heavy head drops in bed,

With cold fever n blocked nostrils,

Much awaited rain is displaying its variant hue,

Doughty soul of mine alone freezes,

My flinch restricts with a warning not to infringe . . .

Rustling leaves

The rustling bamboo leaves,
Whisper a faint name,
The  name is written on every stem,
Though the wind is aware of it,
Still wiped it through the drops of rain,
The echoing pulse rustle again,
To take shelter in inundated splash,
The  accumulated drops it want to shed,
Near  a warm pulse,
Who  will  cover it ,n protect it with no burden in heart,
The protective bough spreads its  hand,
This time the love flowed in the green veins,
The steaming smoke which engulfed the sky,
Vanishing  slowly with the fluttering wind,
Assuring  for a beautiful sky,
The bond  of faith ,and so is trust,
Brought them close in this drought,
Leaves started to laugh ,
Rustling wind singing the rhyme of eternal pleasure.  

With a strong bond for ever.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


Hey! fragrant wind ,
The day you captured me and my dreams,
I am helpless and feel like dying,
Crying for your presence in my rhyme,
Absent minded I am in public,
Search a place of solitude in traffic,
I feel your touch and squint of eyes,
In the petals of roses and in the cosy bunches,
I want to jump from the terrain of high glaciers,
To the deep green valley of lotus and lily,
To feel you and your shadow near me,
Evening and morning I wait for thee,
When you leave no traces of your feet,
My lips hide my smile among the tight lipped braces,
I sail fathomless in the ocean of plethora,,
The vacuum swells my coronary cells,
Eyes denies to blink, mind denies to weave tales,
Though you roll in me and in my dreams,
With each passing time you come closer to me,
With your fragrant beam,
I want to get drenched in the passion of thee,
More and more I crave you wind,
Now I feel you are with me.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Rain –come not again

Rain  dash not my floor,
Come not with your thunder and light,
The lightening spark ignited my dormant self,
I forgot me  and my couch self,
Then  run miles smiling on green meadow itself,
You shivered me with your shower,
Blushed me with your power,
Lighted me with your currents,
I  noticed a new budding  in my orchard,
Fascinated by its greenness  ,
I attempted to grab the tender freshness,
My concentration search your fragrance,
The tide of emotions made me addicted,
The addiction astonished me,
When I realised I got attracted,
The feelings jinxed my crystal tale,
My hazy steps knows my condition well
Days I crawl and fight with your imprinted ink,
But rain ,you flashed again ,
With your torrential rain,
I  don’t want more of your spell,
Because once the dark cloud vanishes,
You will march ahead for honey trail,
Leaving me with pool of pain,
Oh Rain! Please  not come again.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Strange  isn’t  it ?

When my  heart beats faster 

With your chirp,

My eyes lit up,

Face  starts glowing,

Lips quiver to utter  thy rhyme,

Each blink of mine see you dancing in my file,

I  became absent minded with each slide,,

Because you cracked me with the knife,

The edge pierce my wall to engrave your name,

You  came to my world with your fragrant fame,

Impressed  me with your snob,

Yes! Your hue gives me goosebumps,

My garden started flowering again,

Steam of passion flowing with rain,

Days became crimson again,

You reigns  supreme in my dreams,'I started counting stars in moonless night,

There also I see you as my knight

Riding the black horse ,holding kite,

The coloured kite bear love dipped messages,

My wings became energetic with the images,

I feel standing on virtual world,

Entwining  me  to mould with your globe, 

Surprising   I accepted the knock,

As  your marvellous presence broke my door.   

Monday, 19 September 2016

The Connections!!

The tingling sound of firewood,from the fireplace,
Is making my room warm,
Barricading the cool air to enter inside,
I closed the windows to listen the cracking sound,
The hisses of fire log beeps with my pulse,
My fast breath and hazy steps could indicate my unrest,
My cheeks hot with its chuckles,
The fire wood crackles ,
Giving me ripples,
Of an unusual pleasure,
Never experienced my wall of rappels,,
The sweetness of the bubbles,
And its floating emotions cripples,
Making me a parasite in this dyserythropoiesis ,,
Me motionless in the foamy waves ,
I want to swim in drowsy state,
Connecting my images of past and present in one wave length,
The fire is becoming hot to hotter,
The emission of smoke is strangulating my image,
Each moment I want to walk out,
While each moment the connecting wire burn my feet,
I couldn’t run away,
Now crawling inside in an amazing state,
The cool connection is in fire,
The bout it self is adding fuel to log,
To burn fervently with ornate desire.

As I am in love

Oh! Since you entered my premises ,
Your aromatic presence doused me,
I started living with it,
Each petal of mine started singing,
Every non-living thing started breathing,
Fairy tales I started weaving,
Behind the corners I started searching,
Whether you were hiding,
The whiff of air craves me time to time,
I want you to be mine,
Though I hate waiting,but I love waiting for you,
Your presence fill me with spell of pleasure,
I could feel butterflies in my belly,
Making me willy nilly in every trolley,
The shower of love is holy,
As you reign supreme in my mind fully,
I started to care you in my memory,
Revise you in every second though its momentary,
I have become possessive for you,
As I am in love with you.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

You in my dreams

Why you come to my dreams?

Keeping me awake throughout the night,

Stars know my state ,

Moon too aware of my deprived stage,

I crawl and shout taking your name,

Aha! You isles is not nearby,

My drumbeats is  audible to me,

With some mute witnesses,

I share my acute pain of loneliness,

I feel helpless,

While gazing the  night sky,

It has stretched  its horizon wide,

Making me feel dry,

Then I cry,

Every seconds, and every minutes hunt me

I  recollect some ,imagine some incidents,

Which drives me crazy, thinking about you, 

My sleepless eyes wait eagerly for morning to bloom,

As if the bright Sun will bring some ray of hope to my dome,

May the castle catch fire,

Then only the   ashes will say ,

I much I miss you dear,,

O h  ! you occupied my dreams,

Then say why I dream you every night?.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Oh shower

Oh Shower ! you poured heavenly dew ,
Pleasant and cooling erases my pain to flew,
I jumped out ,wet my face with your thunderous spell,
Now bit afraid of lightening and its after effect,
The dense cloud hide the glowing Sun,
Dark Sky play the mouthorgan,
Tunes though frightening,
,yet the mizzle is freshening,
The blisters of summer wound ready to disperse,,
With the touch of shower and its elixir,
The carpet of rainbow rinses the soul,
Giving  sensuous bumps  to the body with rising brows,
Aghast me! Stood there gazing at the variant rainbow,
Drowning me to colour my elbow,
I am in trance,
Could sense two strong hands pulling me out,
 From the showering cloud,

The shower has ceased but me waiting for it

Monday, 12 September 2016

Twigs and me

Dry meadow ,scattered leaves, green trees,
All are in their pervading smile,
My grieved shadow ‘s walking on the surface,
Lost and crowded images tussling  me inside,
I could hear the ruffled tone from my wigs,
The faint pain of silence from the dry twigs,
Recollecting my bend image,
 I decided to gather strength,
Road so puzzling, giving me a silent pain,
At times intolerable,
Shoulders I  want to rest upon,
To shed my burden, and cry upon for the inflicting silence,
The bouts of confusing images is in  warfare,
The pinch of arrow and spears is creating a mark on my heart,
I  want to shout ,want to come out ,overcoming my injury,
Each time the blood becomes thicker, and intense,
I feel  a feeble tone delivering  some sweet messages,
Mind so jammed,
Receptive power is less to absorb the crystal Moon,
I know my dilemma, my stress,
Has no immediate respite,
My stone wall questions plenty,
I am silent as the dry twigs,
Could only tousle my waves in my evening gown.
Oh! me not twigs  to dry,
Let me cool down in rain so are the twigs,

Then we both will laugh at a same time.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


You came near the lake,
With the springs of hot air,
The cool water started warming ,
Leaving your silhouette in the edifice of fire,
The aftermath is burning desire, 
I  jumped in to the water,
In the beginning the cool water is chilling,
Oh! Now its hurting,
The fire in rock is difficult to extinguish,
Hiding me in the  shades of banyan leaves,
The lullaby of your presence warm the air,
I couldn’t avoid the emerging puff ,
It is strangulating  me with your thought,
 I want to see and feel you close,
Aha! You are a mirage , I can spot,
 This is true your crystal image I caged in my doors,
I love to see it, and feel the fire in me,
Oh! You may be mirage ,yet I never lost my hope.

One day you will definitely come into my knot . . 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Key to success

Success  is not a day’s job,
Hard work with strong will power,
Are the key to achieve the goal,
Motivation is the wheel to move the reel,
With out  it ,none can achieve the  degree,
Degree of achievement is always dear,
For it we have to plan bit by bit,
Proper planning is mandatory,
For a success story,
Success  brings merry to every sorry,

So to smile cheerfully we have to act plan fully.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Your call

 When my sky covered with dark cloud,
I think of you dear to bring colour to my feathers,
Your comfy lap  aspires me to overcome my bolted sphere,,
I want to show you my private dropper,
The cave full of vacuum enclosure,
The  feeling running for you in my blood,
Knows ,my heart is with you, and that to very closer,
Your  assuring words acted as a miracle,
To my flowering petals,
You bloomed lotus in my pond,
Filling my days with fragrant shower,
Stirring water   churning  me inside,
Eager to hear the voice of cuckoo,
In  my  dry meadow,,
This will cheer me to swim in the shinning water,
Your  call will regain my glow,,
You know my drowsy state,
My  anxiety and my pain ,
But also remain calm and silent,
As if your pond never stirred  with my fragrant feature,
I want you to call me today,
Silently you avoided my wish, then also I wait.
Hopefully one day you will melt your ice,

To bring spice to my life.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Floating paper

The floating paper caught my sight,
I  at first avoided my eyes,
Thinking this copy right is not my right,
I can’t claim or own this spite,       
Curious finger picked up from the ground,
The pink sheet with blue ink,
Letters immaculately written,
Folded sheet bore three magical letters,
Seeing this my hands started shaking,
My pulse rising, hot flushes on cheeks running,
 Mouth gaped with wonder,
The magnetic words created thunder,
Chilling me to feel the splendour,
The letters says “I miss you,
Dear I am in love with you”,
My fast heart beat now mad
 to know you, who are you?
If it really means for me,

Then, oh paper! are you true?

Friday, 2 September 2016


I walked drenched in the morning to feel the rain bite,
Water rolling from hairs shivers me with the beautiful sight,
The gloaming drops on earth bed babbles with a song quite,
The pearl drops dripping from leaves n petals arouses delight,
The sun winking from dark clouds is about spread its ray bright,,
The blossoming flowers spreads the fragrance upright,
Phantom of wishes wants you to be my side,
To enjoy nature's delirious mood in your tight,
The pearl drops dripping from leaves n petals arouses delight,The sun winking from dark clouds is about spread its ray bright,,The blossoming flowers spreads the fragrance upright,Phantom of wishes wants you to be my side,To enjoy nature's delirious mood in your tight,But i know my dream n sound of rain ,
With chirping birds cannot break your slumber of night.
Alone i ride to feel the pleasure of dancing rain bite.


Your red face behind the bush,

Your growing anger ,

Your throbbing heart,

Your melancholy rhyme,

I hear even standing from miles far,

Yes,I hear your heaving chest,

Heavy breath,sweating face,

Your unrest from my closet,

Unlike the comfort of first shower,

You came to my valley,

Flowering my blind alley,

With the fragrance of jasmine 

I inhale it in every corner of my lane,

My heart started buzzing like rain,

The grey meadow turned green,

The drops of rain wetting each vine,

Delivering a message of romantic wine,

Giving a pleasure to dip for some time,

My sleepless nights know how many times I counted stars,

In the clean sky ,and the loud of lark,

I know about your state,

Then also you pretend ,nothing happened,

Time never waits,if late then every feelings will change.

The wall of silence

The day we broke the great wall of silence.
Neither you stopped nor me from coming closer,
Much intimate than before,
The leaves of autumn sprouted to blossom,
With a new look to entrap us in co-motion,
Hours fly, no matter of weather ,
Whether its spring or summer,
The essence of daffodils made us wander,
In the evergreen forest of Amazon,
The perennial streams danced while flowing,
In the hilly terrain of Himalayas,
The saga of glaciers melting by the red dusk,
We didn’t bother for sound nor winter,
Focusing on each other’s with fidelity,
Trekking on the ice ,and rafting in the stream ,
To break the wall of silence.
And becoming opulent in each weather.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

You and me

Silence between you n me,

Weave a secret story of we,

My heart beats faster to flee,

Holding carefully i realise your feelings for me,

Slowly entrapping our soul to we,

Now it bloomed with horizon high of glee,

Sun comes in between thee,

Holding our hands we decided to dance in radiant glee.