Monday, 31 October 2016

I Wonder

I often wonder,

Your presence in my sky,

How I moulded to your persona,

How you enhanced colours in my rainbow,

Though I tussle inside to remain detach,

And hide my inner feelings,

Behind the hard mask ,

Yet the excitement thrills my heart.

You ride smoothly in my dreams,

In my nervousness I wipe,

The sweat dripping from my nape,

The hot flushes in my rib cage,

Questions .............

The butterflies in your stomach,

Are same as me?

The wall of silence knows,

With every blink I search you,

From the light house to the dark shore,

Each time I end near the windmill

Reciting the words of love,

Through my lips,

Which I create in my lonely island,

Remaining alert in the moonless sky,

Thinking of you ,

And how you clad my sky?

Thursday, 27 October 2016

First Rain-8

The first spell falls on the cemented floor,
The drops  caresses the arid slope,
Melodious incantations flow,
From the  strings of musical chord,
Budding a desire to all the tangible,
And inanimate things to crop.

Half soaked pasture ‘s indulgence,
With the dew drops,
Creating sensation,
 The buoyant music causing germination,
To the torrid existence, and to,
 thorny bush and its petals,

The sizzling melody of out pour,
Matches with my thunderous chaos,
 Reverberating my hidden streams,
With your celestial  image,
Ringing the bell of reminder,
I share with you, my enchanter.

The days of  sunny weather,
We were together in the clasp of nature,
Our porous encounter breath ,
For the scoop  of fresh oxygen,
Hours  multiply with fractions,
Yet we wait eagerly to engross in romantic conversation.

The much awaited drops lashed,
My dry land is aware of your star cast,
My charmer you drove to another grassland,
Keeping my lonely soul,
 waiting in starry surface, and,
Singing the sad serenade with tears of heaven. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

First Rain -7

The heavenly silver petals,
Falling meticulously on my pavement,
With its magnificence and earthly fragrance,
The foppish puff kindles me ,
To enjoy the passionate musing ,
Of nature’s flurry.

My heart with amorphous pleasure,
Rumbles with the many emotional,
Interactions and deformations.
In a hypnotic state ,
I measure the sensuous drops,
That flutter in my casement.

The elemental drizzle,
Buzzing tinkles in my tapestry,
I fell in love with its dexterity,
Sprouting me in and out,
And resurrecting me and my hive.
With its phenomenal chemistry.
My metallic crown mingles,
With the shower of first sizzles,
I long to live in the transitory slumber,
That is giving me pleasure,

Every drop of mizzle,
Sizzles my nubile fingers ,
To suck and enjoy the honey particles,
In my virgin reverberation,
I generate thousand romantic calculations,

The confluence of two souls,
In the ether of first rain,
Drowns in the whirlpool,
Of uncomplaining divertissement.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The First Rain-6

The first muttering drops,
Of the perennial cycle of season,
Fills me with its glorious fragrance,
The aroma of half soaked earth,
sweetens the space with its presence,
My spellbound heart waits for thy appearance,.
The ballad we shared,
The chronicle of love we exchanged,
The roses that bloomed in my garden,
Ripens with every unspoken drops,
Triggers my musings to pen my thoughts .
When the monsoon lashes ,
Its arrival in my roof ,
The typhoon in me searches
The core of my deeper self
Which tells I am in love with you,,
In the thorny cloud of nostalgia,
You wink with the cascading desire,
In the hours of solitude,
The heavenly dew reminds the cloud ,
That shroud me in burial ground.
History of rain knows,
How with each drop it grows,,
How powerful is the first rain,
How beautiful is the memory ,
That retains its essence in long term.

Monday, 24 October 2016

The First Rain-5

The  first gathering clouds looming ,
In  the thunderous sky,
Invaded my  torrid land through its ,
Meticulous sway,
Me astounding in the firmament,
 counted my pulse and drops  ecstatically.

Each  splatter bore the alphabets,
Of  loving  earthly odour,
The music of dewdrops is rumbling,
In my corridors,
The pitter patter platter declares the ,
The parable of  loving suitors.

The  words  exchanged in the clumsy lines,
Of crumbled love –letters,
Grows  from the epicentre,
Of misty rain,
The rainbow momentarily adds,
The glory and  basic colours.
To the relationship of throbbing commotion.

Two  souls feels pleasure,
With the devoted aura of first sizzle,
The maiden drops  thrilled the basement,
With the tickling of  budding petals,
Adding more water to the green pastures,
The first rain lingers in memory of every lovers.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

The First Rain-4

Rain you came as effeminate steam,
To evoke fire in me,
Miracles of your skilled fingers,
Metamorphoses the dormant cord ,
To chant the melodious rhyme,
Of Love and the Flood.
Music started flowing from ,
The arid heart with abundance faith,
The heart is aware of invisible sensibility,
That tortures and chokes,
The darkest cell.
Hours become weary ,
Without the whispering words,
Of Season’s first rain,
Stranded me in the cathedral,
Counting the celestial lights ,
From the cloudy space.
The cool wind retains ,
The magic and mystery ,
Of tenderness and suppleness,
Of fabulous chemistry,
That draws the two aliens ,
To create history.

The departure of rain ,
To another landscape ,
Immerse the rhyming heart,
with lament and sigh,
Waiting and singing ,
For its ceremonious entry,
In the blue sky

The First Rain-3

You crept to my virgin world,
Through the sleek transom,
Carrying the fragrance of wet mud,
And with the
Hisses of cool breeze,
The first shower of monsoon rain,
Is smiling with winged rings,
The sensuous air knows how to,
Form a tight grip,
The language of spell generated,
Fire in the dormant fireplace.

The emerging fire,
from the furnace,
Announces with ephemeral excitement
The voice of love in clear tone.
The flicker of its essence ,
Has captivated my pulse rate,
The music of drip –drop cloud,
Amuses and whispers to my heartbeat.
---“The language of eternal love”.

Friday, 21 October 2016

First Rain-2

The first ethereal heavenly drops,
Fall on the pale leaves,
On the dry grass of my feet,
The thick cloud slowly falling,
With its drop one then two,
Over me,
Creating a cascading effect with its spree,,
The beautiful misty rain,,
Are elegant ,yet significant,
With the multiple breeze,
My flowering petals smiling,
And glowing with mizzle.
Slowly and slowly ,
The rain is increasing ,
Its intensity,
That drench me with its spell,
Amused my de- hydrated soul,
I started getting involved,
With its scattered fall,
The thunder is frightening,
Lightening is weaving fear ,Yet,
The coloured sparkles are singing,
On the greenery and on the waterfall.
But, Alas
The shower of first rain is winkled,
Drawing lines on my forehead,
Feeling insecure as it flowed,
to another land,
The empty pasture is waiting ,
With sunken eyes remembering ,
The pleasant tales of first rain.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Do you remember?

The days of golden rays,
Silken thread of romantic talks,
The heap of fairy dreams,
The aroma of kites,
The flowering spice,
We shared together.
But,I remember you,
When my lips quiver,
My hips stagger,
My voice heavy,
Eyes hazy and mind cloudy,
I see you in crystal Moon,
In stirring water,
In the roaring wind,
In the vast blue sky,
I hear your click ,
With the murmurs of leaves,
From the flowering petals,and,
From the sound of rain.
I feel you ,
When the foamy waves touch my feet,
When the rain kissed the earth,
When the flowers bloom in spring,
When cuckoo sings in morning hours.
I see you with my every blink,
I feel you in every click,
But I doubt ...

First Rain

Winter is coming ,
To cover  with its woollen blanket,
Every one  is in joy to celebrate,
The awesome chill ,,
I remember my first rain,
That is making me insane,
In the hours of solitude,
I scratch  my  memory lane,
Looking from my window frame,
I  visualise the moments ,
When   it touched my surface,
With its fabulous sprinkles,
Amazing me with pink tinkles,
Germinating  ample of air bubbles,
The silver wavelet that caused tipsiness,
Has vanished to the vast skyline,,
 The green saplings is in need,
Of silver precipitation,
The droplets left for higher scalar ,
Towards the mountain cliff,
Leaving behind the vegetative thrill,
When winter spreads its colour ring,
I know the shower will not ring,
To my  field,
Yet It tremors my lava to ,

Erupt as a volcano in the shivering chill.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Silence Hurts

The  Day

Sun stopped its rays

Falling on the tip of ice berg,

The ice forgot to melt

The accumulation of snow

Calls for break

The heap knows that

From the each scrambled piece

Of ice bits,echoes  the melody of ,

Familiar musical beats

Hurting the crest  deeply,

The inner wound bleeds,

Wants to shed  tears,

Through the rushing flow ,

Of perennial stream,

 The distance of Sun,

May be measured with,Thousand light years

But the friendly heart

Feels the distance very near,

When the ice hears the  knock ,

Blush and flush her jolts,

Now when the Sun is poles apart

Giving rude shock,

Living under dark

The ice cube took a voluptuous shape

Silent Sun hurt her rage,

Its not the distance hurts her, 

Silence is hurting her,Feeling,

Her voluminous craze may break

Causing flood to innocent plains,

Oh Sun , don’t hurt her by your silence.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Oh Moon !

Oh Moon! You shine in  night
 you vanishes in the light ,
Your place is prominent ,
In the star studded sky of eminence,,

You look   immaculate,
With your black spots,
In the morning sky,
 Your silver image looks hot,

Your harp spreads romance,
Cool rays touches Earth with fragrance,
Loving heart waits eagely for your appearance,
 The flute plays a scintillating performance,
Creating ripples in hearts,
For the concurrence,

Moon dear!
You captured my earth,
Brought hopes to my heart,
for the script,
That I forgot years back,
Dressing me  for a new attire,

Your voice I crave to hear,
Rays cuddle to go near,
 Keeping  me in fear,
So I say ......
If you vanish away in the cloudy sphere
My earth will doom in black hemisphere,

Saturday, 15 October 2016

I sigh

Every banners that come from your Isles,
I see some imprinted words of thee,
The ink bears your intense passion for me,
Dipped with love,
And tons of accusation,
Because all  your felicitations,
 romance and solicitations,
That intended for me,
I failed to notice  thy emotions ,
With your well crafted words,
You say,I never know
The gravity of your situation,
I sigh.........
Can you say why I sigh?
Pretending ,your air has no effect on me,
Because when I  measure ,
The depth of well,
Its killing and dying,
Forgetting and surrendering,
To the tides of blue sea,
Hence I fear not to swim,
The vast ocean may drown me,

Forbidding  I sigh ....... 

Thursday, 13 October 2016


Today my red blood capillaries,
Runs singing your name,
My warm cell shivers with your tale,
In my world of fantasy,
You crown as my prince charming,
Decorated by your sword and armour,
It breaks my casket of solace,
I broke down to pieces,
Absent minded in the laughter,
Numb in the work sector,
My bull’s eye is losing the attention,
Acting as the Don-Quixote,
In the auditorium of senators,
You rule me and my brain,
That’s why I hate you!
Hate you because you empower me,
Hate you because your earth never smiles for me,
Perhaps your wisdom pervades you to toil in love,
But I am the prey of the air,
That flows through your Island,
What to do?
Yes! I hate you.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

That evening

That evening when your rays entered my empire,
The setting Sun blushed and smiled,
The dusk air tingles me to dare ,
To cross my barbed-ed wire,
To feel the chill of outer layer,
The sparkles from sky,
Falling directly to my eye,
Reminding me of lyre,
That twitters in my lane,
Even though time plays its game,
Memory lingers in bushes,
The evening Sun came with its burning gleam,
It shook my cool spine to fire,
Wonder-struck me with its glares,
The scintillating current mutters near my plait,
Speaking of the sparkles again,
Which I search in rain,
The rays flowering me with its reflection,
I hope this hippocrene of blaze will hold my faith.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Moon, Searching for You

Hey ! Moon,
In the darkness of night,
You shine bright,
Staying middle among the stars,
And other celestial brilliance,
The shinning street glare,
Couldn’t hide you through,
Their artificial brightness,
You  lead  as loftystar,
In the assemblage,
Hey ! Moon you  emanate in my universe,
To  govern  my thoughts with your existence,
I am blank in dark,
And weak in day,
Because you fade your colour,
In  shinny  hay,
In the see-saw ride,
You  dominate my earthly base,,
My rose smiles with
your presence,
Moans  with your absence,
Moon! You mean so precious,
To my room and my roof,
 I am searching you  for me.......
To light me,
Through your illuminous posture,.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

First Shower

When your first shower touched my earth,
The humid sky laughed with fulfilment,
 My universe  feathered with budding impressiveness,
The plants bathe and looked fresh,
The emerging fragrance of wet mud,
Is intoxicating,
The vibration in me pulling towards it,
I  am getting attracted towards the spell,
The innocent smile of flowering heart,
Is swinging aimlessly in a demented way,
My  each organ surged to freshness,
I  got abundance of energy to oscillate,
In the  demonic waves of sea,
After  a brief span ,
The cloud rushed for different direction,
To  spread its splendour there,
Leaving my earth waiting,

For more shower.

Friday, 7 October 2016


That Day,,

When the rain drenched my lips,

With its majestic presence,

When the shower brought relief,

To my turbulent spirit,

The Sun emerged from the dark coating,

To saturate me,

Through its gleam,

My pale cheeks became pink,

My dance pattern changed according to methodology,,

My legs got golden wings to float,

Amidst the blue clouds,

My thoughts loomed new designs in my blanket,

I got attracted to the charisma of rain,

Though the duration is for short span,

It created shuddering in my barren meadow,  

In my pensive mood it lingers like the Moon,

The beats of drum is woeful, yet,

 I love remembering the day of its appearance.

That made me colourful.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

My heart aches

In the alien corner of my rib cage,
You  beeps time to time,
Diverting myself I run with the time,
In the lonely dawn or in dusk,
You often come, with the dark rose,
I  hold me, not  to be close,
Each meeting is more excruciating,
Than the previous rendezvous,
Heart knows, how much you are condensed,
My thoughts of you is impenetrable,
You  are indivisible ,that feelings say,
The tides  in me speaks,a lot confusion,
The cessation is ,
For you my heart aches..


I carry you ,while riding
The white horse, the Pegasus,
I carry you, while  sailing like Columbus,
With you ,I can cross the mountain Alps ,
Dive to Atlantic ocean,
Will dare to jump in Bermuda Triangle,
Will dare to trek in glaciers,
You are with me always,
While  travelling to ,

Every nameless corners of universe,
I know, the excitement and my nervousness,
To preserve you in my virgin poetic verse,
I want to protect you, my dear,

From the heat of soil ,
From the scenery of dancing daffodils,
You are my precious jewel.
And I carry you with me.
I often wonder whether ,

You feel same  as me.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

When you came

When u came ,
My heart  leaped with joy,
Face  glowed with your bronze sky,
Limps  wanted to jump and hop ,
You touch my leaves with your instant beam,
Kissed me with your drops,
I shiver  with your thunder,
The  words of lightening creates wonder,
Your pour washed my grime,
I forgot me  and  my lively chime,
I desire to lost in your splendour,
I desire to cage you in my chamber,
Never wanted to part from your grandeur,
Dear! Feel  my reeling emotions,
They are for you,
I become speechless,
With your brightness,
Words chock my voice,
Because I want to hear my darling,
Time flies,
So you drive to  your land,
My heart cries ,
Because I can’t hold you, more,
Neither the time ,
My emotions roll ,only for you,
I prisoned  you in my dark boudoir,
In future ,when you will come,
I will hold you little further.