Wednesday, 30 November 2016

When We Met.......

Since we departed,
We never met,
In the star buzzed sky,
My earth absorbed all my tears,
In its bosom,                                            
Never let it flooded with my empathy,
The cloud’s defiant game slowly wiped you,
And  my   adherence  shifted to another fervor,
Days flew ,so the seasons ,then years,
But when rain comes,
You linger in my thoughts,
All your sweetness that,
 you muse to me once ,
Crops to my paddock,
 I play with wistful perception,

But that day when we met,
My rock didn’t  break,
My  lips didn’t utter my devious state,
My eyes didn’t glisten with fire,
My limbs were  wobbling,
I  inhibited myself to drown in meandering sea,
Rather sailed out to dry meadow,

Drawing another  line to my memory.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Is forgetting so easy?

The serpentine chord
That  tangled around my throat,
Neither can I digest or gulp,
My  range of view,
See  none except you,

Even my air wheeze,
Your  redolence ,
I feel your omnipresence,
Which cloud my sight,

With exuberant fantasy,
I inter knit  golden strands,
Thinking of you ,
My connoisseur  of  pulse,

My blood thickens  and runs,
 With your sugary clots,
I ferret you in crowd,
Hunt your dancing steps ,
In my abstract designs,

Because your addiction,
Is killing me periodically,
After my barren land,
Ripen with your vegetation,

You  drifted away saying bye,
Leaving me stranded with no roots,
Is forgetting so easy??
When you and you ,

Dance and sing in my thoughts.

Saturday, 26 November 2016


I struggle to hide me in thicket,
To mask my achromatize countenance,
The wound I bore in my deepest nook,
Time to time shook my brook,
I weep and weep in dark,
Only to smile in radiance,

I know my depressed core,
Sob for you my love,
Remembrance of golden jabber,
Flutter in my dropper,
I live with the reminiscences,
Which hurts me and stabs me insane,
I am not lucky to get your alliance,
Nor fortunate enough to snatch you ,
From assemblage of snoots,
But I am your conscientious admirer,
You are my dawn of love,
The scar you imprinted on my crest,
Will remain in me in till death.
Hence I struggle every second,
To carry you in my breath,
But fortunate to get your presence in my existence.

Friday, 25 November 2016


Suddenly my florets fluttered,
In the evening breeze,
Within a flicker of second,
My quivering lips muttered,

With swooning dribble,
I mumble the enchanting allegory,
Some pleasant word delivery,
That I  share with you in solitary,
Enthusiastic we wait for the shudder of minutes,
To play the strings of violin in aromatic flurry,

With each passing hour,
Our heart misses the shower,
The waiting for drizzle cripples our mind power,
We paint  fauna ,and  weave imagery,
In quantum of romantic allocation,

Blush in   seeing our facial expression,
Emphatically blissful in each other’s company.
The air sprawl us in scrumptious coupling.

Oh it happened so suddenly............................. 


I weep not for the splitting,
As we are supposed to be part,
Though each day is excruciating,
But you are still supreme in my heart,
I count not the stars in the midnight,
Because I see you smilingly in me,
I wrap you in my coat,To feel your ador,
That resuscitates me.

I am bit tranquillised now,
Because I don’t have to wait for,
the assigned rendezvous spot,
Or feel distress , if you not drop.
I see you in my close eyes,
Hear your whimsical words even,
When my ears were stuffed with cotton buds.
I fancy you in my dreams,
Converse with you ,
when sidelined among aerial celebrations,
My nerves carry the neurons ,
That still hums your tale,
Colour of my pale cheeks,
when you emerge in my well.
I know we parted,
But you are my soul,
Dwell in my thoughts,
Hence I weep not for partition,
But nurture you in my thoughts.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Moments of pearl...

I want to clasp the moment of pearl,
In my tight grip and,
Cradle it in my chest for long,
The mirth glimmer like hot Sun,
Rejuvenated me to a blooming rose.
The golden sands of surf tormented shore
blanched with orange colour of flare,
It surged fresh blood,
To my pale floor,
Thy sky stimulated my supine nerve,
My limbs are nervous and unmoving,
Eyes focused on single rock,
I could see no rectangle or wheel,
Nor hear any buzzing tree or bee,
Mind and heart assimilating to flow,
And ready to sip the divine glee.
The excitement in me is giving me strength,
To cross every border ,
to sail in ocean,
to Crawl in rough pebbles,
Only to spend some precious moments,
With you my adorable light,
Its you who brighten me with your coloured wings.
Desiring to preserve the moments of pearl in my casket.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Today is different,
Different is my silence,
Secretly  sings  my fantasy,
My messianic burning,
And the mellifluous euphony,
Only for thee.
 I weave rhymes in my thoughts,
Which I absorb and hoist in my chiffonier,
Hums  alone in the tranquil atmosphere,
 Draws  colourful lines,
In the valley of green troposphere,
Then paints it gorgeous with your  air.
 My feet imitate my heart throb,,
Hidden fables flutter in my tapestry,
 Your  hue added richness to night sky,
Ephemeral  moments of togetherness,
Forster stars in my airspace,
 Now I am confused ,
Whether I am you or you are me......

listen to colourful silence my dear. 

Monday, 21 November 2016


Wooden bridge is silent,
Silent is the mountain peak,
I silently climb the rocks,
To reach the zenith of my ridge,

My zest is aware of my whine,
How cheerless it is,
Without my cherished’ melodious couplet,
I search him in the plethora of cascades,

Among the buckle of aerated waves,
I wander in the emulsified firmament,
To wipe my silent tears in cool mettle,
Your indentation has perforate my skin,

The trickles of my scar snivels ,
For your vestige spot,
With a belief that my soul,
Will not divulge my thoughts,

Some day you will hear my ardent knock,
Then you will realise how deep is the shock,
Which penetrate in my gullet,
I hardly inhale the fresh air,

As your memories linger in my bosom,
I swim in the deep ocean,
Only to be close with you,
Though our heart is acquainted ,

Of one strong emotion,
I assume ,my faith in you,
Will crumble the silent wooden bridge one day.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


I am waiting for the full Moon,
Though it comes after a length,
My heart grieve not for the torment,
Because I have patience to wait,
For you  my dear.......

You committed to come near,
In the solitude of Full Moon spheroid,
Till then my pondering beats will choke my breath,
I   ruminate with each specs,
Without your vision,
Mind debilitated,
Heart clamour to hear you,
Yet I decided to  wait.

I   remember the commitments,
Your soul-stirring fragrance,
The rising redolence of red rose,
And the briars that pinch me,
When you segregate from my sustenance,
Even with perseverance I will wait .

In the highly -coloured full moon night,
Our love will glitter with sparkling bright,
Our bond will ripen with ecstatic glee,
 The florets  of rose will merge with ,
The loveliness of luminous full moon,

Till then I will wait..... 

Friday, 18 November 2016

The star in my sky. . .

The star came ,
Set fire to my azure,
Through her warmth,
Christened my name

Confound me,
By her lenient influence,
I followed delightfully,
Towards her orientation,

Initially with presumption,
As I was dubious for her closeness,
Obviated her admiring countenance,

Startlingly magnetised to her circumference,
Her company is amiable,
My yearning heart buckle to,

Opt for sweetness
I dissolve like salt ,
In the water of fledgling fragrance,
My eyes demand her presence,
Ears foraging for her intonation,
Hands impatient to hold her in embrace,

Lips thirsty to sip the nectar,
Me wavering in the starry jungle,
Just for her glance ,
To cool my thunder,
Her companionship ,
germinated ripples,

In my crystal water,
The cactus plant sprouted,
Again with angelic blossoms,
The star in my sky is apparently efficacious,
I yen her in my life to make it beauteous.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Music of heart

The bud of yours,
Hatch bubbles in lagoon,
The water coloured red,
When the setting sun ,
Whistles the  tender tune,
 Stimulates my pounding,
To fly as migratory pheasant,
In the distant skyline.

Thy  music is soothing,
 Detectable  to my  throbbing,
Drawing  me towards its bearing,
Inadvertently  my heart hankering,
Attentive to your musing,
My pulse racing,
To hear the notes  of  twinkling.

Torrid landscape is winnowing,
The threshes in air,
Culminating  the kernel to flourishing,
My beating pulsation started singing,
To blend with your musing.

The music of two hearts ,
Sneaking  to merge with strong feelings,
The union of soul is inkling,

 Rearing thoughts for gratifying endearment..

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Moon Beam

Oh! the silent moon,
Spreading your cool beam,
In the autumn sundown,
You are firm in your
Circle ,enclosed by starry gloom,
I watch you from down,
Dare not touch your conflagration,
But hypnotised to you.
In spite of your dark spots,
You rule my night sky,
With your entrance,
My breath gets pure oxygen,
Eyes dance ,while lips hum,
Thy melodious jingle,
It fasten our hearts in the garland,
Of night queen,
Amalgamation of two committed soul,
Undergo the bliss of beatific lavender,
The platonic anticipation of devotion,
Towards one another coupling a sweet link.
Two yearning soul wait for every evening,
To merge together in the moon gleam,
Connection of soul is greater and sweeter,
Because here spots never bothers, only,
Shaft of light refills light to dark sight.
I lose my balance,
As I am addicted to your friendly gleam.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


I stood between the sea,
The waves strike  me,
With undercurrents,
My limbs tremble,
I fumble, eyes glimmer,
My spine shivers with a bout,
From the shock ,
I cannot come out.

The day I searched moon ,
Among the shinning stars,
My heart stop fluttering,
Lips cease muttering,
Words choke in between,
I stood numb between ,
The roaring tides,
Looking for you optimistically.

Even though I knew that,
You will never ever sing for me,
Your sky will never be in flames for me,
But I miss thee,
 In the dark night ,sunny bright,
In colossal of dreams,
In phantom of my thoughts,
Where you prevalent as an incredible star.
If ever I close my eyes,
Your image shoot up,
To pierce my bosom,
With its sharp edges.

I cannot erase you from me,
I feel you in me,
How easily you wipe me,
Drive me out from your thoughts,

Can everything easily be forgot.....

Sunday, 13 November 2016

First Rain 13

Hey ! my first rain,
Leaving my earth, you parted,
Today my heart aches,
 You left me grieving silently,
Giving me pain in numberless form,
In numberless ways ,that I cannot justify.

Me like living dead quest  your traces,
In the cloudless sky,
Eyes blink not with rosy dreams,
Sob quietly  in the lively multitude,

My existence has left its dwelling place,
Slim chance for recrudescence,

Each hour is burning,
Each drop of mourning ,
Each breath is crawling,
Each  step of mine is staggering,
Each sleep is disturbed,
Each thought is engrossed,
Left me in mainstream.

I now wandering in the chill evening,
In search of Bacchus,
To find solace in blades of grass.
But you gave me,
Rhyme of rain,
Bubbling pleasure,
Throbbing  heat,in my cool meadow,

If ever we meet,
I want to greet you ,
With convivial spirit,

As your ecstatic presence  added gloss to my weather.

Saturday, 12 November 2016


Oh first Rain..................
I miss you and your drops,
Remembrance of your sprinkler
Fights my surging tears,
Through it you wet me once,
By gallon of cheers,
Now vaporised and 
mingled in the fathomless oblivion.
Running in the dry pastures,
I weep and sigh,
Well aware of fact that ,
You are destined to part,
After the rain ,winter is to cast,
Yet the thoughts of leafy vegetation,
I search among the night star,
Living in a transitory slumber,
I dream of weather forecast.
Hoping your showers will fill colours,
And reverberate my dark caves and streams,
Once your thundering out-pours germinate my wings,
My arid heart danced with merriment,,

I meet you in my thoughts and dreams,
Count hours and second among the running strings,
My blank eyes measure the depth of silence,
In this chill winter toppling,
Lending my ears intently for your arrival,
And uninterrupted symphony.

Friday, 11 November 2016

First Rain 11

Dear ! oh Dear! ,my first rain,
When your first shower spur my tormented shore,
With your pleasing galore,
My throbbing heart beat swings,
With the massive waves,
Amid the silver dark corner of me,
An amorous tone whispers ,
Its you ,I seek since long.
In my virgin wilderness,
You creep with your gorgeous performance,
In this still rainy night,
The silent breeze passing through ,
My windows sensitises me with your song,
Generating million of pearl,
In the casement of gold.
You are my dream with in a dream,
A flower of rose in my hub,
A secret key that I hide in my secret core,
A budding fragrance that I want to hold,
A handful of sun blanched soil that I grasp,
In my clasp of hands,
A bouquet of red rose that adds beauty to my arid floor,
You beguiled me through your melodious flute,
And parted soon with,
The winter ‘s euphonious display,
Choke me with a lump in my instrument,
My melancholic heart is silent and cold,
The colour of my face is white as lily,
Memories roll in my elegiac mind,
With an expectation ,
That one day you will return to my floor.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


I am infatuated to you,
My first rain!
The perseverance of your petrarchan  sonnets,
Drench my  mind and soul,
Thou  are now connected to my heart,
More than the effect of downpour,
The beatings my pulse addicted to your drizzle,
 Well aware of the inter space ,
And the annals of frigid zone,
Yet  the divine indulgence of two hearts,
Painted rainbow in our  lonely troll,
Each  thought crystallise a sweetening brew,
Which intoxicates me for some moments,
To cherish with the mesmerising lyric,
Budding  in my deep secret core,
Face  shines ,while pink shade adds the glow,
An exclusive tangibility of  rhyming verse,
Hums through my yearning lips,
Now the path of my life diverged,
Towards your  magical dome,
The   aroma and all the    bewitching  signs,
I crave for ages, I wrap in my golden shield,
The miles in sea is not the concern,
As our pulsation knows us more.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

First rain - 9

Oh ! dear you, first rain,
Your  ferret is  not seen in cloud
Inflicting   me sporadically,
I am immobile.......
Loitering  expectantly  for your appearance.

In my lonesome hours,
Remembrance of  the sensual gratification,
Hurts me.....blurs my vision,
I measure the depth of our longings,
We  share  together in the clutch of nature.

The solitary sky  requires for condensed cloud,
 To lash down in the bed of green,
 Where once we build our castle of dream,
The  rosy moments with abundance smile.
Added chlorophyll in dry grassland.

The touch of it erupted lava,
From the dormant volcano ,
Once camouflage its occurrence ,
Among the mountain range,
The engulfing fire of association,
Melted the heavy bosom of condensation.

The moments of bliss  ,
Is now the silent lamentation,
The music of first rain is always,
 Close to my mind

As it rings its bell time to time.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I Will only be.........

I will not shed my precious tears,
For the leaf that ditched me,
Which fell in ground and flew with the wind,
To the distant land of bugling beauty.

I will not laugh with the blue cloud,
Smilingly  besmirch my  godliness,
Through its fragrant chilly gust,
and, navigate,.
To  hide in the star studded ambience.

I  will not cry in the starry night,
Searching  constellation in mid night,
Or swayed by the brightness of pole star,
Visible in moonlit night ,and,
Vanishes in day light.

I will not smile with dry lips,
Though the winter is spreading its grip,
Fight for rhetoric in my speech,
The alphabets struggling to come out,
With the fear of whip.

I will not blink my eyes,
To sip the beauty of flourishing prairie,
Where I will lost my path,
Amidst the green scenery,
Running to catch the butterflies,
Near the streams and valley.

I will only be with my lionised pastured,
Which will nurture  me,
Walk  with me,
Holding my  delicate fingers,
With care and compassion,
During Solar eclipse to Lunar eclipse.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Your absence is making me grow fonder

Your absence is making me grow fonder 
Neither roaring waves of ocean,
Nor the roaring tigers of sanctuary,
Or the reverberating crowd
Magnetised my empathy,
The rift of my ailment,
Is isolating me from the noises,
Between all the fun and excitement,
My world misses your solidarity,
The strange void in bosom,
Whimpers your epithet,
Discontent eyes search for your evidence,
Amidst the silken landscape of ocean,
My untaught hands build a sand statue,
Sensible of thee ,carved my eagerness and,
Inscribed my heartfelt lines,
In the bubbles of oceanic moisture,
The strange bond of friendship,
Clasped me and my conscience,
To an utter emptiness,
Because I am addicted to your togetherness,
The powerful bond knocks my cleavage,
With your alluring fragrance,
Hurting me time to time,
Fabricating thoughts of closeness,
Realising me your absence is making me grow fonder.

Paint . .

The pink nail enamel I enamoured,
In my fingers with exuberance,
Is peeling its shades,
The flakes once dear to me,
Instantaneously look grey,,
Every fleck bears echo of archival tales,
Unlike the dry leaf fell apart from tree,
My preserved precision i s unfreezing to deface,
I know my anguish ,
Is giving me bouts of torment,
The chronicle of thoughts which attached,
To the garland of rose is no more alleviating,
Rather pinching with gargantuan pain.
Hence ,decided not to retain,
In the blister of enamoured paints,
But to wipe it through the removing gel,
Again to paint my rivet with an astounding shadiness,
That will revert me and add beauty to my horizon.

Saturday, 5 November 2016


Ah ! you swiped my dome,
I was collapsed,
By the tropical blemishes,
My belongings were stippled,
Uncanny voice struggle to erupt,
From the ashes of precious gold particles.
My desperation receded to ground,
When I lost my precious crown,
In the bush of frown,
My shaky stem breaking to segments,
Consciously I hold my drops from blurry specs.
My tenderness search for togetherness,
The pleasurable moment of attachments,
Today burnt in the fire of detachments,
Leaving my edifice weeping by an unexpected pestilence.
Ahhhh .....
Agony, tightens it’s merciless grip,
On my feeble body and mind,
Breaking me gradually one by one,
Helpless me bleating to evolve from,
The implacable predicament.

Silence is hurting me

My pulsation though silent,
Erudite voice warbles testimony,
Of saddened story of aficionados,
Crumbles the soft and supple,
Rhyming kernel of mine,
Tears stifle in the core,
Suffocating me in quietude,
The familiar hush –hush sound,
Lost with the blush of setting sun,
My fierce battle is with the smile, now,
The chapped lips deny,
The dry eyes vanquishes the salty tears,
The fragrant smiling flower seems pale,
The store house of memory struggles,
With the photographic pictures of pleasure and laughter,
The promiscuous exchange of words,
Buried in my dark corner,
Hurting me........time to time,
My alphabet babbles for the word,
Silence pervading in my faded face,
Searching acquaintance in crowd,
The tranquil scenery is pinching me,
Because your silence is hurting me.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

What are you for me ?

For you I may be a dew,
That sparkles in sunlight
And vanishes in brighter hue,
Aha! for me ,
You are my day ,
My blazing star,
I fabricate tales of romance,
Keeping you as my prime star cast,
Your presence filled the barren groove,,
Colouring me and my surrounding with your dazzling shadow,,
From my secret chamber I whisper your name,
Engrave it through my fountain pen,
You know my depressed state,
Yet dispassionate regarding my health,
Is not a joke?
My dear ,you reign my brain,
Every where I visualise your traces,
Mistaken ............,
Then move ahead ,
Carrying you in my heart,
You run in neurons,
Hence you activates my electrons,
Now you are far away,
Keeping me waiting .........